Record the experience of a drug flow

Because of an accident, I accidentally got pregnant, so I knew that the original so -called first seven and eight safety periods were not safe. I still have to take care of my body and pay attention to contraception!When I went to the hospital to check the doctor, I said that I had given birth to a child before. I still suggested an abortion. Although it is convenient to have painless people, I really hurt the body, so I insisted on doing medical abortion.

After confirming the abortion, the doctor prescribed the medicine and received the medicine.I ate a white pills two days before miscarriage. On the third day, I needed an empty stomach on the day of miscarriage.On the same day, the other two girls also did a drug and abortion. The three of us took the medicine together at 8 am and lay down and rest.One girl also had a child. After half an hour, she dropped the pregnancy sac, and then went to the doctor to prescribe the medicine and leave the hospital.It’s really lucky!There was another girl left and I lay on the bed for 45 minutes. I didn’t respond. I don’t think I can wait stupidly. If the gestational sac or the incompleteness of the gestational sac is needed, the palace is needed.I made a strategy before going to the hospital. I did n’t sleep all night to check various abortion knowledge. According to the suggestion, I need to exercise more to climb the stairs.Seeing that I went to climb the stairs to exercise another girl, another girl also learned me to go to another stairs.Although I did not lose the pregnancy sac, it was smoothly bleeding.Until 12 noon, in addition to climbing the stairs, it was a rest. It was really hungry, but could not eat, because if you need to clear the palace in the afternoon, you must be empty.Later, I changed the campaign of climbing stairs and changed to jumping exercises. Finally, I fell out of the complete pregnancy sac at 1:45 pm. It was really lucky, but I was still twists and turns later.The girl was also hungry and uncomfortable, and she was neither bleeding nor away, except for stomach pain.When I left, she still had no symptoms, but she insisted that she was unwilling to flow. She had never given birth to a child and felt that people were hurting the uterus.What happened later, I can only wish her good luck!

After falling out of the pregnancy sac, I quickly ate some food that took it to the hospital, and then went out of the hospital to eat the fried skewers that I wanted to eat.I took a leave for 20 days to confine, but it was relatively relaxed. I also went out and went out. Although there were not many times, I took the medicine prescribed by the doctor seriously.As a result, the bleeding flowed for half a month. I didn’t see it. After taking the medicine, I went to the hospital for a review. If the B -ultrasound found that there were residues, the doctor suggested that the Qing Palace. If I do n’t want to suffer, I do n’t want to be sin. I do n’t want to be sin.I finally did n’t bleed at almost a month, and I went to the hospital to review the uterus. Although it was tossing for a month, but fortunately, there was no public or clearing the palace, and I was very grateful.Everyone has a different constitution, and the drug flow response is different. It is still necessary to adjust their plans based on the doctor’s suggestion.

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