Selina is in a good condition for 8 months, showing the beauty of both inside and outside!

Recently, Selina Ren Jiaxuan, a member of the S.H.E group, posted a photo of her 8 months pregnant on the social platform, making netizens happy for her.Selina was wearing a white dress, with a happy smile on her face, and a label with a "small cashew" on her stomach, which looked very cute.She also wrote with a text: "Little cashews, you are the pride of your mother and the motivation of the mother. You are the little angel of your mother and your mother’s friends. You are the mother’s heart and the mother’s soul. You areMother’s everything is also the future of my mother. I love you, my baby. "

Seeing the happiness and beauty of Selina, she couldn’t help feeling her life experience.Selina encountered an unexpected explosion when filming the TV series "I Have a Date with Spring", causing 54%of the area of the body to burn, and the face was severely damaged.She has experienced countless skin exchange surgery and a long recovery process, and she has suffered huge pain and pressure.She once thought about committing suicide and lost confidence in love and life.After she married her ex -husband Zhang Chengzhong, she suffered a cold violence and derailment, and finally chose to divorce.She also found that she had uterine fibroids and affected her fertility.

However, Selina was not defeated by difficulties, and she faced her destiny with strong and optimism.She accepted her body and appearance that she was no longer perfect, bravely showed her scars, and re -entered work and life.She maintains deep friendship with the sisters of the S.H.E group, support and encourage each other.She also found her own love, fell in love with her 7 -year -old boyfriend, and was blessed by her family and friends.She also conceived her baby at the age of 42 and realized her dream of being a mother.

Selina tells us with his own story that life has no desperation. As long as he has beliefs and courage, he can create miracles.Selina not only shows the beauty of both inside and outside, but also shows a kind of indomitable, positive, grateful life, and cherish happiness.We are proud and relieved for Selina, and also bless and pray for her.It is hoped that she can successfully produce a healthy and cute small cashew fruit, form a happy and happy family with her boyfriend, and continue to cooperate with the sisters to work out wonderful works, and share more happiness and movement with fans.Selina, you are the best!

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