Seven stars who are pregnant well: Lin Yichen was exposed in August in August, and Zhao Liying admitted after marriage

Recently, good news came from Lin Yichen’s agency. Lin Yichen was finally pregnant, and he was 8 months pregnant!

The news of Lin Yichen’s pregnancy was first exposed by the media. The media said that Lin Yichen had quietly become a mother in the near future. His husband Lin Chachao came from other places to accompany Lin Yichen.Lin Yichen’s due date was in October. At present, both of them have entered a stages of tension and are waiting for the baby to be born.

To put it, Lin Yichen’s child is still very difficult.Because Lin Yichen married her husband for 6 years, I tried a lot of methods before she finally became pregnant.Therefore, the family attaches great importance to the child. Although she is pregnant, she does not have to share the good news as soon as possible.It was still exposed by the media, and the agent confirmed that everyone knew it.

When the media confirmed that Lin Yichen was pregnant, Lin Yichen was also pregnant for 8 months, so she had to say that Lin Yichen’s confidentiality work was doing well this time.If it wasn’t for the media exposure, Lin Yichen would wait until the baby was born, and then share this good news with you!

In addition to Lin Yichen, there are actually many stars in the entertainment industry, which have done well for the confidentiality of their pregnancy and child.Some of them were announced until the child was born, and some even waited until the child grew up.In 2021, there are many new children in the entertainment industry.

Zhang Bichen & Hua Chenyu

In early 2021, Hua Chenyu announced a major event with a shareholder style. He said that he and Zhang Bichen did have a child.

Zhang Bichen also followed him and talked about how the child came.It turned out that Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu had indeed been together, but the two finally separated.In 2018, Zhang Bichen found that he was pregnant, but did not tell Hua Chenyu. It was not until he gave birth to the child that he told Hua Chenyu that the child was settled.

Therefore, although Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu had a child, they were not married.The two will just raise their children together to grow up.And Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu did not intend to tell everyone about this, because they wanted their children to grow up calmly, and did not want so much right and wrong to disturb the children.

However, the power of the media is too powerful, and any clues can be excavated. As long as the child is real, it will always be discovered one day.After all, children have to go to school, work, etc.Therefore, before Hua Chenyu Zhang Bichen was exposed, someone was discussing this.

The sound of the discussion became more and more intense, and Hua Chenyu’s sentence "Yes, we have a child."This is a positive sentence, it sounds like someone is asking him if he has a child with Zhang Bichen, and then he answered the question.

After Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen’s children were exposed, everyone went to pick up Zhang Bichen’s timeline.It was discovered that she should be pregnant in May and June in January or February in January or February.During the period of pregnancy, Zhang Bichen’s workload also decreased.

But I have to say that Zhang Bichen’s ability to conceal her pregnancy is still very high. Not only did she not be photographed by the media at that time, but even the fans who had been paying attention to her did not find clues.It seems that Zhang Bichen is still working normally, but only reduces the workload.However, after the child’s exposure, there are more blessings for everyone. The only regret is that Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu do not plan to get married!

Wang Ziwen

On March 13, 2021, Wang Ziwen announced a major event in the variety show "Surprising Heart". She told her blind date Wu Yongen that she did have a child.

After the show was broadcast, Wang Ziwen sent a photo of his own with his child on the social platform, and said, "Bean sprouts, mom loves you".It can be seen in the photo that Wang Ziwen’s child is about 7 or 8 years old, and he is a thin little boy.

However, for Wang Ziwen’s exposure of the child, there is a big melon of Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen. Instead, everyone feels that Wang Ziwen has a child. It is not unusual.Everyone is interested in who is the child’s biological father.

After Wang Ziwen became popular through the corner of "Ode to Joy", she reported to her private life that she was married.But there is no clear message to whom.It wasn’t until Wang Ziwen’s participation in the single girl who participated in the show "Suddenly Again". Everyone knew that she was not married, and the news from the outside world was rumored.

However, Wang Ziwen’s love history is very rich. There are three sections of trace, namely Wang Shuo, Jia Nailiang and Liu Fengyuan.Therefore, everyone has been guessing who Wang Ziwen’s children will be, but guessed, the Wang Zi text person is unwilling to give the answer, but let everyone not guess anymore.

It can be seen that Wang Ziwen’s confidentiality work is also very good.Not only did he conceal his child for so many years, everyone did not know who the child’s father was.But everything is not important now, because Wang Ziwen has been working with Wu Yongen through a blind date show.

Now Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen occasionally expose happiness. Wu Yongen also accepted the fact that Wang Ziwen had a child.The two look very sweet now, and those past pasts are not so important.I wonder if Wang Ziwen would marry Wu Yongen?I hope that Wang Ziwen can always be happy and sweet!

Wu Qian & Zhang Yujian

In those two days, the melon was one after another, and Wang Ziwen’s melon had not finished eating, and Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian also had a child’s melon.The reason is that some media took the picture of Wu Qian and his mother with the child.Then everyone guessed that Wu Qian’s children were her and Zhang Yujian, because before that, Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian did not admit that the two had been together.

After the end of the matter, after everyone said that Wu Qian’s child had no father, Zhang Yujian finally stood up and posted a text about himself and Wu Qian.He said that they were married normally. The child’s affairs were private affairs. They had no obligation to tell everyone, so they kept hiding.I also hope that the media will not expose their private life in the future.

It can be seen from the lines that Zhang Yujian’s attitude is still tough, but Wu Qian did not say anything about the incident.Probably just think about things faster, don’t put your attention on them.As a result, the heat of this incident really passed.

