Seeing redness during pregnancy, worried that children can’t keep it. At the moment of production, they know what is despair!

Today, I suddenly imagined to record my delivery process, so that it is convenient to recall the moment when I am a mother’s mood.

When the first blood test was diagnosed with pregnancy, progesterone was 18. The doctor said that it was low, and the progesterone was prescribed. After the first pregnancy, I did n’t understand anything. Later, I did a lot of homework before I found that there is no need to make up.

My progesterone is only low, but it has not reached the point of replenishment, and progesterone is a value that is changing at each different time.

In Hong Kong and abroad, this value will not be checked in the early stages of pregnancy, because it is not that progesterone determines whether the embryo can develop, but the embryo quality determines the progesterone value. As long as the embryo can develop normally, it does not matter.

There is no such thing as supplementing progesterone abroad. I also see how Chinese obstetrics and gynecologists like to abuse progesterone.So I didn’t eat it for two days.

I saw the red twice in the early pregnancy. The last menstrual period was 9.9. I do n’t know if it was easy to constipate in autumn and the reason for eating Philharma (because most people felt that Eleville had a stool to change color and it was easy to keep constipation).

So I was not sure where the first bleeding came out. I went to the hospital for a B -ultrasound. At that time, the results showed that the fetal heart buds were visible.Penal needles, progesterone and vitamin E.

When I walked out of the doctor’s office, I burst into tears. Thinking of my first hairy, myself and my husband were in the middle of the age. We are so good in our body. Why is this?

I cried for a long time, and then calmed down and thought about it. At that time, it was a large number, so the paper towels must be wiped back. GM and YD still have a certain distance, so I think the bleeding was not flowed from YD, and the blood volume was not inferior.Many, bright red.

Then I only took Victoria E and went home. After I went home, I ate the progesterone and vitamin e for two days.Folic acid, so I stopped Eleville, avoiding bleeding again because of constipation.

In seven weeks, I did a normal B -ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy. The fetal heart and fetal buds were available, and the buds were 1.9.

In eight weeks, I saw the red for the second time, and I slept until ten o’clock in the morning. Because of my first experience, I was sure that this time it was bleeding. The first time was brown blood, but the amount was not much.Then, I was lying in bed immediately, I fell asleep at noon, and I got up at three o’clock, and then went to the toilet.

The bleeding is like the amount of aunt on the first day, and there is a block of secretions. At that time, I thought it was finished, I was afraid that I couldn’t keep it.

Although it is serious, this time I have been prepared for psychological preparations.

Because it was too late, I could only go to the hospital for the emergency department. I went to the provincial maternal and children the next day. The value of the HCG-β has reached more than 90,000, and the B-ultrasound displayed the buds. 2.2.A breath.

The doctor prescribed a traditional Chinese medicine protection pill, and then called home to observe. Bleeding came at any time.

There was no flow on the third day, so I only ate for two days.For the cause of bleeding, there are many sayings on the Internet. For me, I am more inclined to have menstrual blood in the body before, and now I am pregnant again.

I won’t say it in the middle and late pregnancy. Everything is normal. The only thing is that in the late period of 9 months, the B -ultrasound fetus cord around the neck for a week, because I want to go, so I control the weight, eat normally every morning, eat a boiled corn and eggs at noon,Eat some fruits with low sugar in the afternoon and eat normally at night. After eating, go outside and run away.

Personally, I think that if you want to exercise more, you will go to the outside of 10,000 steps every night from seven months. 10,000 steps are basically one and a half hours.It’s really hard: Joy:.

15,000 is two and a half hours. I did n’t feel my legs after I walked back every day. I started to feel obvious physical strength and waist and leg pain, and it was difficult to get out of bed.

Before that, she was as good as not pregnant. It was better to look at the pain of many pregnant mothers in seven months, so the amount of exercise varies from person to person, after all, she is pregnant.

By 39+3 pm, I saw red, and it was brown discharge. It was a bit like cervical mucus. The amount was very small. I was calm and I went out at night to run away 10,000 steps.

At two o’clock in the morning, that is, 39+4, my stomach hurts for a long time. I found that it was already red mucus in the toilet. It is estimated that the separation is not far away.The law of 511 hurts once every five minutes, but it hurts less than one minute each time, twenty seconds, thirty seconds, and more than fifty seconds.Lack of things.

I think I should be the most calm pregnant woman in the first child: Joy:, I did n’t tell anyone at this time. The whole process was ping the ping -pong at home. My husband slept like a pig in bed. Considering that after giving birth, heI would be tired, so I decided to let him sleep until seven o’clock, and when he woke up, we went to the outpatient clinic of women and children.

And I also continued to record the contractions, still once every five minutes. At 6:30, after I woke up my husband, he was aggressive and felt that I was lied to him. Alas, I was really IQ.Provincial women and children.

When I arrived at the outpatient building, I experienced the first internal examination. The whole body’s muscles were stiff and tightly collapsed. There was no way. I couldn’t stand it. The doctor said several times to make it easy. After the internal examination, I felt that I had a solid way.It hurts too much: joy:.

Later, I did a B -ultrasound. The result may be the reason for controlling weight. The B -ultrasound shows that the actual pregnancy week is only 37+2, which is more than two weeks smaller.

Mao Mao six pounds.

It was ten o’clock in the hospital. At that time, there was no contraction at all. I also told my husband that I really wanted to go to the new world and Qunguang.Don’t let it go out.

