She cried and said, I seem to be pregnant, but I am not sure who the child’s father is

——I seems to be pregnant.

She said worried on the phone

-What is … it seems?

——This "That" this month didn’t come.

—— Then have you checked?

-We, I’m a little scared.

-What are you afraid of?

She didn’t continue to say, but I instantly understood what she was afraid of.

There is a pair of round eyes on the fleshy face, habitual beeping mouths, and habitual hand dancing. She always has a dull and cute, so that her boyfriend is always not assured of her, saying that she is too simple and easyDeat.The man is ten years older than her, divorced, and rich, and the two have been together for several years.The man proposed to her several times, but she did not agree -she did not agree or refused, but just said that she was still young and wanted to accompany her parents for a few years.The man did not urge her, giving her enough freedom, and money.

But the real reason she didn’t want to get married was that although she felt that men were rich, they were boring. There was always nothing to say when they were together.Men’s minds are in business, and she can’t give her any money except for her money. She can’t accompany her to play. She can’t care about her in time.Of course, some of her requirements soon met her.

During an outdoor event, she met a boy who graduated from college five years younger than her. The two were surprised to find that their interests were surprisingly consistent.I also like climbing, I also like online games, and I also like to sit on the road to drink coffee.So they added WeChat, opened their eyes every day, chatted before going to bed, and I couldn’t wait for 24 hours to stop.Finally talked about the spark and broke the last line of defense.

She thought she met true love, and felt that this was the love she wanted, and she had a long -lost heartbeat.So she broke up with the big man, but the big man felt that she was just playing with a child’s temper and did not take it seriously.And she was reluctant to break up with the little boy, so she hesitated to walk between the two men.Finally, one day she discovered that her "that" did not come this month. She panicked, but did not dare to check, because once she was found out, she was not sure who was.

But it later proved that her worry was superfluous, because she was only due to the disorders of the schedule.But this incident helped her make the final determination, and she finally chose one between the two men.

She said that after she was not pregnant, she deliberately mentioned the incident with the two, but just said that she did not come to "that" this month, a little worried.The response of two people is completely different.

The big man said happily after hearing this, is that pregnancy?Then you can’t be tired, you have to eat on time, you can’t lose weight anymore, find time to set the wedding day.She said that seeing the big man’s appearance, she suddenly had a feeling of happiness. It was very practical and warm. It seemed that no matter what happened, this man would give you a bottom. His future has you.

The little boy laughed when he heard her finish saying, and said heartlessly, wouldn’t you be menopausal?She is five years older than him, but she is not old to be menopausal.She was very disappointed, and suddenly remembered that after the two were together, they played all kinds of play every day, like two children, never discussed realistic issues, nor did they imagine the future.The little boy said that he had no money when he just graduated, which means that he couldn’t give her any material guarantee. At that time, she felt that she wanted love, and she didn’t need to give her any material guarantee.Since then, the little boy has not spent any money for her.And all her costumes are provided by big men.

After this incident, she suddenly realized that although the big man was boring, he had a responsibility, responsibility, and mind. Such a mature man was suitable for her.So she decisively broke up with the little boy.She said that when she proposed to break up, the little boy cried and said he didn’t want to break up.She asked him, do he have any plans without breaking up?He couldn’t say anything, but he kept emphasizing that he loved her, but it sounded very empty. The love that did not fall into the chai oil salt was not true love.At that moment, she let go of her heart completely, and she knew that she no longer loved him, or never really loved it.

A few days ago, she said that the big man proposed to her, and she agreed.I asked her, how did you make a determination to get married this time?She said that I don’t want others to grab such a good man.After a while, I said that I would live with him in the future. After all, I don’t want to have a child in the future, but I don’t know who the child’s father is.

Her round eyes brightened on her fleshy face, and suddenly found that she was no longer cute, and her quiet face made her look a lot older.


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