Shandong women were infertile and were abused and killed: Destroyed for half a year, and the court’s procedure in the first instance was illegal

Surging news reporter Zhu Xuan Yu Yan

Being "physical and spiritual destruction" such as "beating, freezing, hungry, and confinement" lasts for half a year.Only 22 years old.

On November 17, Fang Mouyang’s cousin Xie Shuri told Peng Mei News that her sister Fang Mou was 1.76 meters tall, and there were more than 160 pounds when they were married."There is no apology until death (the other party)."

Earlier, the Texas Yucheng People’s Court determined that "Fang Mouyang has been suffered by multiple blunt external forces on the basis of malnutrition, resulting in a large and soft tissue of the whole body."Moto (Fang Mouyang’s mother -in -law) was sentenced to two years and two months, and Zhang (Fang Mouyang’s husband) probed.Since then, the second trial of Texas Intermediate People’s Court has been sent back to the Yucheng Court for review.

The surging news noticed that according to the confession of the three defendants, they were dissatisfied because Fang Mouyang could not conceive.The defendant Zhang Moulin beat Fang Mouyang many times in order to vent his indignation, and repeatedly beaten Fang Mouyang three times on the day of the crime after drinking.Hungry, face, beating with wooden sticks, stabbing the victim’s face, neck, etc.

The first instance procedure is illegal

On November 17, Zhang Jinwu, the agent lawyer of Fang Mouyang’s family, told Peng Mei News ( that the case had been sent back to the Yuzhou People’s Court for review and will be held on the 19th of this month.They insisted that the defendant had two charges -intentional injury and abuse.In addition, "the victim’s mother does not have the ability to work, and we ask the defendant to compensate for death and living expenses to the victim’s family members."

On the same day, a staff member of the Texas Intermediate People’s Court told Peng Mei News that the criminal and civil part of the case would be re -judged.

The "Prosecutor’s Prosecution" provided by the lawyer’s "Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate" shows that the case was ended by the investigation of the Yudi City Public Security Bureau of Shandong Province.The Urban Procuratorate was transferred to the review and prosecution.According to the review and verification according to law, due to the contradiction between the victim Fang Mouyang’s body and the conflict with the family of Fang Mouyang, since July 2018, the defendants Zhang Moulin, Liu Mouying, and Zhang have been hungry.2. Use a wooden stick to beat Fang Mouyang’s body. In winter, he was abused outside the house, and Fang Mouyang was beaten many times on January 31, 2019, causing him to die.

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During the trial of the case, there were many problems on the procedure.

The "Criminal Affiliated Civil Ruling of the Texas Intermediate People’s Court of Shandong Province" provided by the lawyer shows that the court believes that the case does not involve national secrets or personal privacy.The trial was opened public, and the legal litigation rights of the appellant Yang did not guarantee the appellant Yang, and violated the lawsuit procedure in violation of the law.According to this, the Texas Central Court has revoked the Criminal Civil Judgment of the Shandong Provincial Yucheng People’s Court (2019) Lu 1482 Criminal Entertainment 165; it was sent back to the Yucheng People’s Court of Shandong Province for re -trial.The date of the losses was April 29, 2020.

The deceased had been beaten, frozen, hungry and closed during his lifetime

Xie Shuri said that Fang Mouyang met with her husband Zhang Mou. The matchmaker met. The two of them married on November 18, 2016. Starting from the fall of 2018, her husband Zhang began to fight Fang Mouyang.

Judgment of the first trial of this case

The first instance judgment provided by lawyer Zhang Jinwu showed that the court found that the defendants Zhang Moulin, Liu Mouying, and Zhang often often used the physical and spiritual methods of the victims who lived together.The destruction was caused by multiple blunt external forces on the basis of malnutrition on the basis of malnutrition, resulting in a large and soft tissue of the whole body.

The verdict showed that Zhang Moulin, Liu Mouying and Zhang Mou had been unable to have dissatisfaction.