Everyone is surprised that Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian get married and have children.Because Wu Qian had previously collaborated with Zhang Yujian, "I only like you" and "Sheng Tang Fantasy Night", the two were also a public secret because of the drama.So it is not surprising that the two are married.

Instead, there are more topics around Wu Qian.Because Wu Qian gave birth to a child, the state of his face was obviously collapsed, his eye sockets were sunken, and his face was yellow, as if he was ten years old.

Many people noticed that Wu Qian played Zhao Mosheng’s college period in "Why Sheng Xiao Mu".At that time, Wu Qian was only 23 years old, she was pure and pleasant, and her face was full of collagen.This face is not an exaggeration to call the first love face.

But now six years before then, Wu Qian is only 29 years old, and her face is collapsed.Everyone just feels sorry that the impact of pregnant and having children on women is really too great.

Xie Na

It is also Xie Na who has a child this year. Xie Na did not conceal himself and became pregnant.On the first day of the New Year, on January 1st, Xie Na sent a dynamic saying that she had cut her hair short because she was pregnant!

However, before she disclosed her pregnancy, the news of Xie Na’s pregnancy had been speculated by everyone. For example, Xie Na could not stand when recording "Quick Book". Everyone was guessing whether Xie Na had a happy event.But Xie Na’s response was still because she had a waist injury, and she was disclosed until her child was pregnant.

However, it is magical that after Xie Na disclosed that she had no dynamics after she was pregnant.When the days of the calculation of everyone, Xie Na and Zhang Jie did not announce this good news to everyone like a child.At that time, the news of Xie Na’s production of women in Hong Kong had passed on, but the parties did not respond to the matter.

When Xie Na was born, from the birth of the child, to the growing up, Zhang Jie and Xie Na were recording every process.Shortly after the child was born, Zhang Jie also wrote a song for the two baby daughters.After Xie Na recovered after giving birth, when she returned to "Fast", her momentum was very huge, and everyone was waiting for Xie Na to come back.

But this time, after Xie Na gave birth to her daughter, she did not disclose any news to the outside world. Xie Na’s maternity leave was much more than last time.It may be because after giving birth to a child, her body recovered slowly. In short, Xie Na returned to the happy family last month.

After returning, Xie Na finally revealed to you a little about her second child. She said that her second birth was still her daughter, and her sister named her sister "Little Bud".However, many celebrity families are the same as Xie Na. When they are in the first child, they are very low -key when they are in the second child.

Zhao Liying & Feng Shaofeng

Xie Na’s second brother Zhao Liying also concealed very well for her pregnancy, but Zhao Liying was also voiced by netizens.Because the media also exposed Zhao Liying’s pregnancy as soon as she discovered clues.But at that time, Zhao Liying had not married Feng Shaofeng, and naturally couldn’t put a hats from an unmarried first.

So, in order to prove that she was not pregnant, Zhao Liying sent a photo of a split, and indirectly responded to this.After all, pregnant women cannot split.Seeing this, netizens who eat melon are scattered.

However, it didn’t take long for Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng to suddenly announce that they had already received a certificate of marriage. The netizens who ate melon were shocked than one, and a certain blog was paralyzed.

It didn’t take long for the official announcement after getting married. Feng Shaofeng wrote on the social platform: "Do you know if you know if you should be a family of three?"Then in the past two months, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng’s children were born.

At this point, from the official declaration of marriage to having children, they only spent less than five months.It can be seen that Zhao Liying really became pregnant before she got married, and the media said that the news of her pregnancy was not groundless.Therefore, Zhao Liying used a split to prove that she was not pregnant and became a black history of her.

However, for Zhao Liying’s marriage and children, netizens still have more blessings.However, when everyone had to accept this incident, when they accepted Feng Shaofeng, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng announced their divorce, which is also very regrettable.But since they are their choices, they respect them.

Cecilia Cheung

The last one wants to talk about Cecilia Cheung.On December 17, 2018, Cecilia Cheung’s studio suddenly announced a good news saying that Cecilia Cheung had given birth to a third son in November.

Netizens eating melon stare eyes, and their hearts were filled with countless question marks.When did Cecilia Cheung get married?When did you get pregnant?Why did you give birth to the third son without signs?And who is the child’s father?These issues were not only troubled by everyone at the time, but also still bothered everyone.

Cecilia Cheung’s third child really did well in confidentiality. Not only did you know that the process of pregnancy did not know, even who was the child’s father, everyone did not know, only knowing that it was definitely not Nicholas Tse.

Because Cecilia Cheung’s third child came too suddenly, since then, everyone has paid great attention to Cecilia Cheung’s belly.As long as there is a little wind blowing, everyone will say that Cecilia Cheung is pregnant again.The biggest thing to make troubles is also this year. During the period when Cecilia Cheung participated in "The Sister of the Wind and Breaking the Waves", some media filmed Cecilia Cheung’s belly, which was always raised, like pregnancy.

But Cecilia Cheung’s explanation was that when he was fatter, he was wearing a lot of pants, and he wore pants in his pants, so his belly looked bulging.Later, it also proved that Cecilia Cheung did not get pregnant anymore, and everyone was guessing.It can be seen that Cecilia Cheung suddenly announced that the third child had really scared the media, for fear that she would miss her pregnancy again.

However, Cecilia Cheung said that she likes children very much. If conditions permit, she will have a lot of children.Now that Cecilia Cheung has three boys around, I wonder if Cecilia Cheung will want a girl in the future?

Stars in the entertainment industry have children, and some choose to share good news with you, but more will choose to conceal.The original intention was for the good child. After all, no one was willing to be exposed under the public.Parents all want to protect their children wholeheartedly!

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