Relax and undertake good luck: I am suffering from polycystic, pregnant!Intersection

I am from 1993. Huaian, her husband, in 1991, married in March 16. After marriage, we thought that there were no babies in the two -person world, and we felt that the two of us were still very young.It feels like our body is so good.So after getting married, I have always used suit contraception.It was only a bit of a child in April 17th. The two parents also said that they wanted their grandsons. There were no measures, but they did not prepare for pregnancy.

I have a very good body in my front, and my menstrual period is very time on time, and I do n’t have any backache and stomach pain. I ’m working until I graduated from college. I’ m a bit busy.The cycle becomes longer, either in advance or delay, and the backache and stomach pain are all experienced. At that time, I also deliberately asked a few medicines for Chinese medicine to take a few medicines.,Never mind.

I started to prepare for pregnancy in May. As a result, my husband was on a business trip during ovulation and expected to be two months, but I did not expect to be overdue. It was not until early August that I returned in early August. After that, I was busy for another month, and it was not busy until the end of August.I still think that the two of us should go to the hospital for inspection. I didn’t expect that the result of waiting was that I was diverse. When I got the report, I cried. My husband also comforted me.Puppy, you also like it anyway. At that time, he felt really defeated by him, crying and laughing.The doctor said that my situation is not easy to get pregnant naturally.

After returning home, I thought, isn’t it just irregular menstruation, is it polyssis? I have signs of improvement when I take Chinese medicine before. I will not try it anymore, but I really don’t know.A little old Chinese medicine, I didn’t expect me to say, my mother told me one, saying that her friend’s daughter was adjusted at the Taiming Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum. If she really wanted to sleep, someone felt the pillow.At the end of August, I went to the pharmacy to buy medicine for myself. It came on time in September, but I was still not allowed when I didn’t eat in October.

The next day I asked the specific location of the Chinese Medicine Museum, and then went to the reception. I received my very experienced Dr. Liu. She asked my own situation and set me a prescription that suits me. Let me every timeThey all went to the Chinese Medicine Museum and took medicines over there.Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning was not achieved overnight. In November, I estimated that menstruation was still inaccurate, so there was no hope. As a result, the menstruation on November 26 was good.The menstruation came on the 27th, which was more accurate.

In the evening of the fourth day of the New Year, my husband duty, I went there to accompany him, and suddenly felt a little pain like a scratch in the left abdomen. I was still wondering if I was pregnant, but I thought it was impossible.But when I felt a little bit, I started to measure the body temperature.It was found that the body temperature was higher than before, and it was 36 ° before, and now it becomes 36.7. It is high temperature.

I don’t know what to think on the evening of the 26th.The ghosts bought a early pregnancy test paper and tested it. After the test, I found that I put it without any care. After more than half an hour, I went to the toilet again and found that there was a print!The first reaction at that time was definitely a huh, and it was impossible to get pregnant.The morning urine was still very shallow the next morning. My husband said that it was too shallow. I felt impossible, so I didn’t measure it.Later, I felt that my aunt was coming these days, so I always felt stomachache, backache, chest pain, and there was no feeling other than that.

Until the evening of the 28th, I tested one, and it was deepened!I was a little uncertain again.Take a photo to colleagues in the morning. She said that she was so obvious that she was pregnant. Let me go to the hospital to draw blood. If you think about it, you can draw blood. If you have it, it will be better.As a result, the result shows that I am pregnant!HCG74, progesterone 27, I really got pregnant.It was found that the multi -sac was found before, and it was only for a few months to be pregnant.The doctor said that pregnancy is also very related to the mood. The doctor said that I did not ovulate in January, and the strong yang was too strong before, so I think I have no ovulation -free menstruation.So fast, relaxing my mood really surprised me.

My pregnancy conditioning process:

1. Exercise.After watching the creation of many sisters, it was only after exercise, so I started skipping rope every night because the weather outside was relatively cold.Running is not suitable for me, I jump rope at home, 1000, 1200, 1500, 20000, it is easier to increase every day.

2. Chinese medicine.Follow the doctor’s advice.

3. Soak your feet.The Doctor of TCM said that every day, I use moxa, ginger slices, shallots, and orange peels to soak their feet. It is best to use a wooden basin. The father -in -law went to buy a wooden basin for my feet.

4. Drink soy milk.After finding the polycystic, I bought a soymilk machine, drunk soymilk every day, usually drink soybean milk, and started to add black beans on the fifth day of menstruation.I originally had a thick endometrium, so I hit the ratio of 7: 3 in soybeans and black beans, a cup a day.

In addition, I insist on going to bed early every day. It used to be around 12 o’clock, and the earliest was 11:30.Stick to sleep before eleven o’clock.

My experience will share with you. I mainly want to give the sisters of the polycysts. I must exercise and relax, and I will be pregnant.come on!

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