Six pregnant mothers who are suitable for pregnancy during pregnancy, conditioning the body from the diet, really better than taking medicine

The first: fish head tofu soup → calcium supplement

Tofu contains a lot of calcium, and the fish contains vitamin D. Eat them together. With the help of vitamin D in the fish, the body’s absorption of calcium is much much.


① 1 fish head;

② 1 piece of tofu;

③ 3 slices of ginger;

④ Coriander;


1. Fish the fish head and fry until two sides are golden.

2. Add hot water (the secret to make the fish soup is whiter)

3. Add tofu (cut small pieces)

4. Add ginger

5. Cook it before putting coriander

The second type: beef bone soup → calcium supplement, kidney nourishing kidney

The amount of calcium bones is higher than the pig bone, and it is not as cold as the pork bone.Cheap and high calcium, develop well for the baby’s bones, urine more at night during pregnancy, and black beans supplement the kidney.


① There is a pound of bone bones;

② Black beans;

③ Ginger 3-4 tablets;


1. Overwater of the bone bone (boil the cold water and remove the blood, wash the pot)

2. Add cold water without bones

3. Add black beans

4. Add ginger

Third: Wuji Soup → Beauty

Beauty and beauty


① Black chicken half;

② Ginger 3-4 tablets;

③ 8 red dates;

④ 10 capsules for wolfberry;


1. Black chicken over water (remove blood, wash)

2. Add 3 bowls of water

3. Add ginger, red dates, wolfberry

Fourth type: yam ribs soup → nourishing the stomach

For pregnant mothers who start to be poor in the second trimester, take some yam properly to play a role in nourishing the stomach.


① 1 catties of ribs;

② 1 yam;

③ Ginger 3-4 tablets;

④ 5 red dates, 6 wolfberry;


1. Overwater bone (remove blood, wash)

2. Add 3 bowls of water

3. Add ginger slices, red dates, wolfberry

Fifth species: Coconut Chicken Soup → Nourishing Beauty

Coconut is rich in nutrition and rich in various trace elements. Drinking more coconut chicken soup not only makes the pregnant mother’s skin good, but also coconut juice can also purify amniotic fluid


① Half of tender;

② 2 coconut green;

③ 3 slices of ginger;


1. Chicken overwater (Wash the blood)

2. Add 2 coconut coconut meat and coconut juice

3. Add ginger slices

Sixth type: pigeon soup → nourishing qi and blood


① 1 pigeon;

② 2 slices of ginger;

③ 5 red dates and 6 wolfberry;


1. Pigeons over water (Wash blood)

2. Add a bowl of water

3. Add ginger slices, red dates, wolfberry


at last:

1. I am busy with work in the early pregnancy, and the checkpoint has not been smooth.I drank pigeon soup and black dates for half a month when I was 3 months pregnant.

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