Science of dog raising: What are the signs of dog pregnancy?Do you need calcium to supplement the dog during pregnancy?

Do you think your dog is pregnant?Many owners will bring pets to breed once before sterilizing pets to allow dogs to have a baby.But in the first few weeks of pregnancy, I felt that the breeding was successful and the breeding failed. You would be anxious to see some symptoms about pregnancy.Dogs are very short during pregnancy. At about 60-63 days, it will go through the process of pregnancy to childbirth.

What are the symptoms of pets if they are pregnant?Understanding symptoms can help you take care of expectant mothers during pregnancy, and you can also arrange time to prepare for the puppies.During pregnancy, your main job is to ensure that your pet is under pressure and nutritional balance.Many people say that pregnant dogs need calcium supplementation to avoid difficulty in giving birth or calcium deficiency during childbirth. Today we will talk about the symptoms of dog pregnancy and the dog mother during pregnancy need calcium supplementation?

The most important point is that you need to know how long the dog takes for pregnancy. Generally, the dog will start delivery on the 63rd day after the breeding is successful.Compared with humans, the two -month pregnancy time is very short, and the symptoms of the dog’s pregnancy may slowly appear after the 30th day of pregnancy.If it wasn’t for a professionals, it would be difficult to distinguish the previous month.At present, there is no pregnancy test for pets, so you need to pay attention to your daily symptoms before you are not sure if your pet is pregnant.

In the early days of dog pregnancy, you will not find a lot of physical changes. You may find that its weight has gradually increased, but this is a normal situation.Some dogs will also have mild vomiting, loss of appetite or drowsiness, but some health problems will also have similar symptoms.In the first month, you need to maintain the normal exercise and diet of pets.During this period of time, the dog’s body will change inside. For example, the inflow of a large amount of hormones during uterine growth, and there will be some changes in behavior, such as the toys that have been unreasonably disliked, and they become particularly sticky.

No matter what changes are, there is no need to worry about anything. These physical and emotional changes may be relatively small, and you will not even notice these situations.In addition to it looks tired, it is still the usual one, some other symptoms, it takes the second month of pregnancy to appear.

In the later stages of the dog’s pregnancy, you will pay attention to some daily changes. Once there are obvious physical and behavioral changes, then it may be expectant mothers.The following are some obvious signs: changes in appetite

If your dog is pregnant, the early change you will notice is its loss of appetite.Eating is a hobby that every dog can’t escape. If your dog suddenly refuses to eat or eat it, it means that your dog may be pregnant.Dogs also have pregnant vomiting. It will decrease appetite when sickness, and slowly restore a normal diet at the time of childbirth.If your dog looks loss of appetite, don’t force it to eat.You can ask the veterinarian to see if there are any generations of food to make it fill the belly.


No matter how full of energy of a dog, it may become lazy during pregnancy. Because the hormone level in the dog changes, it will consume the energy in the pet body to support the embryo that is growing in the dog’s belly.You need to take it out for a walk every day, do not do strenuous exercise, such as running, jumping, etc.Especially when the childbirth time is close, don’t let it do strenuous exercise, it is best not to let it play too much with the unfamiliar dog.Breast change

During pregnancy, you will notice that your pet’s breasts have changed a little.The colors around the breast will slowly become more rosy, especially when you get delivery, the size of the breast will increase.In the breasts near the dog’s hind legs, the color changes are the most obvious.Pet breasts are usually lighter pink gray. Due to the increase in blood flow in the area during pregnancy, the breasts become more and more rosy.At the same time, the breasts of pets began to grow, causing breasts to increase and prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal secretions are also one of the most common symptoms of dogs in dogs. It does not appear until the late pregnancy of pets. Although it may appear early in pets, this is not an early symptom of pregnancy.If you have a discharge that is wrong in the early stages of pet pregnancy, you need to consult a veterinarian to exclude the health of pet infection.If the secretions have a lot of smell, mucus is not transparent, but other colors and unpleasant odors. Be sure to send it to the pet hospital for examination in time.Change

Most of the newly pregnant dogs will have some changes in behavior. Some dogs will become introverted or a little fierce during social networking. Other dogs may feel restrained because of the changes in the body and the body in the body and do not want to leave the owner.These changes may appear early or appear again in the late pregnancy.

