Record during pregnancy, come in and see if you are pregnant

This year is particularly fast, why, because I gave birth to a child!Share with you my pregnancy experience, you can come and ask me if you don’t understand what you don’t understand!

Considering that when you are older, you are afraid that your body will not recover well, so you are ready to have a babies at the beginning of 21 years.I wanted to try in the first month, but I was pregnant at once.This also made me panic. Who would have thought of so fast, I thought it had at least two or three months!So do n’t be nervous if you want to get pregnant. It must be the most suitable for maternity leave. I am the inappropriate example!

The next step is the various reactions during pregnancy.After pregnancy, the body will be particularly sensitive, and a little change and discomfort can be felt.At first it was just nausea, and then vomiting began. In the due date on November 19, I have been uncomfortable since the end of March.I started to feel fetal movement in May, and that feeling is really amazing!

The production inspection has always been very smooth. Although the risk of Tang Si is critical, it is also low -risk to pass the non -invasive risk until the small row.In 32 weeks, I went to make a small row. The child developed very well, but my cervix length was shorter, only 2.1cm. The doctor directly suggested that I have a premature risk of premature birth.I know that because I am thin and not fat, I have always had a lot of contractions. I did not expect that the consequences were so serious!Therefore, the sisters who want to get pregnant must first condition the body.

No hospitalization, but not going to work anymore. I asked the unit for leave and stayed in bed.In addition to eating to the toilet, I basically do not get out of bed.It is necessary to take the inhibitory contraction after taking the hospital, and I am scared every day.The bag is also installed early.Go to the production inspection in 34 weeks, everything is normal.At 36 weeks, the secretions were taken, and brown discharge was available at night!I thought I was about to give birth, and I didn’t move for several days. I was inspected three times during the period, and it was uncomfortable.So don’t be calm like me, the first child is really not so fast, I have been worried that I will be born on the road before

After the frying, my mentality was a little stable. At 37+4 noon, the secretion was blood, this time it was bright red.I don’t think I can’t run this time.The regular contraction of the law is getting more and more painful. I went to the hospital at two in the middle of the night and checked two and a half fingers!At 8 o’clock in the morning, seven fingers!I should count the fingers quickly, and I was pushed to the birth room immediately.At 11 o’clock, successful birth, 6 catties and 4 two little boys.Although there are side cuts, the moment the child was born, it was really happy!

The process of life is not careful, it hurts, and it is right.It is recommended that you watch the video on the Internet in advance, how to give birth to a child, it is too anxious to learn at that time.If you do n’t understand, you can ask me. It ’s not so terrible to have a baby. I wish you all a good pregnancy and a smooth production!If you don’t understand, you can ask me, after all, I also have experience

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