She lived to 82 years old, had no love, no marriage, no fertility, but her name had her name on the birth certificate of 50,000 people


In 1934, in the defense of a doctoral degree care discipline, an old professor was particularly interesting.

This question is:

Just 10 minutes ago, when you walked into the school door, there was a oak tree in front of you, and there must be a person standing under the oak tree.

She is the cleaner of our school, and she stands there every morning.

You have stayed in this school for a year and a half, and you will pass by her every morning in a year and a half.

I want you to write any information about the cleaner’s aunt on the last question of the paper.

In addition to gender, how old she is, where she lives, has a few children, and what color tops are wearing today.As long as you answer one, this question is full.

What’s more interesting is that there are 5 questions on the entire test papers. The first 4 questions account for 50 points, and the last question accounts for 50 points alone.

According to the truth, the test questions for doctoral graduation should be difficult.

But the old professor’s question was beyond the expectations of all students, and no classmate in the entire examination room could write the answer.

Is this deliberately making everyone?

In fact, it is not. Before the exam, the old professor greeted the school. The first 4 questions of all students’ test papers were calculated with a full score of 50 points, which means that everyone can graduate, but this score will follow everyone for a lifetime.

In the end, the old professor said to the classmates:

"A doctor, if you are not grateful to someone who is gratitude, how can you be grateful to someone who wants you?"

At that time, a female student named Lin Qiaoyi was sitting in the examination room.

Perhaps few people have heard the name Lin Qiaozi. She later became a chief doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. She had taken birth of Yuan Longping more than 50,000 children. Even Academician Zhong Nanshan also called her "aunt".

She also has a very special title called "Mother of Wan Ying."

However, it is such a great woman who has no children in her life.

What is going on?


In 1901, Lin Qiaozi was born in a Christian family in Gulangyu, Xiamen. She was thrown aside by her mother as soon as she was born, because she did not satisfy her mother’s desire to have a son.

Fortunately, her father came back in time and found Lin Qiaoyi, who was full of cold, and she survived in difficulties.

When Lin Qiaozi was less than 5 years old, her mother died of uterine cancer, and her mother’s painful appearance made her feel distressed.

Perhaps from then on, she has been determined to reduce pain to more people and strive to cope with these women’s illness.

Lin Qiaoyi’s father, Lin Liangying, was a cultural person. He had left school in Singapore. Lin Qiaoyi studied fluent English with his father since he was a child.

In 1919, 18 -year -old Lin Qiaoyi graduated from Xiamen Women’s Teachers School. After that, she chose to teach in school.

However, Lin Qiaoyi’s wish was to continue studying and became a doctor as soon as possible.

Under an accidental opportunity, she learned that Xiehe Hospital was recruiting students. As long as she got a diploma in this school, she was qualified to do medical medicine in the world.

So in 1921, Lin Qiaozi came to Shanghai to take the examination of the Xiehe Hospital confidently. She had always had an accident in the examination room …


The last one was an English test. This was Lin Qiaozi’s strength. When she answered against the time, she suddenly made a noise on the test room.

Lin Qiaozi was not affected by any influence, and she left the last English composition. This question accounted for a lot, and she needed to go all out.

At this time, she suddenly heard someone anxiously shouting: "Lin Qiaori, please come out!"

She had to put down the pen in her hand and followed the teacher out of the classroom with doubt.It turned out that her friend Yu Qiongying fainted on the examination room due to heat stroke.

Lin Qiao was unable to take care of the question that had not been answered, so he carried Yu Qiongying with another girl to the cool place.

A series of rescue movements, she took only more than 10 minutes.However, after Yu Qiongying woke up, Lin Qiaozi returned to the examination room, but missed the test time and could not continue to answer the question.

The exams at the Xiehe Hospital were very strict. Only 25 of the 150 candidates were admitted. Lin Qiaoyi knew that there was no hope for this test.

Just when she thought she was famous for Sun Shan and was about to go all out next time, she accidentally received an admission notice from Xiehe Medical College.What is going on?

It turned out that Xiehe Hospital received a report about her, so she accepted her.

The report was written by the proctor teacher specifically for her. When Lin Qiaozi was willing to help others, the examiner noticed her name.

Few people can give up their own interests to help others, and this is also the most precious trip to a doctor.

Coupled with Lin Qiaoyi’s grades in other subjects, Xiehe Hospital accepted the request in the report.

Although Lin Qiaozi was accepted, she also faced the investigation of the medical school: a main subject was not as good as the level, and the two failed to retire.

Under the pressure of heavily, in order to stay at the medical school, Lin Qiaoyi chose "drilling empty".

She found that although the school stipulated at 10 o’clock to turn off the lights, she would power after 12 o’clock. Therefore, she went to bed at the night of turning off the lights and got up after powering.This empty drill is 8 years.

As she said "there is no difficulty in the world", Lin Qiaoyi’s efforts have also ushered in a return.

