Sanfu Tian is coming, stir -fry with ginger, drink a cup a day, full of spiritual full summer

This year’s Sanfu Tian began on July 11th to the end of August 19, with a 40 -day high temperature period.However, the weather has been very hot these days, so pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling.

In the hot summer, many people like to eat cold food to cool down, and stay in the air -conditioned room all day. Although they do n’t feel hot, their bodies are invaded by wet and cold, especially girls, and they are harmful to their bodies.

Therefore, not only should you not eat cold food in summer, you should eat more hot foods, such as ginger!As the saying goes: eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer.Eating ginger in summer helps the body to sweat, warm the stomach to drive cold, and increase appetite, and play a role in regulating body temperature.

Rising yang qi, eating ginger in the morning in the morning, the effect is the best, because the summer morning is the time when the blood flows to the Yangming stomach meridian. At this time, eating ginger is just giving birth to stomach qi and promoting digestion.

Eating ginger in summer is very raised, far better than tonic soup.We can fry with ginger and barley together, drink a cup a day, and the whole summer is full.Symphrisy has a dampness effect. In summer, it is heavy. It can be drunk with stir -frying rice. It is easy to eat, simple and effective.

【Ginger Micha】

Prepare ingredients: ginger, barley (no barley, you can use rice).

Step 1: Wash the barley rice, then drain the water for later use, and peel the ginger to cut and cut it for later use.

Step 2: Prepare a clean pot, put the barley in the barley for a while, and fry for a while, fry until the surface is slightly yellow.

Step 3: Then put the ginger silk, continue to stir fry for a while, keep frying, prevent stir frying.

Step 4: Fry until the water becomes dry and the color becomes golden brown.

Step 5: Stir -fried ginger and rice are stored in a clean and dry bottle. Take an appropriate amount of water every day and drink.

Ginger tea has the aroma of ginger and the fragrance of barley, which is very beneficial to the body.It is too hot in summer. Drinking it is not only quenching thirst, but also can drive cold and dampness and increase appetite.It is very beneficial for people who blow air conditioners all day and often eat cold food.

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