Shock!Are these 3 super benefits?

Some people love to eat spicy and can not be separated, and some people can’t eat it at all. They even think that eating chili can stimulate the stomach and stomach, which is not good for the stomach.In fact, more and more studies have found that people who do not eat spicy food are really big!

01 People who love spicy food

Gastrointestinal cancer risk is low

Studies will divide the participants’ spicy food intake, and divide the frequency as follows:

Never eat spicy, occasionally (once a month), 1 to 2 days a week, 3 ~ 5 days a week, eat spicy every day

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In addition, studies have shown that in people who do not drink and smoke, eating chili can bring greater benefits.

02 People who love spicy food

May live longer

And compared with people who do not eat spicy food often, people who often eat spicy foods are low in the risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

03 People who love spicy food

High blood pressure risk is lower

Among people who do not drink, the high blood pressure risk of spicy people is reduced by 28%.Researchers pointed out that the specific mechanism of eating spicy foods to reduce high blood pressure is still unclear, and the reason may be related to the capsules contained in red pepper.

04 Although spicy food is good

Try to eat as little as possible in these types of people

Although spicy food is good, it is not suitable for everyone. There are so many benefits of pepper, but they are targeted at healthy people.Especially these categories:

1. People with cholecystitis and pancreatitis

Too spicy stimulation can stimulate gallbladder, especially those with chronic cholecystitis and gallstone.For patients with chronic pancreatitis, greedy can easily cause the disease.

2. People with severe cold or cough symptoms

Pepper stimulates the respiratory tract and throat, leading to worsening cough and cold symptoms.

3. People with pharyngitis and bronchitis

Especially pharyngitis, chronic bronchitis, oral problems, etc., due to the stimulation of capsaicin, the disease is delayed.

4. Patients with hypertension and heart disease

Pepper can enhance microcirculation, speed up heartbeat, and tachycardia, leading to expansion of blood vessels throughout the body, thereby increasing blood pressure.For people who already have chronic diseases such as hypertension or heart disease, too much edible pepper may cause the disease to be more serious.

5. Patients with hemorrhoids

Patients with hemorrhoids may also cause hemorrhoidal congestion and edema after eating, leading to worsening of the disease and inducing anal abscess.

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05 3 major precautions for spicy food should be known

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