Shortly after my father died, my mother looked for Xinhuan and lived in my newly renovated house. I’m very angry

“”(Pseudonym) has experienced the sadness and joy of life in the past year.Wang Mei and her husband have been married for five years and have no children. Last year, they had to conceive their children. The whole family was very happy.However, when there was an unexpected situation, Wang Mei’s father once went out to buy vegetables. He encountered a car accident and failed to rescue him. He died unfortunately.

After the death of Wang Mei’s father, Wang Mei’s mother moved over and lived with Wang Mei for a while. On the one hand, he could take care of Wang Mei, who was pregnant. On the other hand, Wang Mei and his mother could comfort each other.Later, Wang Mei’s child was born, and Wang Mei’s mother took care of Wang Mei to take maternity leave and went home. The mother -in -law came to help take the child.

Last weekend, Wang Mei went home to see his mother, and suddenly found a strange middle -aged man in the house.After being introduced by his mother, Wang Mei knew that this man was a newly known boyfriend Zhang Shu.Uncle Zhang was 50 years old. After his wife died of illness ten years ago, Uncle Zhang did not remarry or has no children.In order to see a doctor for his wife, Uncle Zhang not only sold the house, but also owed a debt. He only paid off his debt in the past two years.

Wang Mei was shocked and could not be added. For only half a year of his father’s death, his mother knew her new boyfriend. This speed was too fast.Moreover, when my father was alive, the parents’ feelings have always been very good. Before the father died, the mother started her new life, which made many relatives and friends pointed at the mother behind her.

What made Wang Mei even more unexpected was that her mother actually took Uncle Zhang into the newly renovated house at home.Wang Mei was unwilling, because this house was bought with a compensation for compensation for Dad’s car accident.Therefore, Wang Mei said to his mother coldly, "You can live, but Uncle Zhang can’t do it, because this house is exchanged for my dad. You are not married, why do he live in this house?"A big quarrel, no one cares about anyone now.Wang Mei couldn’t think of her mother, how could she be fascinated by this uncle Zhang, she didn’t know what to do now?

In fact, Wang Mei might as well think about it in other places. Think about what the mother needs after his father’s death?Of course, the family and daughter family relationship is very important, but Wang Mei has her own family, her husband and children need to take care of, and it is impossible to respond to the emotional needs of the mother at any time.Mother needs a companion, and a person who can know cold and heat when he has a headache.

Therefore, Wang Mei should communicate with his mother well and spend more time with his mother.Objectively speaking, the new feelings of Wang Mei’s mother did be a bit too fast. Wang Mei could communicate with his heart and communicate with his heart.After all, emotional things are not fast.

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