Satsuma gave birth to 6 puppies and looked at the cub’s hair and sighed: Dad’s gene is really powerful

Is your pet’s wedding event, or do you run freely?Is the cubs born?

Two days ago, the veterinarian Xiaoming saw a little story about Samoyed cubs. After reading it, I just wanted to say: Cow!There are 6 cubs in a nest, and no one has inherited the mother’s gene!

Samaroy, who is free to fall in love, unexpected pregnancy

The story is like this. The netizen has a mother’s Samoye, but he has never arranged an object or something. In the eyes of the owner, it has always been a single dog of the mother’s SOLO.

However, it was unexpected that it happened.

One day when netizens returned home, they found that Samoyed gave birth to 6 cubs silently. This is nothing. The key is the most beautiful thing that these 6 cubs are black!I have to say that this father’s gene is too strong!

For a while, netizens were a little unacceptable. When did the cabbage planted by the "pig" arched?I know nothing about it.

Originally, I wanted to wait until I was idle, and arranged a family relationship with it, but the plan couldn’t keep up with changes. Now it has become a child mother!

Hahahaha, the veterinarian Xiaoming friendly reminds you all shovel officers, you must be optimistic about his little bitch when you go out, otherwise who is accidentally given to Huo Huo by who’s puppy.

Then netizens recalled it carefully to see if there was any clues to confirm who the dad of the cub was.

When I tried to recall it, a small black dog was flashed in my mind, yes!that’s it.

It turned out that as early as a while ago, netizens took Samoye back to their hometown once, and a little black dog had a good relationship with it at the time, and often came to play with it.

At that time, netizens didn’t care too much. After all, dogs are fun, and it is normal to make friends, but I did not expect that Samoyed became a "lost girl" at that time.That black dog!

However, Samoyed is too angry. You have a child like your own. There is no one, and it is too shameful.

Ask the veterinarian Xiaoming, this Samoyed is just involved in having a child, and the others have no relationship with it at all.

However, since things have become a foregone conclusion, I also hope that shovel officers can treat these puppy cubs. Don’t like them because they are just string, or send them away. Many skewers are very cute.

If you want to avoid problems such as giving birth to a series of dogs, it is best to be optimistic about them when the female dogs are in estrus, and do not let Wang run around casually.

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