Sister Shi Zhang Zilin’s second child is exposed!It is 7 months old wearing a mini skirt, getting younger and younger

Miss World Zhang Zilin recently took a few photos of her own belly on her social platform. This is also a rare recent exposure of her after the Spring Festival Gala. Now Zhang Zilin has been pregnant for 7 months, but the whole person’s body figureIt is still very slender, and the belly in the front photo is not obvious.

Zhang Zilin appeared this time, and she was wearing a casual outfit with a ball head, so that she was not pregnant at all.The smooth and facial features make her seem to be a state of college students, and her figure is still slender, and she feels like she is 7 months pregnant.

Dressing up is also a lot of color to her, sleeveless purple T -shirt, loose silhouette and coat strap design, which increases the sense of shape of the whole body, and also modifies the belly.It also increases the three -dimensional sense of the top. With a black tulle super mini skirt, the dress of the lotus leaf edge highlights the feeling of the whole body.

Zhang Zilin, who looks on the front, does not seem to have a obvious state of pregnancy at all, but in the side photo, you can still see the big belly, but this seems to be smaller for pregnant women who are 7 months pregnant. Zhang Zilin was earlier.The show on the Spring Festival Gala showed up, and she dedicated a particularly gorgeous Chinese national style show for everyone. Although the clothes were constantly talked about, Zhang Zilin has been repeating the show for a long time and on the same stage with the active supermodel.Style.

Earlier in "Spring Festival Gala", Zhang Zilin and Xi Mengyao, the same stage of He Sui, have already shown her outstanding style. As a lady in the world, her body proportion is more perfect than the other two.The boots and the floral skirts on the body are modified more against the sky. Standing in the middle, Zhang Zilin’s elegance is more obvious.

As soon as Zhang Zilin appeared, He Sui and Xun Mengyao had a lot of losing color. Compared with their casual dress, Zhang Zilin’s style of floral flowers was also more stylish.The whole body is sexy, and the large area of floral floral on the skirt even shows the romantic retro of the whole body style, coupled with the large -opened square collar and the sleeve length of the seven -sleeved sleeves. Each design is just right.Zhang Zilin’s body is perfect.

The floral skirt, which was very girly, and the boots on the legs, can make the simple style more handsome, and Zhang Zilin, who is elegant, looks more personality. Zhang Zilin is in his body.Let her look good no matter how we wear it. After wearing a micro -trousers, she makes the legs of her legs more exaggerated. With the tight top of the upper body, the tube top design, and the silhouette of the body wrapped in figureThe style of the whole body has a lot of sexy in the handsomeness.

Zhang Zilin now has a daughter, and her daughter has also inherited her mother’s long legs. Although she is young, she has a clear advantage in height.Mom is casual, and the style of her daughter is also the same. It can be seen that in the sense of fashion, her daughter is more like a mother, but she does not know if she will go to the old way when she grows up in the future.

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