She was awakened by gastric acid when she was pregnant and drinking milk. You have experienced this discomfort!

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Abstract: There is only one magic thing that can defeat all pregnancy discomforts -childbirth!

It is really appropriate to use "Pain and Happiness" to describe the whole pregnancy!

Nausea, pregnancy, frequent urination, constipation, burning heart … There is also a little guy in the belly jumping up and down, playing every day.

I ca n’t eat well in the first trimester, the leg cramps in the second trimester, and I ca n’t sleep well in the third trimester … All kinds of discomfort staged throughout the pregnancy.

But while being tortured by various discomforts, as long as you feel the movement of the little guy, it is worth it!

A few days ago, Liu Shishi Wu Qilong officially announced the good news of having children. Wu Qilong wrote a report: "Children come to report [Heart], mother and child are safe, thank you for your concern! Dear Mommy worked hard, thank you!"

Liu Shishi, who became a mother, only responded to seven words briefly: "Children are super cute"!

As if discomfort during pregnancy, the pain of childbirth, as the baby comes, has dissipated.

But the mothers who have experienced it know that the discomfort they experienced in pregnancy can not be explained in a few words, and no one can feel the same.

A mother shared the bit of her pregnancy on the social platform. She could feel how hard it was in the words. She was Zhou Cai’s poems that played the lawyer’s wife in "The distance between us and evil".

Zhou Caishi was pregnant half a year after filming "Evil". Coincidentally, in the play, she experienced the feeling of a pregnant woman. Zhou Caishi played a pregnant woman in the play.

For the sake of the plot, Zhou Caishi’s fake belly was very bulky. It was as easy to move as pregnant as pregnant women. After filming, she would have back pain after a whole day.

But after truly pregnancy, Zhou Caishi felt that the pain of wearing a fake stomach was not as good as the real pregnancy.

Zhou Caishi said that one time he just drank a small cup of milk before going to bed, but was awakened by stomach acid.

It was even more painful when I was sleeping. I couldn’t sleep over and over. I could n’t find a comfortable position. I did n’t breathe smoothly in less than 20 seconds in less than 20 seconds. I felt urinating when I got on my hands.

In addition to the pain that the body is to bear, it is often inexplicable in my heart. Although my mood during pregnancy is still stable, my husband is also gentle and considerate, sometimes the mood is still very sensitive. I often cry because of some inexplicable things.I couldn’t stop crying on the roadside.

Zhou Caishi said that it is not to complain about these, but to tell you friends that you must cherish your cute pregnant woman.Everyone has different constitution, and the problems occur during pregnancy are also different, but the only thing that can be determined is that every expectant mother is very hard.

Speaking of stomach burning, Zhu Dan also experienced it when he was pregnant.

Zhu Dan experienced very severe pregnancy during pregnancy. What he ate to vomit, he could only lie down and couldn’t stand, and he turned over the sea without paying attention.

The stomach acid burns the esophagus, and the pain can only seize the mother’s hand to ask what to do, every moment I feel that I can’t keep it …

When you enter the hospital, hang nutrition injections, and still have no improvement. The doctor said that the bigger the baby, the healthier, the healthier, and the heart suddenly fixed …

I didn’t vomit much one day. I cried and asked my mother, wouldn’t the baby have a situation?

I was familiar with the river and the sea again, and the tossing I was crying, but I happily said to my mother: The baby is okay, the baby is okay … I vomit … I know, there is no way to go, I can only go forward …

It’s not easy to become a mother.

Both Zhou Caishi and Zhu Dan are very desperate. Many mothers have encountered it. The stomach burning is the chest burning sensation caused by gastric acid pouring into the esophagus.Burning is usually located in the center of the chest, behind the sternum.Pregnancy often aggravates the occurrence of stomach burning.

Many women have experienced stomach burning for the first time during pregnancy, but the stomach burning is generally not very harmful. Its biggest harm is that it will make people uncomfortable.Stomach burning usually appears in the early and third trimester. In general, the stomach burning may continue until the baby is born, and automatically disappears after delivery.

Stomach burning is the most common after meals, but it will also appear when sleeping.

