Several hazards of cervicitis are cautious about what misunderstandings do women’s cervicitis exist?

Most patients suffer from bacterial infections caused by poor sexual behavior, so many patients will prevent sex when treating this disease, but some patients are afraid of their husbands who are unhappy and want to know the illness.Can normal sexual life during this period?

Several hazards of cervicitis should be cautious

First, patients with mild cervicitis will get worse after sex, and even have symptoms of bleeding.Mild cervicitis cannot be in the same room, and the same room may cause infection. Due to inflammation stimulation, it may cause pain and bleeding.Therefore, it is recommended that female patients usually pay more attention to their own health. After suffering from mild cervicitis, they must actively check and treat it to avoid inflammation and the spread of erosion.

2. If women suffer from chronic cervicitis, in the same room, pelvic congestion may cause inflammation, and some women may have pain in sexual life after suffering from chronic cervicitis.At this time, barely sexual intercourse is not only not conducive to the treatment of the disease, but also causes women to fear sex and affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, if chronic cervicitis is severe, it is best to prohibit the same room.Also pay attention to not too intense in sex.

Third, the important manifestations of cervicitis are leucorrhea increases, with viscous mucus or purulent mucus, which can occasionally accompanied by bloodshot or blood wire.Cervical erosion can cause infertility. When cervical erosion, especially moderate, severe cervical erosion, cervical secretions will increase significantly, the texture is thick, and a large amount of white blood cells will beThe uterine cavity affects conception.Experts remind women that once they find cervicitis, they must be treated in a timely manner to prevent the occurrence of harm, especially women infertility.

What are the misunderstandings of female cervicitis?

First, ignore cervicitis: Increased leucorrhea is common, or even the only symptoms. The leucorrhea is purulent or mixed with blood, often accompanied by backache and lower abdomen.Sometimes vulva is stimulated by inflammatory secretions and itching, burning sensation, and urination symptoms such as frequent urination and urgency.A few patients have symptoms of sexual intercourse and high body temperature.

Some people suffer from acute cervicitis and are not obvious, so they are often easily ignored and develop into chronic cervicitis.The main symptoms of chronic cervicitis are the increase in leucorrhea.When inflammation spreads to the pelvic cavity along the palace sacral ligament, there may be pain in the lumbosacral region, and the lower part of the pelvic cavity can be painted.Its clinical manifestations are: cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps, cervical tube cysts, and cervical mucositis.

2. Cervicitis will definitely lead to infertility: Chronic cervicitis is the most common type of gynecological diseases. It is more common in childbirth, miscarriage or surgery to damage the cervix. The pathogen invasion causes infection and transformed from acute cervicitis.Often the treatment of acute cervicitis is incomplete, and the pathogen lives in the cervical mucosa to form chronic inflammation.

Many women’s acute cervicitis symptoms are not obvious, and chronic cervicitis is usually directly ignored and directly occurs.Most patients with excessive vaginal secretions are caused by cervicitis. If leucorrhea is viscous and purulent due to inflammation, it will not help sperm through the cervical canal, which will cause infertility.

Third, the treatment is the same:

Fourth, when it comes to cervicitis, I think of cervical cancer: I think that cervicitis will cause cancer, especially after sexual life, vaginal bleeding or leucorrhea with blood, the patients are very scared.In fact, there is no such necessary. Although there is a certain chance of conversion, as long as the early treatment is carefully treated, cervicitis can still be cured.

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