Rumor!Breastfeeding during pregnancy can be performed!Look at it quickly, let you be happy and beautiful

It’s going to live in the New Year!

The new year of the Lunar New Year is coming. One of the most questions about mothers in the background is: "Can mothers during breastfeeding dye their hair and perm?"

For mothers who are anxious to know the answer, I will tell them directly: Yes!

However, there are always mothers who are not assured. After all, some mothers even dare not eat coffee, tea, curry and the like, not to mention that hair dye and perm are full of chemical ingredients.

Today, I will say this, so that everyone can live a beautiful New Year in peace!

Depending on the time after hair dyeing, it can be divided into permanent, semi -permanent and temporary.

Temporary is also called disposable hair spray. It only color on the surface of the hair and does not penetrate into the hair. It is a bit like makeup and blush.It can be removed directly after use. The beautiful young lady can try it if they go out to take pictures.

Half permanent hair dye cream usually stays on the hair short, and the dye effects on the outer layer of the hair. After several shampooing, it is easy to fade.

And permanent hair dye cream is the most common type we usually use, which lasts for a long time (but not a lifetime …).It is oxidized dye, penetrates into the inner layer of the scalp, and changes the hair color through oxidation. It maintains a long time and is not easy to fade.Commonly used oxidation dyes are mostly phenylmamine and their derivatives, and the toner is hydrogen peroxide.

According to the list of hazardous objects released by the International Cancer Research Center in 2017, phenylene amine is a type 3 carcinogen, that is, it may cause carcinogenicity to humans, but there is no sufficient human or animal data.

You know, second -hand smoke, smoke, and tobacco are all types of carcinogens that are determined to have carcinogenicity to humans, and the risk of pyramlamine is much lower than that.

Therefore, you said that there should be some harmful, but there is no exact evidence to prove that it is carcinogenic to the human body.

Small amount

Theoretically, the skin will only absorb a small amount of hair dye or other hairdressing products.Entering the blood through the skin, less into breast milk.

Therefore, the British National Medical Services System (NHS) believes that in the past, many mothers with breastfeeding have experienced hair dyeing experience, but they have not found related negative results.

However, hair dyeing hair should be avoided when the scalp is damaged or infected, because when the scalp is damaged or infected, it will absorb more chemicals in more hair dye than usual.


Because the ingredients of hair dyeing products are complicated, some breastfeeding mothers may be allergic to certain chemical components.

Therefore, any regular hair dyeing product will be prompted on the packaging to conduct sensitive skin testing 48 hours before hair dye.(See Figure ▼)

(These are super important!) 48 hours of sensitive test selection to select qualified products, follow the packaging instructions to dye hair dyeing on hair dyeing agent on the hair. Do not get hot when the scalp is damaged by the specified timeWhen you pay attention to ventilation and dye your scalp thoroughly, do not dye or bleach eyebrows or eyelashes, which may cause the risk of swelling or increasing eye infection to place your hair dye in a place where the child cannot get it.

The expectant mothers who are usually pregnant during pregnancy are more conservative, and they don’t have the idea of dyeing.If you really want to dye, there are a few points to pay special attention:

再 It is recommended to wait for 12 weeks to be dyed, that is, the early pregnancy (the possible possible impact in the early pregnancy).

When you dye your hair, you can only apply your hair when you dye your hair.

发 Pregnancy may affect the normal condition of the hair. Perhaps the reaction to the hair dye or perm is different from before pregnancy (prepare for psychological preparation).

中 Other refer to the "Safety Hair Dyeing Tips" in the previous one.

Same as above.

There are still many mothers who think they are toxic and harmful, so … don’t you dye!

Can you also choose a temporary hair dye spray or buy a wig?IntersectionIntersection(Hahaha)

Happy New Year to the New Year ~~

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