Should I cut my hair after pregnancy?Many pregnant mothers are struggling, the answer is actually simple

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When I went to find my girlfriend on the weekend, I saw that this guy didn’t know when he secretly cut his hair.She joked her and said, "When I was in one child, I didn’t see you cut my hair. Now it’s the second child, but I cut my hair?" The girlfriend said with a smile, "It’s not because I know it is inconvenient to have long hair.Save the worry directly, the hair is not long. "

When you are pregnant, the group of people who choose to "break the hair" are held with the same thoughts: worry -free.Some people say that pregnant mothers are too long, which will affect the growth and development of the baby. There is no theoretical basis in this way.The advantage of cutting hair is mainly in the following four aspects

Convenient to take care of pregnancy

In the middle and late pregnancy, as the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, it may be difficult to bend over for many pregnant mothers, let alone wash your hair.At this time, there is still a long hair, which is bound to increase the time of washing hair, so the time to bend over with a big belly will be extended, which may increase physical discomfort.

Therefore, many sisters take the initiative to go to the barber shop to cut long hair a little when they are pregnant, just to take care of it.

Speaking of cutting hair during pregnancy, my colleagues have something to say: I was tired when I was pregnant, and I had no strength to do anything. When I had hair before, it took half an hour to blow dry.Later, it was dried in five minutes after the short cut, and the whole person felt a lot refreshing.

It is more convenient to confine in summer

When confinement is scientifically, it can be washed hair during confinement, as long as the hair is blowing dry.However, if the amount of hair is too much and too long, it may take a long time to blow dry hair, which is really troublesome.

I myself because I had too much hair, I did n’t blow dry when I was washed in confinement. After waking up, I felt a little uncomfortable. I still murmured in my heart.Therefore, if the hair was cut short at that time, it would be a lot more worry -free when it was cut in confinement.The time for saving, it is also good to rest during confinement.

Reduce the trouble of postpartum hair loss

The problem of postpartum hair loss has plagued countless Baoma, especially for a period of time after giving birth to a child. When I got up in the morning, I saw a large black hair on the pillow, and my mood was quite depressed.At this time, the difference between long hair and short hair will be showed. The same hair loss. If it is long hair, it looks a lot more, adding psychological pressure to yourself.

Take care of your baby more assured

Although it is said that because the baby’s fingers or toes are wrapped in the hair, there are not so many incidents that have dangerous, but Baoma should still be vigilant.After all, it is better to exclude all dangers in terms of taking care of the baby.

If the hair is too long, it is recommended to lose it, or it is better to pull the hair.Check the baby’s hands or feet every day.Parents are more careful, which is more beneficial to the health of the baby.

For these reasons, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should be able to cut their hair shorter during pregnancy, save worry and effort.

Did you cut your hair during your pregnancy?Welcome everyone to leave a message to discuss!


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