Rumor!Some people say that if you are pregnant, you can’t raise a cat, and let him show it to him

Many friends around the editor are raising cats. One of them was pregnant. The family resolutely did not agree to leave this cat. The reason is that a cat will be infected with a bowworm.Essence

Such an outdated and irresponsible idea made the kitten fall into a homeless end, which is really sighing.In order to save more kittens who have been foster or even abandoned because of their parents’ pregnancy, this may be the most complete science articles about bowworms on the entire network.

The full name of the bow -shaped hormone is a rigid toxoplasma, and it is named because the worm is arch -shaped.There are three forms of existence, namely: centered, capsule, and fast colonials.

Slow -colonials exist in the pockets of meat, which will pollute meat and cutting meat.

The sac -ups exist in cats’ feces that will pollute water, soil, sand pits, and anything contaminated with these soils.

Speed colonials are transformed from cysts or colonials, which exist in the body of animals in the infection, but the existence time is very short.

Gow -shaped worms are a chance of pathogenic raw worms. For people with healthy ordinary people, that is, people with normal immune function of the body, even if infection does not show symptoms, it is understood that there is no thing.

But for pregnant mothers, infection of Toxoplasma is very dangerous.Because the infected expectant mothers can be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta blood flow, it will cause problems such as abortion, premature birth, and abnormal tires.

The harm of the infection of Toxoplasma is indeed very harmful to pregnant women, but it must be clear that if you want to infected Toxoplasma, there is only the channel for eating insect eggs.The chance of being infected with cats is very small, almost zero.

Like people, healthy cats usually do not have any symptoms.However, cats are the host of the bowworm, and the bow -shaped worm will develop in the cat’s intestine, and eventually discharge the oval sac out with the feces.Only the feces with a bow -shaped ovation have the ability to infect humans.

In other words, there is only one possibility that you want to infection from a cat to Toxoplasma worms: that is you … food!shit!It’s!And it’s not enough to eat shit!You have to meet three conditions:

1. The healthy kitten at home is the first infection of Toxoplasma.

Cats will excrete the bow-shaped worm sac within 1-3 weeks of the first 1-3 weeks of the toxoplasma worm, and then produce antibodies, and will not discharge mature oval sacs with infectiousness outward.

Speak a word, when a cat’s immunity is severely weakened, such as cat AIDS, cat leukemia, hormones or drugs that use the body immune system for a long time, the toxoplasma may re -enter the spread.Although this possibility is small, it still needs to be explained.

2. You can’t eat fresh babies, you have to put it for more than two or three days.

The newly discharged bow-shaped oval sac does not have the ability of infectious infection, and it needs to be developed into a mature oval sac up in 2-4 days.

3. It’s not enough to eat a meal, and eat a few more meals.

Even if you eat the sticky eggs, you may not be infected, you can only eat a few more or even pause.

Seeing no, it is really hard to get infection from a cat to the sky, even if you eat shit, you may not be infected.So don’t throw the pot of the bowworm to the cat!Because you have to throw cats at all, you can’t solve the problem at all.

Gow -shaped worms are not uncommon, and it exists in our daily life.for example:

① Soil, grassland, water;

② In the unwashed vegetables and fruits;

③ Birds and mice may also carry bow -shaped worms;

④ Pig, horses, cow, sheep, chicken and other livestock may also carry bow -shaped worms.

In other words, when you come into contact with the infected soil and grass, you eat it without washing your hands; you eat the unwashed fruits and vegetables;Water is more likely to be infected.

Compared with cats, intake of contaminated food is the main way for human infection of Toxoplasma.Four words: disease comes in from the mouth.

If you want to thoroughly fight the bow -shaped insects, the pregnant family needs to do these tasks:

First, prepare for pregnant mothers to do a full set of TORCH screens 2-3 months before preparing for pregnancy.

There are two indicators about Toxoplasma: IGG and IGM.IGG represents whether there are antibodies; IGM represents whether to infected the toxoplasma at the moment.

There may be four results in the indicator:

①IGG (-), IgM (-)

It means that the inspector is likely to not be infected with a bow -shaped worm, but it does not rule out false negatives.

If you check the result during pregnancy, you can get pregnant.However, it is a high -risk population, which is risky. In the early pregnancy, in case of infection, the risk passed to the fetus is higher.Need to pay more attention.

②IGG (-), IgM (+)

Indicates that recent infections, or may be acute infections, or may be caused by other interference factors.

③IGG (+), IgM (-)

It has been infected with a bowworm or inoculated the vaccine and has developed immunity.This is the safest state of pregnancy.

④IGG (+), IgM (+)

It shows that pregnant women are infected with toxoplasma, which may be primary or re -infected.This situation is best to treat before preparing for pregnancy.

In addition, cats need to do a bow -shaped insect screening to comprehensively judge through septic egg detection and serum antibody detection.

Second, expectant mothers need to pay attention to life and eating habits:

① Do not eat unwanted vegetables and fruits;

② Try to eat less barbecue, steak and other foods as possible. You must be cooked to eat hot pot and barbecue to eat;

③ Wear gloves when exposed to external soil and sandy land. After contact with soap and warm water after contact;

④ Cut the meat plates, kitchen knives, etc. after cooking must be cleaned, and the hands must be cleaned;

⑤ Avoid contacting the cat sand basin by yourself, it is best to send my husband to shovel every day;

⑥ Do not raise new cats, go out for cats, or contact stray cats with unknown infection during pregnancy.

Third, pay attention to the daily life of cats:

① Cats should be completely indoor to prevent it from predating mouse or earthworms such as mice or earthworms;

② Unless you have experience in bone feeding, try not to feed cats and raw water as much as possible during pregnancy.

The popular science and prevention of the bowworm is finished, but the editor still wants to say a few words:

We should not be under the guise of protecting a small life and hastily deal with another small life.To develop good hygiene habits and prevent disease from the mouth, this is the best way to avoid toxoplasma infection!

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