The belly is getting bigger and bigger

In the late pregnancy, the belly of pets will become larger and larger. If you observe carefully, you can still see your baby’s fetal movement.You will notice the weight gain and the symptoms of the stomach in 35-40 days of pregnancy.At this time, its abdomen may slowly shake when walking.A few weeks after pregnancy, you will see the growing puppies and slowly move in the dog’s belly.

The veterinarian will suggest that you have an X -ray examination around the 50th day to see if you can give birth to your pets, so that you don’t have to be so helpless during delivery.You are mentally prepared.Fake pregnancy

Sometimes it is difficult for you to determine whether your dog is really pregnant, because dogs will have symptoms of fake pregnancy.Although there is no embryo growing in its belly, it will still experience real pregnancy symptoms and signs.Each female dog who has experienced estrus may occur in false pregnancy after the estrus is over.As far as the symptoms are concerned, the main difference between fake pregnancy and true pregnancy is that until the fifth week after the end of the estrus, you think it is really pregnant.When you can take X -rays to determine the number of your baby, you will find that you are cheated by its "acting skills" ~

The average pregnancy time of a dog is 63 days. This is a very important moment for dogs to have in this life. Therefore, the nutritional balance is the most important for dogs and babies for dogs.For the dog mother during pregnancy, malnutrition can lead to serious health problems in the later period, and it may also endanger the puppies’ health.When formulating diet standards for pets, you can refer to the following suggestions: During pregnancy, the dog’s food must contain sufficient calories to meet the increased energy fat required for puppies.To reduce the calorie of a small amount of food, the bone growth of very important puppies requires calcium and phosphate to maintain the healthy development of puppies.

Next, let’s talk about the problem of calcium supplementation. Calcium is a mineral that plays an important role in muscle contraction and establishment framework.Calcium is stored in the pet’s bones. When the calcium content in the blood is too low, some calcium will be pulled out of the bones.When there is excess calcium in the body, it will be replaced.

In mammalians, the calcium in the pets will use the pets of delivery and milk. Calcium can slip and shorten the uterine muscles, resulting in uterine contraction.Hypocalcium calcium can cause invalid shrinkage and nervousness in pets, which can easily lead to abortion of dogs.

In the late pregnancy, with the needs of the fetus and the development of the breast, the needs of the mother’s mother for calcium began to increase slowly.The thyroid gland needs the calcium level required for calcium supplement in the bones. The demand for calcium during breastfeeding continues to increase the amount of calcium during lactation, and when the puppies are two weeks old, they reach a peak of calcium demand.

The thyroid hormone is secreted by decreased serum calcium concentration. The hormone increases the concentration of calcium by promoting osteoclatic activity and increasing calcium absorption of the gastrointestinal tract.Oral calcium supplementation can cause serum calcium to continue to rise, and then the phenomenon of thyroid hormone regulation occurs.When the female dog starts to lactation, it is difficult to provide sufficient calcium in oral supplements, because the absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal tract is poor.Because the thyroid hormone of the dogs who take oral calcium is lowered, bone calcium storage cannot be obtained and hypocalcemia cannot be obtained.

Postpartum hyperemiamia is also known as eclampsia and postpartum tetanus. It belongs to a metabolic disease and is the most common in small dogs.Its symptoms are the disorders of good luck, large pupils, obstacles in the direction, fast heartbeat, and neglect of puppies, and may develop into epilepsy.

The female dog after pregnancy should supplement the nutritional puppy or functional food, not a single supplement.Calcium supplementation during lactation does not cause hypocalcemia, but too much calcium can cause the female dog to be difficult to produce.Generally, when pet pregnancy starts to supplement calcium on it, you can communicate with the veterinarian first to see how much dose of calcium you need to replenish your pet in one day.

During pregnancy, I found that there are any wrongdoing changes in pets. You need to communicate with the veterinarian in time or go to the pet hospital for examination.If pets have no signs of childbirth after 63 days, they also need to communicate with the veterinarian to see what needs to do.

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