She was pregnant for a month. Where did my ring go?

Xiao Lan finally recovered and was discharged from the hospital, and her bright smile returned to her face again.Recalling her more than a year of experience made her feel unfortunate and fortunate.Things start from March last year.

Xiao Lan, 26, has 1 son and 1 daughter. In order to avoid accidental pregnancy, Xiao Lan placed an in -palace in the local hospital in March 2019. The accident was that Xiao Lan was pregnant again after 1 month of the loop.Early pregnancy in the palace, but did not see the trace of the ring.The inner ring in the palace is not in the uterus. Where is it?Xiao Lan thought that the ring might fall off, so she didn’t care.

After a lapse of one year, Xiao Lan came to the gynecological clinic of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Shunyi District of Beijing because of abdominal pain. Dr. Tang Chunyan asked the medical history in detail after receiving the consultation, and did a gynecological examination for Xiao Lan.She thought of another possibility of the disappearance of the ring. In order to find evidence, she arranged Xiao Lan for a CT examination.Sure enough, the CT showed an abnormal density in front of the rectum. Considering the possibility of the birthplace, the original ring may penetrate the uterus and run into Xiaolan’s belly. This is the cause of Xiaolan abdominal pain.

Xiao Lan, who was embarrassed into the second gynecological ward, learned in detail the situation of Xiao Lan, carefully read the CT film, and formulated the surgical solution of the abdominal laparoscopy to detect the ingredients, the advantages of minimally invasive surgery andDirector Liu’s professionalism dispelled Xiao Lan’s concerns.The surgery was smooth and successfully removed the metal ring with the rectum.Due to the small trauma and the recovery after surgery, Xiao Lan was discharged from the hospital and returned home on the fourth day.

Placing the in -palace is an economical, long -term and reversible contraceptive method.Most of the applications in my country are copper-containing health. It does not inhibit ovulation and does not affect female endocrine systems. Placement at one time can be effective for 5-10 years.If you plan to get pregnant, take out the ring.The American Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology also clearly states that the in -palace can provide safe, effective, reversible, and long -term contraceptive effects.

However, there are still certain risks and complications in the placement of the in -palace, such as the heterogeneity of the birthplace, the incarceration or the break, the downward or falling off, and the pregnancy.Therefore, it is reminded that female friends are not forever and for all after placing the in -palace. They must be reviewed regularly. If there are problems, they can be discovered in time, solve it in time, and avoid more serious consequences.

Women’s love can start with contraception. After all, artificial abortion hurts her body and is sad.

For modern women, there are many ways to choose contraceptives. In addition to the in -palaces, there are also condoms, short -acting oral contraceptives, internal fertilizers, ligation surgery, and so on.100 % reliable and without side effects.So how can we find a contraceptive method that suits you?

First of all, a comprehensive evaluation of a professional doctor is required, such as women with uterine deformities or women with inflammation of reproductive tract or women who are allergic to copper.Metabolic diseases such as diabetes women or women over 40 years of age are not suitable for choosing short -acting oral contraceptives.Then, just try it, it may take some time to adapt, and finally find a contraceptive method that suits you.

Finally, we must also emphasize that on the road of contraception, it should not be the only woman!Men should think about how to protect women and respect women.

Text | Maternal Second Martial Arts


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