After eating certain foods or drinking some drinks, it can also cause stomach burning.

Under normal circumstances, the degree of frequent symptoms of stomach burning (several times a week) or the degree of stomach burning is serious, and you don’t need to see a doctor specifically.

If the stomach is severe, it is not only painful, but also accompanied by other symptoms, such as shortness of breath, and spread to the arm or even the neck, you need to see the doctor immediately.

The gastroesophageal reflux disease is considered a chronic and more severe reflux form, and its main symptoms are stomach burning.

If the symptoms of stomach burning occur more than twice a week, you need to go to the hospital for treatment to check whether there are other physical problems.

Why does the stomach burning during pregnancy?

As the saying goes, "pregnant women return flow, ten or six".Some hormones in the body and changes in the body during pregnancy can cause stomach burning.For example, the placenta produces progesterone, which can not only relax the smooth muscle of the uterus, but also relax the valve from the esophagus from the stomach, thereby exuding gastric acid and causing burning sensation in the throat.

The progesterone secreted during pregnancy slows down the shrinkage of the esophagus and intestines, which makes digestion slow.In the late pregnancy, the growth of your baby will also gather in your abdominal cavity, causing gastric acid to enter the esophagus.

So when we have a hot stomach, what are the symptoms?

Common symptoms of stomach burning are the burning sensation of the chest.It may be accompanied by:

The back of the throat has a sour taste, the food returns, and the feeling of being stuck in the throat.

If a person has symptoms of stomach burning and accompanied by the following symptoms, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to check if there is a heart attack.

Speak breathing, spread to the arm or neck, and dizziness or cold sweat.

There are some ways to prevent and reduce the discomfort caused by stomach burning during pregnancy:

Avoid foods and drinks that make stomach uncomfortable.Including carbonated beverages, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, citrus fruits and fruit juice, tomato, mustard, vinegar, mint products, processed meat, as well as fat, spicy, fried foods.

Eat less meals.You can’t eat and drink three times a day. You can eat a few more times, a little less each time.Spend more time on chewing and swallowing.

Drink water between two meals.It is important to drink a lot of water every day during pregnancy, but drinking too much water will swell the stomach.So we can drink plenty of water between two meals and keep water.

After eating, chew gum.Chewing gum can stimulate salivary glands, saliva can help neutralize acid.

Eat two or three hours before going to bed.Before going to bed, give your body enough time to digest food.

Sleep with the right way.When sleeping, use a few pillows or other things to raise the upper body about 6 inches.This helps help reduce gastric acid in the esophagus and help digestion.

Wear comfortable clothes.Wear loose and comfortable casual clothes to avoid wearing tight clothes.

Quit smoking.In addition to serious health problems, smoking also increases the acidity of the stomach.

Ask a doctor to help if necessary.Anticurning agent containing magnesium or calcium can relieve the discomfort caused by stomach burning.Before taking, you must discuss with doctors because some brands have high sodium content, or it contains aluminum or aspirin.

How to treat it when we have hot stomach burning?

There are many non -prescription and prescription medicines that can be used to treat stomach burning.These are divided into three categories:

Medicine (anti -acid agent): Mylanta, Maalox, ROLAIDS, TUMS) can quickly relieve acid poisoning.However, these drugs cannot cure the damage of esophageal and prevent stomach burning.

Drugs that reduce acids: These drugs are named after receptor block (H-2 receptor blocker) and can be used as over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs.Their effects are longer than anti -acid agents, but they have started to work longer.They have several brands and formulas (Renisdine [ZANTAC], Nazetine [Axid], Simiidine [Tagamet], Famodine [PEPCID]).

Drugs that block acid production: proton pump inhibitors (for example, omeprazole [Prilosec], Lanzozole [Prevacid]) to prevent acid production.These drugs can cure damaged esophagus.

It is reminded that pregnant mothers must consult a doctor when using drug treatment.

It is hoped that the little pregnant women can eat healthy diet during pregnancy, maintain the correct sleeping posture, and stay away from the hot torture of the stomach.Survive the pregnancy smoothly ~

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