Sister -in -law is pregnant and miscarriage

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"Okay, I’ll send you back."

Cheng Ke always followed Fang Yuling, and the two did not speak. After arriving at the community, Fang Yuling went in. Cheng Ke looked at her upstairs and folded back for a long time.

Fang Yuling leaned behind the door and was uncomfortable in her heart.


At the end of the year, Cheng Ke came to Fang Yuling before, but Fang Yuling didn’t want to see it.

Later, Cheng Ke was too busy at the end of the year, so he didn’t come again.

A while ago, Fang Yuling and Lin Xiaohua accompanied the Taoian chief to visit her at Shen Limei’s house.

Although Lin Xiaohua did not like Shen Limei very much, she also mixed her mouth, but she also felt sympathetic to her experience.

When she saw Shen Limei, she sat in the room and painted. She turned her head, and Lin Xiaohua saw that she was thin and thin when she saw her face.

Fang Yuling watched this small room that was less than three square meters. When she thought of renting a house, Shen Limei suspected that she was small there, saying that her room was mostly, but the room in front of her was obviously smaller.

Three people bought some fruits and milk in the living room. Shen Limei said that in recent years, they did have left their daughters for their sons.In the family, he fell in love with men.

"Limei, what are you painting?"

Seeing them coming, Shen Limei put the paper up, and Fang Yuling asked her.

"Nothing, just draw casually!" Shen Limei always lowered her head and didn’t look at them.

"I think you are very good -looking, you can develop in this regard in the future."

"Limei was the best school when painting in elementary school. At that time, the principal asked me to send her to the painting class to cultivate. I was expensive. Her brother was still drinking milk powder at that time.It’s gone. Later, she painted it by herself, and she won several prizes in junior high school! "Mother Shen heard Fang Yuling’s words and came from the living room to the room.

If she really sent Shen Limei to learn to paint, today Shen Limei would not be like this.


She said that Shen Limei has been not very good since the abortion, and she is afraid that Shen Limei will become a fool.

"No, aunt, you see that Shen Limei draws so beautifully, it means that she knows everything in her heart, but it takes time to accept it." Lin Xiaohua rarely opened.

After coming out of Shen Limei’s house, Lin Xiaohua was the most affected one. She had always felt that the concept of her hometown was right. The most important thing for a girl was virginity.

So she was uneasy about what she had gone for the first time.

But after looking at Lin Xiaohua, she found out that these are not the most important. For a long time in a lifetime, they must learn to live for herself.

If she is always immersed in the past and unable to extricate herself, then she has no future.

Thinking of this, Lin Xiaohua was suddenly cheerful, and she wanted to live well for herself.

By the year, He Kai told Fang Yuling that he and his brother asked to return to the Stone Village for New Year, about the sixth day.

When she heard Shitou Village, Fang Yuling was eager to move. The home that had not returned for a few months, and the home where she never planned to go back was also where she lived for more than ten years.

"He Kai, how about my mother?" He hesitated, she still asked.

He Kai also felt strange that Fang Yuling closed his mouth without talking about these days. How did you ask Zhou Xunzi this time?

"Yuling, forget it, the matter of Shitou Village has nothing to do with you."

"My mother is not doing well, is it?"

"It’s okay, He Kai, let’s say, no matter what, she has raised me these years."


He Kai knew that Fang Yuling was kind, and he talked about the Fang family’s experience in the past few months, but he did not mention Fang Youhai into prison and his injuries.

He mentioned Zhou Xunzi’s pregnancy and abortion, and mentioned that Fang Yunfei’s poisoning wanted to harm Zhou Xunzi but killed Qi Dazhi and escaped.

"He Kai, can you come over tomorrow, I take a thousand dollars, and you help me take it back. But don’t you say me. OK?"

"Yuling … You …"

Fang Yuling just paid the salary and the bonus at the end of the year. Recently, she was watching the store, and she did not recruit the right person. The Tao shop chief gave her more salary and a lot of bonuses.

Lin Xiaohua said that she became a rich woman at once.

In the past few months, although she left Shitou Village, she often returned there in her dream. She would dream that Zhou Xunzi was waiting for her to go back at home. She was no longer fierce and no longer wanted to sell her.

He Kai brought the money to Zhou Xunzi and said that it was given by Fang Yuling.

"Yuling, where is Yuling? Did you find her?" Zhou Xunzi’s house had reached the standpoint, because his body was not good, he could only plant some food in the nearby field.

He Kai was shocked to see her, and Zhou Xunzi seemed to be ten years old.

"Is Yuling okay? I … I don’t want to do anything, I just want to know that she is hard outside?"

He Kai saw from Zhou Xi’s eyes that she was really worried about Fang Yuling, so he said that Fang Yuling was good and everything was good.

"That’s good, I can’t want this money. You take it back to Yuling. How can I live at home? She is not easy outside and can’t lack money."

"Xunzi, Yuling is very good and work hard to make money. This money is what she will bring to you, I must give you. You can hold it with peace of mind, buy some food and eat., Pay attention to your body. "He Kai left the money and left.


Zhou Xunzi held a thousand dollars and kept standing in a standing posture.

She didn’t expect to hear the news of Yuling in this life, let alone Yuling would bring her money.

Now that she is alone, she understands how much she has done to her daughter. I don’t know. Yuling is still willing to recognize her mother?

He Kai told Fang Yuling that Qian had brought Zhou Xunzi and kept her relieved.

Looking at Zhou Xunzi’s miserable status quo, He Kai couldn’t bear it. When he met, he went to the street to buy a few pounds of pork and a few pork ribs to send it to Zhou

Unexpectedly, this scene happened to know the passing fat, she turned to He family to tell He Kai’s fucking.

As soon as He Kai entered the door, his mother was so angry that he had to take a broom to drive him away.

"You dying child, recognize the thief as a father, how did the family forget you to you? Also give her meat, are you brain, right? By the way, your brain has been gone.What? "

Yes, He Kai’s head of the head of the head checked the last check. This is a sequelae. There is no big problem, but he cannot be in the noise, which means that he can’t be a carpenter worker.

Alas, He Kai gave up his temper for a while, and he didn’t say a word.

On the morning of the sixth day of the sixth day, He Kai was going to take a car to the county.

He did not find that Zhou Xunzi, who wrapped his head with a headscarf, also got on the same car.

To be continued

What Zhou Xunzi wants to do ~

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