At 10 o’clock, there is a folding chair, and there is a ward at 12 o’clock. It also witnessed the hospitalization environment of the provincial women and children: joy: four people, it’s terrible: Joy:, really, if not for them for 24 hoursThe painlessness will not choose this hospital at all.

Then the examination was conducted in the afternoon. The doctor said that the cervical conditions were very mature, and the cervical mouth had begun to soften.In the evening, I took a walk in the corridor repeatedly, and my aunt pain in the faint stomach was painful. Because I didn’t sleep well the night before, I went to bed at 8:30.

I slept very deeply and was too sleepy. As a result, I woke up at two o’clock in the morning, and started the frequency of contractions the night before. In addition to me to give birth, the other three were born. Mao Mao was crying this cry.After the crying, and the pain of contraction, I felt quite irritable.

At seven o’clock in the morning, the frequency of the palace began to become longer and the intensity began to decrease.

After the doctor went to work, I started to make fetal heart monitoring. I did it for an hour. At this time, I ate a bowl of millet porridge like water. Here I told you that there are still pregnant mothers who are energetic.full.

Then all doctors and nurses began to meet with pregnant mothers. In the small room next to the nurse station, one should be the chief physician. After her internal examination, she told me that because the results of fetal heart monitoring were not good, so I had to do it.Perform the water artificially, see if the amniotic fluid is clear. If you are clear, you can follow the trial production, and the turbid will be broken.

At 8 o’clock, the water was broken, and the amniotic fluid was very clear after breaking the water. The doctor said that I was because the contraction was weak, so the contraction was gone in the morning, but the cervical mouth was already soft.

So I went back to the ward and started to wait for the palace.Here I also told you that the pregnant mother should listen to the doctor. I have seen a pregnant mother hurt for two days before. The doctor suggested that she still insists on it. In the end, the amniotic fluid has given birth.,very dangerous.

So I still have to listen to professional opinions.

I have been born quickly after I heard the water break. The fact is confirming this, because even the intensity of contractions is different from the evening. I can tolerate it at night, and I can’t bear it now.

At 10:30, the doctor’s internal examination was not opened. Then I asked me to go to the 7th floor to make a campaign. When I arrived at the oxytice room, I heard the very pleasant voice of the fetal heart monitor after three minutes.After falling, the nurse slowed down the oxyte, but it was still falling, and when I heard that voice, my heart sank.

Later, the two doctors, and then conducted internal examinations, found that a finger had been opened, and her head had fallen, and the doctor had already touched it.

This gives me a little confidence.Then turn me into the production room. At this time, it should be at 11:30.

By the time of the production room, I did n’t know how long I have been with my mobile phone. I only know that from the beginning, I can tolerate it to the point where I ca n’t control it. Lamazawa ’s breathing method has begun to do n’t work.

This method can only be applied to the time when the pain in the early stage is not very strong. When it hurts, it will not think about how to breathe at all. The only thing that supports itself is painless.

A pregnant mother next to delivery did not want to go, but she had a pointer, so the doctor told her that she could have painlessness when she opened two fingers, but now there is no place for painlessness.

I heard this words hanging in my heart.

Later, it became more and more painful, and he couldn’t bear it at all. When it hurts, he rubbed his thighs fiercely with your fingernails and stretched out the point of the nail seal.

I asked the nurse to check me a few fingers. After the nurse was checked, I left directly. I guess at least two or three fingers can be painless at the time. Because there is no place for painless room, I ignore me after the examination.Methods, I can only continue to hurt myself.

Because I did n’t bring my mobile phone, I did n’t know how long I hurt. I knew that I could n’t call it before, but I could n’t help it. Finally, I started the first voice: Joy:, and then I found that it seems that it seems that it has a vent.The nurse yelled so he was bored with his throat um: joy: …

Then a doctor came to the internal examination and had a six -seven finger, saying that it was sent to the delivery room, just when I was waiting to send it to the delivery room.Once again, the contraction has the feeling of stool, and then I start to work hard. It seems that I can fight against this pain, and it feels not so painful, but at this time, it is definitely wrong to start hard, which will cause severe tear.

Although I knew this, I had no sense of reason that I was sober, so I was pushed to the delivery room and kept working hard. The amniotic fluid kept pouring out with my force. The nurse always said that I do n’t want to do it.of.

But only the person who has experienced it knows that the despair at that time, as long as there is one way to be relieved, no matter what the price is.

When the husband came in, the husband also came in. After drinking the bottle of Red Bull, he started endless force. He cut a knife on the side and gave birth to my little prince: Dog:.

As many people said, it feels like pulling out a pile of stools for thousands of years, which is cool: grin:.

After sitting on the bed for two hours, the wound has always been painful, but because there is hairy lying on his own, you feel that everything is worth it, and you can endure everything. For mothers, only children are children.Those who can make themselves regardless of everything.

Attached to a poem from Ji Berren, for each pregnant mother, I hope you will go well and hope your children will grow up healthily.

Your child is actually not your child

They are children born to their own desire

They come to this world through you

But because of you

They do not belong to you by your side

What you can give them is your love

But it’s not your idea

Because they have their own thoughts

What you can protect is their body

It’s not their soul

Because their soul belongs to tomorrow

It belongs to your dream and cannot be achieved tomorrow

You can do your best to become like them

But don’t let them be the same as you

Because life will not retreat nor staying in the past

… …

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