Seventh week of pregnancy: expectant mothers need to pay attention to these matters to give the baby the best development environment

Dear pregnant mothers, share the knowledge of the seventh week of pregnancy today.

This week is the seventh week of pregnancy. The umbilical cord of the baby has been formed. The umbilical cord can transport the essential nutrients such as folicular, choline and DHA in your body to the baby.Before the umbilical cord was formed, the baby’s baby obtained nutrition by obtaining a yolk sac attaches to the body.The baby is now growing at a speed of one millimeter per day, and blueberries are already small.

Body characteristics such as arms and bones have begun to form, and organs such as lung and kidney continue to develop.The baby began to appear tiny nostrils, and the crystal lens was gradually formed.

Baby’s brain is gradually formed, and these brain areas are mainly responsible for the baby’s future language, exercise, hearing, and thinking.Pregnant mothers can supplement brain nutrients to the baby during pregnancy, which can promote the baby to master these skills.

The level of hormone in the body surges and the breasts will change.They become softer and sensitive.Adjusting lifestyle can help pregnant mothers to relieve discomfort and make it easier to spend pregnancy: for example, providing additional support for the chest, care bra can give additional support to the chest, and sleep brans ensure that pregnant mothers fall asleep more comfortably.Adjust the bathing habit.Wash the breasts with less soap, especially nipples and areola.

Contrary to the vomiting of pregnancy drama, a small number of expectant mothers not only did not feel nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy, but also always felt hungry. The amount of food increased greatly, and the taste and the before pregnancy had undergone tremendous changes before pregnancy.These situations are related to personal hormones.However, if you encounter a lot of people, people are getting thinner and thinner, then you need to see a doctor.

The fetus is now smaller than nails, so he does not need a lot of calories now.Vitamin, cereal foods, vegetable coloring and vegetable soup are all good choices. These foods not only provide sufficient nutrition for fetal baby, but also prevent your overweight gain.However, we also ask pregnant mothers to pay attention that we do not need to treat ourselves too much during pregnancy, pay more attention to our own situation, and adjust it in time according to the situation.

Some dreams of pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy are called fetal dreams.For example, some people say that pregnant women dream of white snakes in their arms, which implies that she wants to have a smart and beautiful daughter.In fact, the baby dream is more time to reflect the child’s expectation of the child in the belly.More studies have shown that this dream is to pass information with her mother.

When pregnant mothers feel irritable or anxious, spend some time to calm themselves consciously, tell yourself, "Don’t worry, don’t be angry, the baby is watching!" Tension will increase the adrenaline secretion in the pregnant woman, which can easily damage the baby’s baby’sImmune system.There are many ways to reduce anxiety, such as a meal, sitting, moderate exercise and sufficient rest.Your positive and peaceful emotions can be passed on to the baby in the belly, which will lay a good foundation for the children’s future life.

Speaking of rest, pregnant mothers in the workplace pay more attention.Because pregnant mothers often feel tired, at noon, you can apply for half an hour to take half an hour. This is the welfare of pregnant mothers.

A good environment, positive mentality, and optimistic emotions are the best prenatal education for pregnant mothers to give her baby.

Pregnant mothers are welcome to continue to pay attention to the content of 40 issues, and we will continue to publish the relevant popular science content in October in October.

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