Singapore is graded for drinks. Are these often drinking drinks "unhealthy"?Will you still buy it?

Original title: Ice Black Tea C, Pure Milk C, Looming D … Singapore is graded for beverages, these often drinking drinks are "unhealthy"?Will you still buy it?

Recently, some netizens broke the news on social platforms that when they bought drinks in Singapore, they found that there was a level label on the drinks, namely ABCD levels.

Wangzi milk is C -Class C

Master Kang’s rock sugar Sydney, rock sugar red grapefruit is D -Class

Master Kang Bingcha Tea is divided into A, C, and D -level according to different flavors

Nestlé Speed Coffee C -Class

Northern Ocean Soda is D -Class D

Netizens said in the post, "This is divided according to nutritional ingredients and health levels. Class D is unhealthy, and Class C should drink less."

Orange persimmon found that the new rules of Singapore beverage labels will be implemented from December 30, 2022.It is reported that diabetes is a serious health problem in Singapore. If any measures are not taken, by 2050, the number of diabetic residents in Singapore is expected to reach 1 million.In order to further curb the development of diabetes, the Singapore government released the "Food Regulations (Amendment No. 2)" on December 30, 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the "Amendment Regulations").The pre-packaged drink must be pasted with the Nutri-Grade tag, and it is forbidden to release advertisements related to the "D" class Nutri-Grade drink.

According to the regulations, more than 5 grams of sugar per 100 ml of beverages and 1.2 grams of saturated fat belong to C -grade, sugar more than 10 grams and saturated fats of more than 2.8 grams are Grade D.These two -level beverages must be labeled on the packaging, while the healthier A and B -level drinks must not be printed.

Let’s take a look at the Nutri-Grade hierarchical system and grading logo:

It can be seen that the grade judgment is defined by two components of sugar content and saturated fat content. The higher the content, the higher the level.

Many netizens think that this label is very effective and can help everyone improve their awareness of health:

It is Chao and Mu: If there is such a label, it is really quite able to supervise me when I buy it.EssenceEssence

Ziyy-: It’s good, it is recommended to be popular in China, it is clear at a glance.Otherwise, some unpopular drinks are really not clear

Shui Yanji: It is still necessary. My sister said that there is a particularly healthy drink in high school. I like to drink water like peach flavor. Later, I saw the second place.

Xiaojin Vapor: Okay, support, many packaging looks likely that human and animals are harmless, the actual is not good for health

Some netizens feel that this label does not play any role:

Feng Yijun has no sense of existence: If I really want to be healthy, I will not buy drinks.Put this thing except me, I can’t play any effect

Bunny coconut: It is healthy and unhealthy, can I not know?

There are also netizens popular science, without this level, the same is true for the ingredient table:

Listen to the sound of gunfire: Just look at the nutritional composition table. In China, you can always believe in the ingredient table and nutritional composition table.Drinking sweeteners are generally sucrose (after drinking the throat, phlegm), fruit and glucose syrup (the best sweet and refreshing taste), and Aya Mi (not absorbing common sugar -free drinks).Then look at the sugar content in the nutritional composition table.

Sister Shao-: You can see the ingredients of the ingredients. The most component is the most. For example, the first is that the second is that the white sugar is definitely the sugar is absolutely exceeded

Think of it: It feels like a simplified version of the nutritional value table, which only shows the content of fat and carbohydrates

Of course, more netizens are curious, and they ask for help with netizens in Singapore and ask what levels they love to drink. Orange persimmon will help you find ——

A level A: The Oriental leaves of Nongfu Spring, Sanchali Ulong Tea

Level B is: vitality forest, AD calcium milk, pulsation

Class C is: tea π, coconut coconut juice

Grade D is: Vita Lemon Tea, Yangle Duo

Among them, some netizens are puzzled, and pure milk has marked C levels, and it seems that it doesn’t seem to be healthy:

It is worth noting here that this rating standard is divided according to the sugar content and fat amount. There is no other nutrients such as protein. All -fat milk contains lactose and fat content. ThereforeUnhealthy.

What do you think about the label of drinking stickers?

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