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Folk Story Ling Tong Salvation Mother’s "Episode 3".

Digging the coffin that was seal for 10 years, the dead woman’s mouth was sewn tightly, and her forehead was still attached to the spell.Who is so vicious?To make the dead can’t find the way home, he cannot tell his own grievances.When a man saw his beloved woman, he suffered such a hardship, and he felt heartache.

Immediately, he cut the thread of his mouth with scissors, and then cleaned his face with Fu Shui given by the mage to crack the vicious spells.At the same time, Qiu Hua’s soul finally got rid of the restraint.She revenge her, and found Li Jiangshan as soon as possible.A Bai Ling suddenly pulled Li Jiangshan over, angrily held her neck, and let her experience a high sense of suffocation.

Just as Li Jiangshan’s life hung a line, the emperor’s grandfather appeared in a timely manner with a white face, breaking the tense situation.Qiu Hua knelt in front of Emperor’s face to complain about his grievances and accused Li Jiangshan’s crimes.It turned out that eight years ago, Qiu Huacheng had not been pregnant for many years, so he came to the temple with his cousin Xiuyu to pray, hoping that he was pregnant with a child as soon as possible.

And let those who watch the videos and lighten the little heart can fulfill their wishes in their hearts.Unexpectedly, she collided with Li Jiangshan on the way home. She accidentally fell into her arms. Looking at the girl in front of her eyes, she looked straight.What she never expected was that the two people’s accidents also completely changed her destiny.I did not expect that the two met again in her husband’s tea garden again.It turned out that Li Jiangshan was a worker in the husband’s tea garden. He worked due to his duties, and his husband also specially cultivated him.

Li Jiangshan’s eyes were fierce and affectionate, and her husband, the man, knew her mind.The husband who loves his wife quickly hugs his wife and swores the protagonist.However, the rivals of love are easy to hide, but the mother’s case is difficult to prevent, just because the daughter -in -law has not been able to get pregnant.The mother who is anxious to hold her grandson often arranges a blind date for men, and is preparing to let a man marry a little wife to continue the incense.The man who loved his wife repeatedly refused, but was forced by his mother.

Finally, in Qiu Hua’s kneeling, her mother gave a last deadline.If Qiu Hua still failed to get pregnant three months later, let his son marry a little sister into the door.At this point, Qiuhua is gloomy every day.She dreamed that she wanted to conceive her husband’s flesh as soon as possible, until the coming of the nightmare that day made Qiu Hua be better than death.While Li Jiangshan went out, she sneaked into her room and defiled his innocence in Qiuhua’s resistance.Afterwards, Qiu Hua kept cleaning his body and trying to wash away his humiliation.

However, the thing that made Qiuhua even more scared happened. After the doctor’s diagnosis, Qiu Hua had been pregnant for a month, and the husband immediately laughed.However, Qiu Hua was trapped in contemplation and calculated the days of pregnancy. This child may be Li Jiangshan’s flesh.In the next day, he has the same dream every day. In the dream, her husband tied her with Li Jiangshan as an adulterer and adulterer on the pillars.

She is a woman with a water -based poplar, so she secretly cooked abortion medicine, and she wanted to flow off the tire in her belly but accidentally overturned the bowl in her husband’s shout.Husband looked at the residual tibetan red flowers. Isn’t this an abortion artifact?The anger questioning his wife, Qiuhua could only drag out the insulting thing, and felt guilty about her husband, so she chose to vote for suicide.

Fortunately, her husband rescued her in time and told his wife affectionately that she believed that the child in her belly was his, and promised Qiuhua that there was only his wife in this life.Ten months after flying, Qiu Hua gave birth to a boy. The family was happy to close his mouth, and the husband was happy to bring the long life of the family to the child.

However, Xiuyu brought a bad news. There was a rumor that the child was born from Qiuhua Hongxing out of the wall.At this time, the fast -moving mother -in -law in the village came over the yin and yang again, and she was so angry that her mother -in -law opened with her mouth.In order to prove the innocence of her daughter -in -law, she decided to go to the Emperor’s Gonggong Temple to cut the chicken head tomorrow and let the Grandpa Palace fair.

When Qiuhua was at a loss, he suddenly received a letter and asked him to meet at the designated place, otherwise he would publish his good things in the public.He never thought that he had never returned.When the family found him, he was already a cold body. Everyone thought he was guilty of being a thief, and he chose to commit suicide by fear of dismantling things.

Qiu Hua’s confusing prosecution with Emperor Li Jiangshan’s crime, but Li Jiangshan repeatedly denied the killing. He also said that he had defiled his innocence at the time, which was completely instructed by people.He stopped talking about it.As everyone knows, after the emperor’s public seal the truth, the result will make him feel painful.

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