Should the stretch marks lens be cut off?Maybe this is the real world after pregnancy

Recently, a pregnant mother in Guangdong recorded the daily life during the short video. In a video released, the pregnant mother shared her stretch marks, but it was limited by the short video platform.shield.

As soon as the incident came out, many netizens discussed it. People who were not good -looking for pregnancy said that they should be banned. Some people said that stretch marks were mothers’ military merits. Why can’t they show it?

The entry of the”stretch marks lens should be cut off?


Ten moms eight long?Why do stretch marks love pregnant mothers?

Many women who have experienced birth experience have trouble in stretch marks. The original smooth belly, during pregnancy, grows up with the fetus, and the lines like watermelon skin have also grown.

And the probability of stretch marks is relatively high. Only a few women with good skin elasticity may not have long lines.

During pregnancy, the fetus gradually grows, the belly is drumming, the elasticity of the skin will be reduced, the capillaries and vein walls will become thinner, and the skin will become more and more stretched.

When stretching to a certain degree, elastic fiber breaks, the color of subcutaneous blood vessels will be revealed and becomes stretch marks.

In addition, during pregnancy, the glucocorticoids of pregnant mothers will be secreted in large quantities, which will also increase the fragility of the skin and increase the probability of stretch marks.

However, stretch marks are physiological changes and do not need special treatment. After production, the color of the lines will slowly fade, but it cannot completely disappear.


Stretch marks can also be prevented

Although the probability of stretch marks is relatively high, active prevention can reduce the probability of the occurrence of stretch marks to a certain extent.

1 Control weight

In addition to the natural growth of the fetus, the skin will be stretched, the weight is too fast, and the appearance of stretch marks will also cause the appearance of stretch marks. Just like the obesity patterns on our thighs, it is also formed by the rapid growth of weight.

Therefore, if you want to prevent the emergence of stretch marks, you must also control your weight during pregnancy and a balanced diet.

2 Exercise stretch

According to the suggestion of "Chinese Residents’ Diet Nutrition Guidelines", Junbao mothers in the middle and late pregnancy can also perform light moderate exercise of about 30 minutes a day.

Exercise can help enhance the tension of the skin and make the skin more flexible, which is also conducive to preventing the emergence of stretch marks.

Like pregnant women’s yoga, swimming, and Pirati are more suitable exercises during pregnancy.

3 Use the belt zone

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the fetus is getting larger and larger, and the pulling force of the abdominal skin is getting greater. At this time, it is the most prone to excessive pulling and cause the skin to relax and stretch marks.

Therefore, it feels that the abdomen is too heavy, and the expectant mothers in need also use the belly belt to fix the belly to reduce the pulling of the belly skin.

4 Use products with anti -stretch marks

At present, there are a lot of anti -stretch marks on the market. Some use not only have no effect, and unqualified product quality will affect the fetus and mother.

Therefore, when choosing anti -pregnancy products, you must choose a compliance product to ensure that the ingredients have no effect on pregnant women and fetuses. It is best to consult the doctor carefully before using it.


Do stretch marks need to be covered up?

Whether the stretch marks that netizens are hotly discussion need to be covered up with this question? Xiaosu feels that whether to choose to cover it should be determined by Baoma himself.

When a woman decides to give birth to her life, before becoming a mother, after understanding the risk of fertility, she still chooses to give birth, indicating that these physical changes come to this world with their love and hope to come to this world, and they prefer the latter.

So as long as Bao Ma himself can accept stretch marks, willing to share or cover it is her freedom, it is the freedom of a mother.

As a husband or child, seeing his wife or mother has stretch marks, it should not be disgusted. What is important is to eliminate the beautiful view of "stretch marks".Instead of criticizing Bao Ma with stretch marks.

It is best to also hope that your mother who feels that your stretch marks are not good can reduce the anxiety.

These patterns can be used as a "beautiful painting" that God given to the baby in the stomach in advance to give these patterns a good significance.

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