Resign after pregnancy, is it the right choice?How to spend a difficult pregnancy?

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I used to brush the video before, and I saw a nurse at a hospital, and I had been working in the labor.Throughout the pregnancy stage, she kept sticking to her job. Until the amniotic fluid broke, she took the previously prepared birthpack and went to the obstetrics of the hospital.

The amount of likes and reviews of the video is very high. Looking at everyone’s comments, I can’t help but fall into thought:

@: As a nurse, there is a certain amount of medical reserves. For problems that may occur during pregnancy, she knows more than ordinary people.In addition, the hospital is the safest place. If there is a problem, you can see a doctor as soon as possible. It is not surprising to go to the property.

@: I can only say that her physical fitness is really good!Throughout pregnancy, there were so many difficult processes, she survived.I don’t know if she should be envious of her pregnancy reaction, or she should say that she is "suffering" and she should work normally when she is pregnant.

@想: Who doesn’t want to work until you are born?However, the actual situation is really not allowed.After 5 months of pregnancy, the body became slightly awkward, and the unit was unwilling to bear the risks. Mingli secretly wanted you to resign … Under multiple considerations, he chose to resign home and wait until the baby was born.

In life, most pregnant mothers are the same as@生活 mother, and life and work cannot be taken into account at the same time.If you are lucky, there is no early pregnancy torture; unfortunately, you must also bear early nausea and vomiting …

In the middle of pregnancy, all aspects of the body are not as good as before, and there is no way to devote himself to work.If the regular unit is better, how can it allow pregnant women to continue working?

There is no way, you can only choose to resign, and put all your time, energy and mind on pregnancy and delivery.Of course, there are also some pregnant mothers from the perspective of the baby’s health, worrying that it will happen to continue to work.

Resign after pregnancy, is it the right choice?

There is no standard answer to this question until now.Because every pregnant mother has regrets, in the end, she can only compromise for her baby, like life and work.

Do not talk about whether it is correct, after all, each pregnant mother has different pursuit and arrangements for life.I want to talk to you, resign after pregnancy, and suddenly change from a job to a prospective mother at home, a huge psychological gap, how to adapt and adjust in a short time?

There was a "workaholic" sister around her, and she was forced to resign until 6 months of pregnancy.Because the body was lit with a red light, there was obvious discomfort. The doctor suggested that she should not be too tired, and she must pay attention to rest.

In the few days when the resignation was resigned, the sisters were obviously not good, and she could be seen from her sad face.This state lasted for more than half a month before she slowly came out.

In the words of sisters: If you haven’t found the venting mouth by yourself, after a while, you will really be depressed during pregnancy!

In order to allow more sisters to resign during pregnancy, she can quickly adapt to her life after resignation, and she deliberately shared her experience, hoping to help everyone.

The life after resignation can also live a very full life

1. Learn more knowledge during pregnancy

The main purpose of resignation during pregnancy is of course to welcome the baby’s birth, hoping to provide a better and healthier growth environment for the growth of the baby.

Taking advantage of a lot of free time after resignation, it is really a particularly happy and interesting thing to hurry up to study pregnancy.

It is said that "there is food at home, not panic when things happen", studying pregnancy in advance, and the knowledge of the fetus will really make the days after production easier.

2. Take the opportunity to charge yourself

There are some business -oriented women who do not want to waste time even during pregnancy.At this stage, it is also a good thing to work hard to charge yourself.

When I worked before, I had relatively little free time, and I didn’t have much time to study and verify.While resting, everything is arranged. Many Baoma takes advantage of the counterattack during pregnancy, which is really enviable.

However, we must avoid tiredness during pregnancy. Even if you learn such a good thing, you must stop it. Do not learn for too long every day.

3. Persist in doing aerobic exercise

Regardless of whether it is intended to give birth or a sisters of a cesarean section, everyone has a common demand, that is, after birth, quickly recover the figure and return to the workplace quickly.

Indeed, women’s requirements for figure are still harsh.Pregnancy and production will greatly threaten their figures. How can they lose weight quickly is something they consider from pregnancy.

It is very simple. Adhering to aerobic exercise during pregnancy can not only increase physical fitness, but also prepare for the next delivery.The most important thing can also provide prerequisites for fast weight loss after delivery.

All pregnant mothers are great!They would rather give up their beloved jobs and resign and go home to create better growth conditions for their babies. Only this is worthy of respect!

Of course, after resigning, if you want to make it full, you must adjust your mentality.Learn, exercise, do something you like, make your mood better.

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