Remind this fruit to detect positive!Will it be infected if you eat it?

The sweet and sweet dragon fruit has always been the favorite of many people, but since New Year’s Day, I have reminded that imported dragon fruit nucleic acid testing is positive and can rest assured to eat and eat?Why is you again, dragon fruit?On the 12th, Qingchuan County, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, announced that the new crown virus nucleic acid testing of the new crown virus nucleic acid was detected.On the same day, Xiu Ning County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province issued an emergency tracing notice saying that Yiguo stores have Vietnamese dragon fruit (positive local nucleic acid testing) purchased from Jinhua, Zhejiang.Photo source: The public account of "The People’s Government of Hui Ning County" has since since New Year’s Day in 2022. Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Ningxia, Sichuan and other places have found imported dragon fruit nucleic acid test results.

The fruits on the cusp of the wind, not only one dragon fruit, but in the past few days, the cherry, bananas, and longan have also been "recruited" in many places.Why is it easy to "recruit" dragon fruit?Zhuang Jianlin, deputy director of the Center for Disease Control and Control and Prevention, Mayor of Shanghai, said in an interview that "Those who buy fruits frequently should find that bulk dragon fruit also basically wraps in transparent packaging bags. When imported food enters the countryThe disinfection of all links of the channel can only involve the outer packaging level, but if the fruit farmers and workers who are picked up and packaged in the country of natives have carried the virus itself, they may also leave viruses on the peel.

He gave the most extreme example. "Dragon fruit carrying higher -load viruses entered China and was distributed to the citizens after the supermarket and stores at the end of the supply chain. If the citizens did not wear a mask, they touched the dragon fruit epidermis and then came into contact with the contact of the dragon fruit epidermis.It is possible to detect the positive when you go to the medical institution for nucleic acid testing immediately. "Will it be infected if you eat it?

Zhuang Jianlin specifically pointed out that this does not mean being infected.Just as Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, once said that imported goods detected the positive positive of new crown nucleic acid, but it only shows that it had been polluted, and it did not mean that it would be contagious.

If you want to be contagious, you need to have two characteristics: first, it must be a living virus; second, the virus load is high enough."During the long -distance transportation process, most of the viruses attached to the objective watch have become the nucleic acid clip of ‘dead virus’ or virus, which is not a concept with the" living virus’ of people. "The nucleic acid test report put together.According to Sun Quan, according to the Jiangsu Provincial Disease Prevention and Control Center, Xin Guanye pneumonia is not a food -based disease. The risk of infection with fruits is extremely low, without excessive panic, but should be protected.A series of people who directly contact import and export goods such as logistics workers and loaders are high -risk groups. They must protect them in accordance with the prevention and control measures of key groups.A notice on imported dragon fruit also reminded that those who purchased such fruits immediately stopped eating. The remaining food was temporarily stored in place. It was dealt with by professionals. At the same time, personal protection was done.Report.

How to eat it safer?After that, can you rest assured to eat dragon fruit?How to deal with imported fruits is more secure? According to the consumer prompts of the Taizhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau in Zhejiang Province, buying imported cold chain foods and imported fruits, buy from regular supermarkets or markets, do not buy imported cold chain foods andImported fruits.Try to avoid online shopping, purchasing, Haitao imported cold chain food and imported fruits.Data map: The imported fruits imported from Zhejiang 1 supermarket entered the "Zhelian Chain" system.When Wang Meirong is taken by Wang Meirong, when receiving express and mailing parcels, he should do a good job of personal protection and disinfect the surface of the items. After processing the parcel courier, clean your hands and disinfection immediately.Experts from the Zhejiang Provincial Disease Prevention and Control Center said that after the imported fruits are bought home, they first spray or disinfect the outer packaging with alcohol or disinfected wet towels, and then choose the cleaning method according to the characteristics of the fruit.Selling qualified fruits cleaner for cleaning, and then rinse with water.

Source/China News Network Comprehensive CCTV, Shangguan News, Taizhou Evening News Editor/Chen Xiaobing


Supervision/Xi Shujun

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