Should I be born during my postgraduate?

"Pregnancy" is a very sensitive vocabulary. From the past college, she was expelled from school. Now it is allowed to get married during college, and pregnancy has become a matter of love.Naturally, getting married and having children during the graduate student is also a common sense. Should she be born when I am pregnant during my postgraduate study?

Many people think that it should be born. Once pregnant, it means that they have a new life. No matter whether this new life comes from an accident, it is part of their bodies.Moreover, for girls, the flow of people is a particularly harmful thing. If the body is well maintained, the body can recover well. If it is not recovered, it may cause habitual abortion and affect your body.In addition, the girls who are studying are generally around 24 years old. They say that they are too small and they are also about marriage and marriage. At this time, pregnancy is also reasonable.When looking for a job, the work unit will not reject you because of "getting married and having children".

In addition, some people believe that there is no salary income during the postgraduate period, there is no ability to get married and have children, and it is not capable of satisfying everything that children want. There is no way to give the best children. Even many parents thinkChildren have a long love and delay in school.From the perspective of the mentor, he does not want his students to be pregnant during the study, and hopes that their students can devote themselves to study and do the right thing at the right time.

Fish boy shoes have been studied for two years, and many graduate friends around them have been married and pregnant.For girls, "pregnancy" needs to face whether it is necessary to take a break for one year, and this year can only be raised at home. There is no source of economic income at academic suspension.In terms of girls, boys do not have such a great mental pressure, but for graduate students without economic income, it is quite difficult to support the family’s expenditure by relying on a meager "scholarship".Both men and women must face the pressure of parents and economy, especially responsibilities.

Giveting a child is a decision that requires great courage, and it must also bear considerable responsibilities, whether boys and girls are responsible for this child.The instructor of Fish Children’s shoes once said, "It is very hard to study, and you need to bear a lot and face a lot. To do the right thing at the right time; you must also fall in love if you study well.Academic and career.

You should have children during the study period, everyone’s thoughts are different, but no matter what they do, as long as they are worthy of themselves, worthy of their loved ones, and the child, this is a right decision!

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