Shandong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital: These reactions have appeared, if you think of being pregnant

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian Reporter Wang Xiaomeng intern Li Menghan Correspondent Sun Fang Lei Sun Shuo

After some women are pregnant, early pregnancy reactions will be available within 6 weeks from the first day of menstruation.However, because some women’s menstruation is irregular, there is no way to calculate whether it is pregnant based on the last menstrual period.Experts from the Shandong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital reminded that if there are some reactions, loss of appetite, anorexia, mild nausea, vomiting, dizziness, burnout, and even low fever and other early pregnancy reactions, you must think of whether you are pregnant.

1. Aoretseng; many women will have anorexia reactions during early pregnancy, and they lose interest in some foods they usually like.It is generally speculated that this is related to the rapid growth of early pregnancy.

2. Emotional fluctuations are relatively large; this is caused by changes in hormones in the body.It is a normal physiological reaction.Generally, pregnant women will improve after 4-8 weeks, so they must spend this stage with a positive attitude.

3. Bloating; changes in hormone levels caused by pregnancy can cause bloating, which is similar to some women’s abdominal distension before menstruation.Generally due to slow gastrointestinal peristalsis and flatulence.

4. Urine frequency; early pregnancy, changes in hormones will cause a series of chain reactions, and your urinating frequency may increase.This symptom will become more and more obvious as the gestational week.

5. Sathery; although there is no exact reason for clearing, the rapid growth of sex hormones, especially the rapid improvement of progesterone levels may be related to these symptoms.Of course, the symptoms of some early pregnancy reactions and frequent urination can also affect the quality of sleep, leading to the drowsiness during the day.

6. Breast pain; often caused by the elevation of pregnancy -related hormones.This is similar to the swelling of breasts before menstruation and tenderness. These symptoms will be significantly reduced in the middle of pregnancy, because the body has adapted to the change of this hormone.

7, disgusting reaction; the earliest can appear in 2 weeks of pregnancy, of course, most people still appear after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Early pregnancy reactions are not so terrible. Pregnant mothers usually guarantee sufficient sleep, a small amount of meals, and face with a positive attitude. Learn to adjust their emotions, relax emotions, avoid nervousness, and give themselves hope. Generally, they can relieve themselves.

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