Rumor, will the stomach be hit after pregnancy, will cause the fetus to have a long birthmark?The real reason is here

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Xiao Liang was 8 months pregnant, because her job was to stand for a long time, so when she was 7 months pregnant, she had resigned and rest at home.

One day she was watching TV. When she stood up, her husband just stood up. As a result, her husband’s knees hit her belly heavily. At that time, her stomach contracted immediately. Fortunately, she was fine after rest.

But Xiaoliang remembered that she had read an article on the Internet before, and said that her mother was hit when she was pregnant, which would cause the fetal skin to be bruised and bruised.

And when Xiaoliang read that article, there was a picture of a birthmark very terrible and terrible. She was very worried that she would be hit by her husband. Will the fetus in the belly grow so ugly?

So on the second day, she hurried to the hospital in a hurry, and wanted to ask if the doctor would have such a situation. When she was consulting the doctor, the doctor said that these were all rumors, and there was no such thing.The mother’s stomach was hit. If you take a break, it doesn’t matter, but if the fetal movement is abnormal, come to the hospital.


There are two real reasons for the child’s birthmark:

The first is to be inherited. We will find that some parents have birthmarks and children will have birthmarks.

The second one is that there are some pre -body cells that should be converted to melanocytes during the development of embryonic development. For some reasons, they are not balanced to be distributed on the skin, but they are gathered into groups, which forms a birthmark.

It is easier for us to have a birthmark of Mongolia spots, but as children grow up, these birthmarks will slowly fade or disappear.

And whether it is hereditary birthmark or such Mongolian spots, do not have to worry too much, and will not affect the child’s health.

Of course, if you grow in some special places, such as the face or a relatively obvious part, you can also consider using laser or other methods to eliminate it!

Xiao Liang listened to the doctor’s words and then let go.In fact, during pregnancy, there are many rumors that affect the mood of the mother, affect the mother’s judgment, and even affect the mother’s diet!

Rumor 1: Do not eat crabs during pregnancy, do not eat mutton, beef and other rumors

When you are pregnant, if you eat crabs, it will cause miscarriage, and it is said that the crabs will be cold. The mothers living by the sea may eat seafood three meals a day, and they will eat crabs.Intersection

In fact, crabs are indeed a bit cold in Chinese medicine. Some mothers may be weak, and they are easy to diarrhea.Or if there are some mothers who are allergic to crabs, they will have an allergic response when eating crabs, but if you often eat crabs before you are pregnant, you will have nothing to do with it.

But no matter what kind of food we must take in moderation, not an excess intake.

Another saying is "if you eat crabs during pregnancy, it will cause your child to walk sideways after birth". This statement is also nonsense.When you are pregnant, you ca n’t eat mutton, that is, lamb can cause the child to be mad after the birth of the child.Do not eat beef, some people say that eating beef can cause children to be irritable in the future.

In fact, the child’s temper has something to do with the heredity and the acquired education. It has nothing to do with what to eat during pregnancy.

There are only two kinds of foods that can’t be eaten during pregnancy: one is alcoholic food, because alcohol can cause harm to the fetus’s brain.The second is that there is no cooked food, such as fish raw or some raw seafood, which may contain parasites, which will cause the health of the fetus.

Rumor 2: You must be recuperated when you are pregnant and you cannot exercise

Some mothers do n’t do housework when they are pregnant, do n’t work, and even do n’t even leave, they think about raising.In fact, if the mother’s health is healthy, when we are pregnant, we recommend that appropriate activities should be appropriate. Appropriate activities can help our body blood circulation and eliminate all kinds of fatigue in our bodies.For example, doing yoga during pregnancy or walking slowly can avoid edema during pregnancy and back pain.

Exercise can also promote the digestion and absorption of food. When we are pregnant, we have less gastric fluid secretion, and it is not easy to digest food. Therefore, exercise during pregnancy can make us eat and digest well during pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy can also avoid various complications. For example, it is easy to obese during pregnancy, but exercise can control weight. When pregnancy, blood sugar is prone to high blood sugar, exercise can also control blood sugar, and can control blood pressure. ThereforeYou can do some suitable exercises during pregnancy, walking or pregnancy yoga and pregnancy exercises. These are all possible.

We have some taboos to obey at 40 weeks of pregnancy. For example, do not drink and stay away from second -hand smoke, but there are some rumors.Fetal baby is better.

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