Rumor: The same room during pregnancy is not completely bad, mainly reflected in the fetus

The life mode of pregnant women during pregnancy has changed a lot, which has made many daily life behaviors have to avoid taboos during pregnancy, such as food intake, such as husband and wife in the same room.Many pregnant mothers will refuse to be in the same room because they are worried about the fetus in the stomach. In fact, the same room during pregnancy is not completely impossible.

Lili is a post -90s. After marrying her husband, the relationship between the two has always been very good, and Lili became pregnant in the first year after marriage.Lili’s physical condition is good, so the contents of various production inspections can pass smoothly during pregnancy.

However, the mother -in -law who was in a hurry to hug her grandson still stayed at Lili’s house. The mother -in -law thought that the young couple did not know how to take care of themselves, and they must be healthier after they were born.

Once Lili’s husband came back, the two were better than the newly married. When you were in Lennon, the mother -in -law pushed in.I saw my mother -in -law’s face ugly and pointed at her son and daughter -in -law.

"What’s the matter with the two of you? There are children in your stomach, don’t you pay more attention? If you move your fetal gas, the two of you can’t eat it."

The sudden break of her mother -in -law made the young couple feel embarrassed, and at the same time Lili felt very wronged.The mother -in -law fell at the door angrily, and Lili’s tears fell involuntarily.

During the subsequent pregnancy test, Lili carefully asked the doctor if she could have the same room during pregnancy?Lili told her experience with a grievance.

The doctor said after hearing that Lili is now in the middle of pregnancy, so at this time the same room is still good for the fetus.

Doctors said that the babies born in the same room during pregnancy will be different after birth, that is, the baby born to the baby in the same room during pregnancy will develop better.The doctor’s words made Lili feel relieved, and at the same time, Lili’s guilt in her heart was much relieved.

What are the benefits of the same room during pregnancy?What are the problems when you are in the same room?

1. Promote fetal development

When the couple in the same room during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s uterus will have a rhythmic shrinkage. Smalist contraction will bring a slight shock to the fetus, and for the fetus, they like this sense of vibration.At the same time, in the same room, the blood circulation of the human body will be accelerated. At this time, the blood supply and oxygen supply of the fetus will also have certain benefits.

In addition, the same room makes the pregnant mother’s emotions more relaxed, and the anxiety will be relieved, which is obviously helpful for the emotional stability of pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Therefore, it is more good for the development of the fetus.

2. It helps pregnant mothers to give birth

In the same room during pregnancy, the pelvic cavity and the cervix of the pregnant mothers can get certain exercise. For pregnant mothers who are born, in the process of opening the palace, the pelvic cavity and cervix that are appropriately exercise will help to achieve expansion of the birth canal.Essence

This can also ensure that the baby is successfully delivered through the birth canal of the pregnant mother.Elastic production channels help avoid tearing and side cutting.

3. Purify the uterine environment

When doing the same behavior, the amniotic fluid in the pregnant mother will be purified to a certain extent. Everyone knows that the fetus is exposed in amniotic fluid. If the environment of the amniotic fluid can be purified.

So it is very useful for the control of the growth and development of the fetus.Especially after the fetus has swallowed amniotic fluid, a purified amniotic fluid environment is very good for the fetus.

1. Pay attention to the hygiene of sex in the same room

When the couple are in the same room during pregnancy, they must pay attention to hygiene. Wearing a condom is essential, so as to avoid bacteria from entering the mother’s vagina and avoid further affecting fetal development.Before sexual behavior, both husband and wife must do a good job of cleaning and create a safe and sanitary environment.

2. Pay attention to the frequency of the same room

Although sexual behavior can be performed during pregnancy, it is necessary to mention that the frequency of the same room must be controlled. The frequency of frequency may affect the fetus.The same time in the same room is during the period of the middle of pregnancy. The fetus is unstable before the time is too early, and the fetus may cause premature birth.

3. Pay attention to control the intensity of the movement

After all, the pregnant mother’s body during pregnancy is still in a state that is not very convenient. For example, after the fetus appears, the pregnant mother’s movement is not very free., Avoid too strong contractions.At the same time, try not to compress the stomach of the pregnant mother in the choice of posture to avoid pressing the fetus.

It can be seen that the couple can do the same behavior during pregnancy, but they must pay attention to some details.

In addition, when there are some individual situations, pregnant mothers try to avoid doing same -room behavior during pregnancy, such as pregnant mothers in the state of fetal protection.What do you think of the impact of the same room on the fetus?

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