School -enterprise internship was sexually assaulted and pregnant, and some people asked her why she did not call the police as soon as possible …

Today’s hot search, starting from a "help letter", it has been carried out around "school -enterprise cooperation" and "student internship safety issues", which has attracted hundreds of millions of attention.A netizen posted that he was a 2022 female student at the School of Foreign Languages of Hengyang Teachers College.In June 2021, she arranged for internships in Dongguan Jiamu Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. under the school.The company is a school -enterprise cooperation unit of Hengyang Teachers College. It has won the typical case award of the 2019 Education Expo "School -Enterprise Cooperation Double Hundred Plan".The boss Wen Moumou is a guest professor of the school.Because the company involved in the foreign trade business and the employment of the School of Foreign Languages are a counterpart, students will go to the enterprise for internship every year.After graduation, she successfully worked in the company.The boss Wenmou invited her to be the assistant to the company’s general manager at the time, and the salary was 8,000 yuan per month after the transfer was transferred.Because she is a child from the countryside, the conditions at home are not good, and she has accepted the invitation.

On November 12, 2022, Wen Moumou asked her to participate in an activity organized by an institution.In accordance with the requirements of Wen Moumou, she went to the event location at noon the next day, and the event and dinner continued until 9 o’clock at night.At that time, due to drinking, Wen Moumou told her a lot of confession and the misfortune of his family.Subsequently, Wen Moumou pulled her to open the house and performed sexual assault on her.From December 5th to 9th, 2022, she felt uncomfortable and dizzy and drowsiness.On the 9th of that month, she went to a hospital in Dongguan to do an examination. The inspection results showed that she was pregnant.When she got the results of this inspection, like a thunderbolt, I contacted Wenmou to ask how to deal with it.On the afternoon of December 9, 2022, Wen Mou opened the room and said that she wanted to discuss with her, but she was forced to have a sexual relationship with Wen Moumou again.Since then, Wen Mou has forced her to remove her child many times and promises to compensate 80,000 yuan.The help letter also mentioned that the use of violence to make girls have a miscarriage and compensate for 80,000 yuan to pay for a period of 10 periods. I want to make girls a long -term sex slave, which makes many netizens feel chilling.At the end of the article, the girl said that Jiamu Packaging was a designated cooperative unit in the school. She believed that her experience was not a case. If there were students similar to encountering, they could contact her.On March 30, the staff of Hengyang Teachers College said that they had paid attention to the matter, and the school attached great importance to it. Early in the morning, an emergency meeting was held to investigate the matter.Jimu Journalists have repeatedly called Dongguan Jiamu Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., and the phone has not been connected.Other media reporters contacted Wen Moumou via the phone. Wen Moumou said that many people had called to ask the matter. He said that girls were making rumors.At present, the local public security organs have filed a case for investigation.The school stated that it will actively cooperate with the public security organs to conduct investigations and resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students.At the same time, remind everyone that once you encounter illegal infringement, you must call the police for help as soon as possible.

In fact, if the content of the Internet is true -girls are sexually assaulted and pregnant. Based on the current technology, it is very simple to find out the "medical father" of the fetus. The next step is to check this line.", Things can soon have answers.Looking at the comment area, some netizens said: If it is forced, the police should be reported that night, and the police should be called at least the next day.Others said: After being forced to take an emergency contraceptive, how can it cause pregnancy to discover it.Others say: If there is no pregnancy and a man will not let the female fetus, this relationship may continue …

Before the truth comes out, please let the "victims have sin theory" shut up!The victim is not necessarily perfect, but the victim must be guilty.

Remind the girls who are not deeply involved in the world, if they are forced to have a relationship, don’t ask the opinions of the violence and call the police directly; when there is risks, take medicine as soon as possible to avoid pregnancy, it is the best protection for themselves.Naive girls do not need to go to the horses to negotiate with the perpetrators, retain evidence, and report to the police as soon as possible. It is the simplest and effective choice to tell parents.This is not your fault, don’t let the shameless people destroy their great lives.

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Some news sources: Jimu News, the attention of the people

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