Should patients with adenomyotomia should be given birth after pregnancy?It’s enough to do these 3 points

We all know that uterine adenomyosis can affect the patient’s pregnancy. This is caused by adenomy muscle disease that causes the uterine to increase and harden, causing poor abnormal changes in the uterine cavity environment.Therefore, we always say that patients with adenomyosis are still not easy to get pregnant. Although there are many cases of successful pregnancy, there are indeed many people who can’t get pregnant. In short, patients who can be pregnant are more lucky.

At the same time, we all know that the impact of adenomy disease on patients with fertility requires not only difficulty in pregnancy, but also the risk of abortion after pregnancy.What do you need to pay attention to after? Next, let’s talk about this question:

Still the sentence: Pay attention to the fetus, especially the first three months

Once patients with adenomyosis find that they are pregnant, then at this time, hurry up to protect the fetus. Do not wait until abdominal pain and bleeding, if this happens, it is a threatened abortion.The fetus may be preserved, but the risk is large, and the possibility of abortion is relatively high.Therefore, patients with adenomyosis must be remembered: once you find pregnancy, you should keep your fetus immediately.In addition, the relative danger of the first three months is still relatively large, because the placenta has not formed in the first three months of pregnancy, and the possibility of miscarriage is relatively high in the absence of the placenta.Rest and protect the fetus.

After the first three months, is it all the best? Not necessarily

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, three months, relatively three months of pregnancy. Relatively speaking, the stability of the fetus is higher, but there is still the possibility of miscarriage. Therefore, after three months, it is not a good thing.You can move appropriately. For example, if you go out to buy and buy food, there is no problem, but to avoid long -distance walking, or severe vibration, bumps, and avoid long -distance tourism.Generally, after 37 weeks, this is relatively stable, because it will give birth in full month after 37 weeks.

After giving birth, try to breastfeed as much as possible

Patients with adenomyosis if they have a child, it is recommended to breastfeed as much as possible after giving birth, and it is recommended to be properly longer when breastfeeding, because the patient’s amenorrhea is relatively long when the breastfeeding conditions are good, so the menstruation will not come without menstruation, so if the menstruation does not come,The longer the time, the uterus is always in a dormant state, and the lesion is also dormant. At this time, the lesion will shrink a bit, and it will be better for the control of the disease.

We know that patients with adenomy disease do not want to have menstruation, we need to take pregnancy trotone ketones, or vide in drugs such as Filin, and Devinica, to use these drugs to not menstruation, but it can achieve this effect through breastfeeding.This is the most economical and minimal method.

After weaning, pay attention to observing menstrual symptoms.After the weaning of breastfeeding, patients should pay attention to the reaction of menstruation again. Generally, the first two or three menstruation does not have any great feeling, because this lesion is still dormant. At the beginning of the menstruation, its pressure is not very large.After several menstrual passage, some patients may be uncomfortable.Then we must pay attention at this time. It is recommended to do this B -ultrasound and measure the CA125. At this time, it depends on how big the uterus is now. How high this CA125 is, as a reference.

Then after 5-6 times, you can check it out. If the pain is not very good, but if you have any feelings, you can observe for a few months, half a year, one year, and then measure the B-ultrasound and CA125. IfThe result of the test has increased compared to the last time, and the CA125 has increased compared to the original, so it must be that the adenomy lesions have begun to move again.Nothing, you can wait, you can wait, if you have a lot of pain, you must consider doing the preservation of the preserved lesion to retain the uterus.

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