Refresh three views!Sydney admits that she is pregnant, but is questioned that the child is Wang Sicong?

Yesterday, Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend Sydney admitted on the Weibo trumpet that he had been pregnant for 12 weeks, and vomited more seriously. He also said that he had been fat for 6.7 pounds.

In fact, Sydney had just been proposed by her boyfriend not long ago.

After the proposal is the engagement banquet of the two. Now the rhythm of the two is so fast, it should be because of the baby in Sydney’s belly. I want to give a name for Sydney before I announce the good news of Sydney.

On the day of the engagement, Sydney also questioned whether he was pregnant because of the raised belly. In the live broadcast, Sydney was also asked if he was pregnant. Yesterday, he finally revealed this question.

Everyone knows that a large part of Sydney is the identity of Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend, so even if she is now engaged with her husband, the outside world described Sydney who likes to use Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend as the attribution. This is naturally understandable.

This one who eats hot pot with Wang Sicong is also widely circulated.

But compared to other ex -girlfriends around Wang Sicong, Sydney is definitely a alien. Previously, the posture of Jun has introduced the career map of Sydney. Here I will give you a brief review.

Before he was with Wang Sicong, Sydney, who was still studying at the university, had begun to open his own Taobao shop with people, and after half a year, the store was expected to rise in advance.

After breaking up with Wang Sicong, Sydney founded the sailing clothing company in 2015 for a year, and it has earned an income of 1 billion.

In addition to the sales of 1 billion sales, the scale of Sydney has changed from 40 people to 400 people. The 30 -day sales of "Mrs. Mrs. Qian Sydney Custom" have exceeded 40 million yuan in 30 days.

Therefore, when Wang Sicong and Sydney were in love at that time, everyone thought that to some extent, Sydney and Wang Sicong were quite "the door -to -door". Of course, they could not compare the Wanda behind Sydney and Wang Sicong.But Sydney itself is definitely "giants".

He has broken up with Wang Sicong for many years, and Sydney has also found his own person.Sydney’s husband Zhang Yan is also picked up as a rich second generation. The company that joined Sydney in the later period is mainly responsible for operating this piece, but there is no specific information about the situation of Zhang Yan’s family.

Originally, Sydney announced that pregnancy was to accept the blessings of the outside world, and it was also a congratulatory thing. However, because Sydney appeared on Weibo, it was too ugly.

Some people question her hype.

But the malicious thing is still questioning whether the child is Wang Sicong?

It was a pity that he did not conceive him. He should be Wang Sicong.

This kind of three -view burst comments are unable to vomit, and after falling in love with Wang Sicong, they will be pregnant with his child after breaking up with him. What shameful logic.In fact, when you are talking about how many people laugh at Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend, how many people will actually be envious. Can they actually become Wang Sicong’s ex -girlfriend?

Although I do n’t know that Sydney and Wang Sicong are together, for the breakup Sydney, she just had a ex -boyfriend. That ex -boyfriend happened to be Wang Sicong. What is the difference between this is different from ordinary ordinary people?

In the end, I would like to bless Sydney to become a bride and expectant mother.

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