According to his father -in -law Zhang Moulin, Zhang Mou and Fang Mouyang married on November 18, 2016, and spent 130,000 yuan for marrying Fang Mouyang.After marriage, it was found that Fang Mouyang was unable to get pregnant, so he had a contradiction with the Fang family.On the day of the incident, her mother -in -law Liu Mouying was rejected by Fang Mouyang’s work, and she beat Fang Mouyang many times.

Fang Mouyang’s mother -in -law Liu Mouying confessed that Fang Mouyang and Zhang found that she had abnormal behavior after she was married. She knew that she had a mental illness and could not have children.In July 2018, Zhang went to visit Fang Mouyang’s father. After that, Liu Moulan began to let Fang Mouyang hungry and beaten.The judgment quoted Liu Mouying’s words: "Especially in recent months, the number of Fang Mouyang has more … Fang Mouyang’s face was black, it was beaten, and his face was scratched.. In winter, the weather has become cold, and it also allows Fang Mouyang to punish the station in the yard. The penalty of three differences, one stop is more than half an hour. "

Liu Mouying said that Zhang Moulin likes to drink. Since the fall of 2018, Zhang Moulin often vent his dissatisfaction after drinking, beat Fang Mouyang, and he is not light every time.On the day of the incident, Zhang Moulin also drank a lot of wine. On the morning and afternoon of the day, Fang Mouyang had been hit, and Fang Mouyang had a lot of hair with scissors.It was also proposed by Zhang Moulin to prevent Fang Mouyang.

Fang Mouyang’s husband, Zhang, confessed that in the winter of 2017, he took Fang Mouyang to the hospital for examination. They learned from the doctor that Fang Mouyang had been pregnant and had a pregnancy.In October 2018, if he did not go out to work, he often hit Fang Mouyang. Sometimes he hit her once a week, sometimes twice."When she started to hit Fang Mouyang, she would resist, and then she often scolded her. She was afraid of us, so she no longer resisted, but just said," Don’t hit me, I’m obedient ‘. "

Family people look forward to fair judgment

The court in the first instance tried to find out that the defendant Zhang Moulin beat Fang Mouyang many times in order to vent his indignation, and he repeatedly was after drinking.On the day of the incident alone, Fang Mouyang had been beaten three times; Liu Moulan beat Fang Mouyang many times, and his beating and abuse was not limited to frozen hunger, beating, and beating with wooden sticks, and the victim’s face, neck, etc.

The judgment of the first instance stated: "Although Fang Mouyang had mental disorders, difficult to conceive, and had certain faults in his family, these could not be the reason for Liu Mouying’s family to beat Fang Mouyang."

Fang Mouyang’s cousin Xie Shuri denied the surging news that his cousin Fang Mouyang had spiritual problems.At the same time, he said, "I hope the court can give us a fair and fair judgment. I always believe that the law is fair and fair."

The judgment of the first instance determined that, after the defendant’s criminal facts can be truthfully confeed after the defendant’s case, it constitutes frankly and has repentance, and decided to punish it lightly; the relatives of each defendant voluntarily paid the compensation RMB 50,000 and decided to punish it from the light.After investigation, the defendant Zhang Mou had a mild crime, had regrets, and no longer dangerous. It was announced that the probation had no major adverse effects on the communities in the living, and decided to apply the probation.

The Yucheng People’s Court ruled that the defendant Zhang Moulin was convicted of abuse and sentenced to three years in prison; the defendant Liu Mouying was guilty of abuse and sentenced to two years in prison for two years.In the year, the probation was three years; the defendant compensated the plaintiff’s funeral fee of 37,562 yuan, the misunderstanding fee of 3,000 yuan, and the transportation fee of 2,000 yuan, a total of 42,562 yuan.The decision was settled on January 22, 2020.

After the incident was returned to the crime, on November 17, a staff member of the Political Department of the Yucheng People’s Court told Peng Mei News that during the trial, "the court and judge would have a fair judgment."

Editor in charge: Tang Yubing

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