Small novel: Dear, I’m pregnant!

I was walking around on Taobao. Suddenly, Wangwang popped up a line of words: "Dear, I’m pregnant!"

I was startled in my heart, thinking about it?Does it have anything to do with me?Open the news of Wangwang at a glance, don’t know, who is this?

After thinking about it, I was sure that her pregnancy had nothing to do with me, and I replied, "Who are you pregnant?"

Soon her reply came: "I’m a little stunned, let me ignore it!"

I was stunned, and I was sure that this was a Taobao shop in Huaiyin again. I said, "Do you need to calculate this?"

She said, "There are too many people, let me look for it again."

I thought to myself, this is definitely wrong, there will be no kind of things.I left a word on Wangwang. Will she get pregnant thousands of miles away?

I asked again, "Who is it?"

She said, "It’s not your egg"

At this time, I seemed to understand it. This was the wrong word.So I wanted to disk her, and asked deliberately yin and yang weirdly: "You are pregnant, you actually have to know the eggs, you can use big data to sieve, anyway, you are not mine! You live enough on this day.Messy! "

She replied: Dear, it’s really messy, there are too many eggs."

I said, "Then do you always remember the details of pregnancy? Who did it? I left you a word, so as not to make you get pregnant without your hormones?"

She replied: "It’s all wrong words, I am a man from Huaiyin."

On the disk, I asked again, "Well? Are you pregnant with Huaiyin?" He gave an indescribable expression at hand.

She replied to me: "G u n"

I pretended not to understand: "Is it good to speak Chinese? Who are you pregnant?"

She replied again: "I am Man!"

Oh, this guy also gives me a foreign text, then I will give you a combination of China and the West: "Bu Yao Face"

It seems that everything is useful. The only English word I remember finally came in handy after decades.


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