Rush on the hot search!Remember what it looks like!Don’t eat!There is toxic!

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“锅 锅”

A netizen in Guangdong is eating hot pot

Send a photo for help

Just avoid "toxicity"!

The toxic octopus almost put it in the pot!

Ask before asking a more sentence before

January 16

A netizen in Guangdong was eating in a hot pot restaurant

See the suspected blue ring octopus in the dishes

So I ask if I can get it in the pot online

Then the popular science blogger responded

The picture is indeed a leopard print

This is the blue ring octopus that people often call

Their toxins are poisonous toxins

The toxicity is very strong and the heating is not broken down

Don’t eat even if you take it back for a memorial!

He killed in the bite!

How strong is the blue ring octopus?

The frightened blue ring octopus

How poisonous is it?

Blue ring octopus is a very small octopus variety

The body is only the size of the golf ball

Very beautiful but hidden toxic

It is named because of the beautiful blue link on the wrist and foot

When encountering danger

The dark ring on the body and the claws will emit a dazzling blue light

Send a warning signal to the other party

Although this kind of octopus is small

But the secreted venom is enough to bite at a time

Make an adult died within a few minutes

Because there is no detoxification agent

So it is one of the most poisonous marine life known

How to distinguish the octopus toxic and non -toxic?

Just look at the "circle"!

After the hotpot restaurant octopus incident

Many netizens have issued "Bringing Circle" octopus photos

And exclaimed whether I also encountered the blue ring octopus

To solve everyone’s questions

The help of the science blogger who was asked for help specially opened a small classroom

Let me tell you

"Most of the octopus with a circle on the body is one of the most common edible octopus in my country. The golden circle under the eyes is also a identification feature of them.

And the protagonist ‘blue ring octopus’ is the collective name of several octopus of [leopard patterns]. As the name suggests, they are densely covered with blue circles, spots or stripes, just like leopard patterns, not only one or two circlesEssence"

Netizens also made a summary after reading:

There are so many circles that can’t be eaten!

But the popular science blogger also said

It is good to raise awareness of prevention

But a plate of cooking is mixed with a small amount of chopped blue ring octopus

In fact, the amount you can eat is very small

Among them, the toxin content is even more minimal

Even poisoning is difficult to be fatal

So you don’t have to eat food because of choking

Eight claws should be eaten, don’t delay!

Netizen: This year’s food is so well -known

Many netizens also said

Fortunately, this friend asked one more before eating

Otherwise, the consequences

Reality verification "Knowledge can really change destiny"

"This year’s foodie is so learned,

Save yourself at a critical moment!"

These are easy to confuse food

Be careful

Although this is the same

There are not many examples of "toxic creature" mixed into the market

But "poisonous vegetables" are not far from us

Many similar foods are easily confused

In severe cases, life risks will occur

The following is easy to confuse food

Do you all distinguish them?


Chestnut vs Ma Li

Chestnut: It can be called chestnut, hairstone, chestnut, etc. It is mainly listed after the autumn maturity. It belongs to the Nuts and is known as the "king of dried fruit".

Ma Li: It contains the saponin that cannot be degraded by the human body, so eating raw or improper treatment will cause life to danger.But squirrels and deer can degrade saponin, so these wild animals can eat horse chestnuts.

How to distinguish: The shape of Ma Li is round, and there is only a layer of smooth peel and a small amount of small thorns.

Mango vs sea mango

Mango: The pre -body carotene component of vitamin A contained in is particularly high, and secondly vitamin C content is not low.Minerals, protein, fat, sugar, etc. are also their main nutritional components.

Sea mango: The whole plant is toxic, and the fruit is toxic, which will block the transmission channel of calcium ions in the myocardial muscle, and a small amount can be killed.Mistakes cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, numbness of hands and feet, cold sweat, and weak heartbeat.A few hours after consumption will be toxic, causing death.

How to distinguish: Mango is an evergreen big tree, sea mango is an evergreen small tree, and the difference between the size is the size of the canopy, the larger is the big tree, and the small one is called the small tree.

Okra vs mandala

Okra: It is known as the king of vegetables. It has high economic use and edible value. It contains viscous substances composed of pectin and polysaccharides. Its tender pods are tender.

Mandala: A plant similar to okra, the whole plant is toxic, strong toxic, and 1-2 seeds can cause death.After poisoning, the light ones are mainly manifested as dry throat, difficulty in swallowing, large pupils, increased heart rate, illusions, and abnormal behaviors. In severe cases, it even causes respiratory failure and death.

How to distinguish: The okra fruit sepals are small, and the mandala fruit sepals are large.

Taro VS dripping Guanyin

Taro: One of the common vegetables, high nutrition and medicinal value, and its digestive rate can reach more than 98%, especially suitable for infants and patients.

Dripping Guanyin: Dripping Guanyin is toxic, with high toxicity of the rhizomes, containing crystal taro, saponin, calcium oxalate, and alcohol, etc., and can appear red, swollen, itching, pain, and even systemic symptoms in contact with the skin.

How to distinguish: The leaves of the taro are larger than the dripping Guanyin, and the leaves are slightly lighter.

Octagon VS Mangcao

Octopus: The famous seasoning spice is also used for medicinal.The peel, seeds, and leaves contain aroma oil. They are important raw materials for making cosmetics, sweet wine, beer and food industry.

Mangcao: It is also called wild octagonal, contains "reckless grass toxins". Those who are milder (a small amount) after eating misconduct are prone to mild poisoning symptoms such as dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, increased blood pressure, and high excitement.Symptoms such as convulsions and foaming in the mouth, more severe cases can even cause problems such as heart failure.

How to distinguish: The octagonal is shiny brown -red, the color of the reckless grass is light, and the earth is yellow.The octagonal head is larger and the horn is relatively thick;There are 7 to 10 horns, and the fruit petals of Mangcao will not open, generally 11 to 13 angles.The octagonal will emit a strong smell, but the reckless grass is basically tasteless.

The Spring Festival is coming

When eating and drinking

Be sure to distinguish toxic foods

Pay attention to diet safety

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