Run all the Malaysian Malaysia in 8 months of pregnancy?Is it a case, so I do not work

After completing her 62nd Malaysia, Li Lili "fire" on the Internet: She participated in the Shanghai International Marathon with 8 months of pregnancy and finished the race in 5 hours, 17 minutes and 30 seconds.Netizens’ comments are divided into two major camps, and even opposed voices believe that "this is irresponsible to themselves and children and families." Can pregnant women run their horse?How to scientifically run the horse and avoid exercise risks?The reporter interviewed Li Lili, related medical people and sports experts.

9 years of running age is "prepared"

Malaysia is the third full Malaysian Malaysia completed during pregnancy, but her experience cannot be interpreted simply with inspirational stories.Li Lili told reporters that as a 9 -year -old runner, she is an experienced runner or a Malaysian elite player.She insisted on running training to relieve pubic pain, leg cramps and other pregnancy discomforts, and regulated emotional and stress."Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial to both pregnant women and children. In fact, running during pregnancy is normal, but there are very few domestic samples. I first ran the San Francisco Marathon in the first game in 2012. I saw a pregnant woman running for seven or eight months of pregnancy.. From that day, I know that old, weak, sick and disabled can run, as long as it is gradual and maintains a normal amount. "

The story of the former Xiehe Hospital’s obstetrician and the doctoral clinical medicine Xu Yunyun’s horse rampal was inspired and encouraged to Li Lili.Choosing to continue running during pregnancy, Li Lili "prepared". She consulted the doctor, read relevant information, and focused on the evaluation of her physical condition."I ran 14 kilometers every time before pregnancy, and ran one by one, and the monthly running volume was about 210 kilometers. After pregnancy, I had a discomfort for 5 kilometers for a while. I took a break for a while.Slowly restore running. However, the strength of the exercise and the amount of running have decreased, and the monitoring heart rate has been strengthened. "

For pregnant women, the biggest challenge is the change of running.Li Lili told reporters: "Every month, my weight is increasing. The pregnant woman walks normally with her belly, her body is leaning back, and my body is leaning forward, so my running posture is changing every month.After two kilometers of jogging, find the center of gravity and adapt to it. "With the support of the husband who is also a marathon enthusiast, Li Lili finally stood up to the mobular track through scientific training."I am also worried about whether I can finish the game safely. The first half is 6 and a half points, and the second half is running in a row. After all, the amount of running is accumulated, so the run is not a problem at all."

Xu Changen, deputy chief physician of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, also participated in the Malaysia -Malaysia competition this year.He said that as a contestant, he admired Li Lili’s behavior, but as a obstetrician, he did not advocate pregnant women. "Li Lili is just a case. She mainly has a sports foundation, and she still runs more cautiously from the end of the race. After all, pregnant womenIn a special physiological period, the marathon is a movement that challenges the human body, so it is not recommended that pregnant women run the marathon. "Xu Changen suggested that the motion of pregnant women should be walking slowly and swimming." As the uterus increasesLarge, coupled with the vibration generated during exercise, it will increase the load of the uterine ligament and pelvic floor muscles. The horses in the third trimester can easily cause premature birth. "

Mo Wei compares the number of horse race

In 2019, Li Xuanxuan, the domestic women’s group champion of Malaysia, is the leader of the domestic women’s marathon. Some runners have asked her, "What targeted training would you do 3 days before the marathon game?"The marathon takes 3 months. For ordinary runners, a few days before the game, you need to adjust and ensure sufficient rest on your diet, not to temporarily hug the Buddha’s feet. "

There are not a few runners like Li Lili, and many runners have even aimed at "Run 100 Marathon".Professional players can only run two or three marathons a year. Why can amateur players become "marathon harvesters"?Li Guoqiang, a professor at the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and the head coach of the National Middle and Long Running Youth Team, said that professional players are preparing for the premise of pursuing results. Generally, they will participate in 1 to 2 games within one year, and at most 3 games, because the marathon sports are the body for the body.Great consumption.For professional players, it takes longer preparation time and adjustment and recovery time after the game.

Although there are differences between professional players and amateur players, they also have a common law.Marathon training is a systematic engineering, including speed and endurance. All need to be improved by gradual training. The number of marathons cannot be pursued by comparison.Li Guoqiang suggested that the daily training method should follow the principle of running volume from small to large and high to high, and the rhythm of running speed in training must be stable."For example, if you run 15 kilometers in 5 minutes and 30 seconds, then you cannot run the whole horse with such a pace. To reduce 20 seconds or more, otherwise you will not only be overIt induces certain hidden diseases. Generally, the last 10 days before the game should be reduced, the intensity is reduced, and the strength is adjusted to a good competitive state. "

To avoid risks, you must know how to retreat slowly

The origin of the marathon is to commemorate a soldier who runs to death to a report of victory. Even if the marathon has almost become the "National Movement" today, each runner needs to have awe of this project.

Qiu Jun, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Sports Science, told reporters that the marathon itself does not lead to death, and the accident is mostly due to potential diseases.Due to the high intensity and time of the marathon, it is easy to induce sudden death or genetic diseases.90%of the cases of marathon dying are due to heart problems.In addition, congenital heart disease, obtaining heart heart valve, ischemic heart disease, exercise stress syndrome, heat stroke, dehydration, etc. are common causes of sudden exercise death.The health screening before the game is very important. For example, a comprehensive physical examination, including aerobic capacity, can effectively reduce sudden death and exercise damage.

Studies have found that the sudden accidents of marathon games occur near the end point. In the case of physical strength, sprints are more likely to induce potential diseases.Moreover, the people with the most sudden exercise deaths are under 30 years of age, concentrated in the ages of 15 to 20, and the sudden rate of male death is much higher than that of women.Generally speaking, people with hypertension or other heart diseases and myocarditis, those with severe arrhythmia, people with diabetes, those who take antihypertensive drugs are still high, those who are too obese, and those who are too old are not suitable for participating in marathons.

Qiu Jun specifically mentioned that the prevention of sudden dying of exercise needs to start with me and know how to retreat."The exercise time in the great intensity dangerous area should not be too long. If you feel that you are uncomfortable, you should slow down the pace. Take a while and let the body have a buffer.To reduce the risk of exercise. "

Responsible editor: Qin Lumin

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