On the eve of graduation, she not only won the graduation certificate, but also won the highest honor award of the Confucian Medical College-Wenhai Scholarship. She was the first girl to receive this award.

Everyone thinks that Lin Qiaoyi will go to a more promising internal medicine or surgery in the future, but she said a word: "I want to go to gynecology."

Lin Qiaoyi’s choice surprised many people, because at the time of the gynecology of Xiehe Hospital, there was a seemingly unreasonable requirement:

"During the appointment, those who are married, pregnancy, and fertility will be automatically terminated."

According to Xiehe Hospital, it is difficult for women to weigh a variety of role identities at the same time. When a good mother and good wife may not have so much time and energy to be a good doctor, this rule is a bit difficult to accept for women.

But Lin Qiaoyi rarely hesitated to receive the book. In this way, she became a "gynecological hospital assistant doctor".

Of course, this identity can only be used as an assistant. To become a real doctor, he still needs to accumulate for many years of learning and experience.

Lin Qiaozi said, "I can not marry for a doctor for a long time." Even when this clause was abolished later, she still insisted on her promise and never married for life.

In Lin Qiaoyi’s heart, she was a gynecologist. She just wanted to dedicate her life to medical care.

She did do it, and with an unexpected appearance, she won the opportunity for her medical care.


On Christmas Eve in 1929, a Chinese woman suddenly bleed was taken to the hospital, and the doctors were on vacation.

Inpatient assistant, Lin Qiaori, who did not have the right to do surgery, was in danger when seeing the patient’s life, and she was completely disregarding the hospital’s regulations and made a bold decision:

She decided to perform surgery himself. What she thought of was the patient’s life, but did not consider her own future.

A little carelessly, it means that she can no longer do a doctor.

But the opportunity is always left to those who are prepared. During the operation, Lin Qiaozi and calmly transformed the knowledge accumulated into practice into practice, so her first operation ended with success.

Lin Qiaozi saved the life of the woman and made more people see her excellent medical skills.She was hired in advance and became the first Chinese inpatient at Xiehe Hospital.

A doctor should take 5 years to rise to the position of the general inpatient doctor, but Lin Qiaoyi has embarked on the way to others in just half a year.

Of course, Lin Qiaozi also knew that this road was a lack of roses and thorns, but for her, no matter how hard this road is, a baby’s cry can always bring her warmth.

Therefore, even on her birthday, she insisted on waiting in the front line of the delivery room. She said that it was the best gift from heaven.

Any child who has been born by herself will have her English signature on the birth certificate: Lin Qiaozhi ‘s baby.

Lin Qiaori’s life has been born with more than 50,000 newborns, including the children of Bingxin and the children of Lin Huiyin, all of which were born.

In the era when the medical skills were difficult to obtain the trust of others, she brought the small lives and smoothly to the world in this way, and the people who were looking for Lin Qiaoyi to see a doctor and the birth have long lined up.

Lin Qiaoshi thought that as long as he had a good medical skills, he could become a good doctor, but she had another view in the defense of a doctorate degree.

That is what we said at the beginning, this question actually influenced her life subtly …


In 1941, due to the outbreak of the war, the Japanese occupied the Beijing Union Hospital and drove all the doctors.

Many doctors were forced to leave the hospital and started to make livelihoods. However, Lin Qiaoyi insisted on practicing medicine and opened a small clinic in Dongtangzi Hutong, Peiping, specifically seeing the sick women.

As soon as she was colleagues to the patient, she had no money to pay for medical expenses from her pocket. If she was inconvenient, she rode a donkey to go to the clinic.

Until 1948 Xiehe Hospital resumed work, for 6 years, Lin Qiaoyi wrote 8887 medical records in that small clinic.

And these medical records are very characteristic of "Lin’s". Why do you say that?

Because the handwriting medical records we usually see are in the form of "Dragon Flying and Phoenix Dance", it is not difficult for professionals to understand.

General medical record

Lin Qiaozi’s handwriting medical records were written one by one. They never perfunctory, and it was a China -British control, allowing patients to understand their condition more clearly.

Lin Qiaori’s handwriting medical record

Later, Lin Qiaoyi, who returned to the hospital to serve as a serious and responsible heart. In order to allow the patient to spend less money, she told everyone that she only hung her ordinary number, without having to hang the expert number.

And anyone who needs help, she will pay for medical expenses for her, even though those "will be changed in the future" will become "no future".

Huang Renjian, the dean of Xiehe Hospital, said: "Lin Qiaori’s salary is only 200 yuan, but she has taken out more than half of the money to fund patients."


In 1949, the war finally won. In the days of celebration of the country, Lin Qiaozi received an invitation letter from the National Ceremony.This was the supreme glory at the time, but Lin Qiaoyi chose to stay in the hospital.

In her heart, the patient is always the first, she just wants to keep the patient and complete her mission.

In 1962, a baby’s mother Jiao Haitang wrote a letter of help for Lin Qiaozi.

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