Smelling the smell of durian, which has three benefits to the body. How much is more appropriate to eat a day?

Durian has the reputation of the king of fruits. The nutritional value of the flesh can play a effect on strengthening the body and nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac. It can also promote blood and dispel blood stasis, alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, and especially suitable for people with cold constitutions.

Facing the special flavor of durian, people have polarization, and some people regard them as delicious. Some people scoff at durian, but they cannot deny their nutritional value.

1. Regulate immune function

Durian contains essential amino acids in the human body, especially the most prominent glutamic acid content. It can regulate immune function and maintain metabolic balance.

2. Protective cardiovascular

Although durian contains too much fat, most of them are beneficial fat, which not only increases durian parallelism, but also protects the cardiovascular. In addition to enhancing immunity, it has antioxidant function.Remove free radicals, protect cardiovascular and prevent cancer.

3. Relieve dysmenorrhea

Durian can nourish yin and nourish the yang, improve the cold physique, and relieve dysmenorrhea.In addition, among all fruits, non -durian containing the highest folic acid is particularly suitable for women and H high blood pressure patients during pregnancy.

1. Look at the color

The highly mature durian skin is yellow. Usually, the darker the color, the higher the maturity, and the sweeter the taste.

2. Take a look at the crack

The highly mature durian shell can crack on itself. The larger the cracking mouth, the more mature.However, it is worth reminding that when buying durians, you should buy a little open, because if the durian mouth is too large, some bacteria may enter the flesh and reproduce, causing the inner flesh to be polluted.

3. Shake

Gently holding the durian and shaking it. If it feels shaking inside the durian, it is prompted to separate the flesh from the shell, and the durian has matured.

4. Take a look at the fruit handle

Generally speaking, the fruits are thick and the creases are fresh, indicating that the flesh is sufficient and fresh; if the handle is too small and dry, it means that the reservation time of the durian is too long.

1. Control the amount of durian

Although durian has many benefits, it is not a lot of good.A complete durian energy reaches more than 800 kcal, so the amount of durian a day is controlled within a petal.

2. Store correctly

The durian flesh that is not eaten should be opened in a fresh -keeping bag and tied it. Then put it in a fresh -keeping box to seal and refrigerate. Generally, it can be stored for about a week.If durian flesh exudes alcohol, it needs to be thrown away immediately, because this shows that durian meat has deteriorated.There is no mature and unblocked durian at room temperature; or with bananas, etc., can speed up the maturity of durian.

3. Entry food

Whether it is the flesh of durian, or the peel or the fruit nucleus is a good nourishing product, which can be cooked in vegetables.Durian stewed chicken is a good choice. After the chicken is cleaned, cut into pieces and put it in water, and then cook ginger, red dates and durian together in a pot.You can make durian milkshakes.However, when durian enters the vegetables, you must control the ingredients of ingredients, especially in durian desserts, fat and sugar are likely to exceed the standard, and it is better to eat less.

Kind tips

Because durian contains high calories and sugar, obese or overweight should eat less; you cannot eat durian with kidney disease, hyperlipidemia and diabetes;Eat as little as possible.Due to the sticky mouth of durian fruit, the elderly, children, and patients with chronic respiratory diseases must be chewed slowly when eating durian, not swallowing it.

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