Smile with a joke in an instant

First, the final exam, I went to the copy room to copy, many people, after waiting for a long time, finally got on the round.When I saw a girl in the back, I couldn’t help but have the intention to get close to the courage to come forward to talk: Classmate, do you want to print a few?Girl coldly: 3.I laughed at my face: Then you first ~ Or first, I’m afraid you will wait!Girl.I have more than 10 of me (in this way, you can talk more, oh, thank you! Then the girl turned her head and said to the boss: Trouble 300 copies for me, I came over at night!

Second, the new home restaurant was opened. The boss’s daughter is a beautiful sister paper.In recent days, I have been taking the little nephew to eat. Every time I deliberately either add a braised egg or add a chicken leg to leave a good conversation.I went with my nephew again today, and when I saw me, I asked me: Add chicken legs today or braised eggs?I was secretly happy, thinking that my small set of plays worked, my girl remembered me.The little nephew beside me looked at me with disliked and replied: Add WeChat today.I.EssenceEssenceEssence

Third, my son is naughty and disobedient, I can’t get angry, I caught him, and I ca n’t see it. I ca n’t see it. I ’m angry. I’ ll say: You do n’t care about it, my son is born. How can I fight?It’s my business, it’s okay to kill!As soon as my dad heard it, he picked up a broom and hit me without head. He said and said: You are not in control. My son is born. How can I beat me?


Fourth, the family arranged a blind date or went to be a son -in -law. At the beginning, I refused!Let go of his ruthless words, who is the grandson!IntersectionBut look at her photo at the moment!It was amazing by her beauty. I went, not me blowing. At that time, I even got better in my son’s name!So the mentality changed from the heart to the ups and downs.Then go a happy blind date … As a result, people did not look at me …

Fifth, I did it in the company for a few years, and I didn’t rise a penny. I went to the boss’s office: The boss … the boss raised his head: Is there anything?Me: I want to resign!The boss looked at the employee; how could you resign?Me: Boss, what do you mean?The boss patted the table: I meant, you just get out of the ground!

6. Funny humorous paragraphs; accidentally found that my wife deleted the file like this: 1. Right -click the file 2. Cut 3, open the recycling station 4. Paste 5, delete.


Seven, the boss asked me: Can you come to work overtime this Saturday? I know you love to play on weekends, but you really need you here.Okay, there is no problem, but you also know that the road on the weekend is blocked. It is estimated that it will be a little later.Well, when can I get to it? Monday!

8. A staff member applied for leave from the supervisor: "I want to help my wife clean the room", and the supervisor immediately replied: "No." "Thank you too much", the staff said happily: "I know you will help me when you are in trouble."" ".

Nine, my girlfriend said that her first boyfriend was robbed by her girlfriend, and her second boyfriend was robbed by girlfriends. Now she is the third.I was about to show her loyalty, saying that I was definitely not such a person and would not be loved.She said, so I asked you to be a girlfriend … Uh, what do you mean?


Ten, one day, Xiaoming, who was just unemployed, strolled on the road and saw a signal brand at the door of a factory, so he entered the factory to apply for it. The lady of the personnel asked: "Uncle, what are you doing?" Xiao Ming: "I’m here, I’m hereApply. "

Eleven, the most glorious battle in my life was at the age of twelve. I was alone, holding a feces, scooping Xiang, and fled with a dozen bullies on the playground…. Of course, the worst one in my life was the next day, the dead end, I did not hold a fecal scoop, and they took more than a dozen people.

Twelve, a person draws a lot of poor paintings, and wants to give these paintings to a group before dying, leaving names in the future.So he asked the lawyer: Which group do I give to the lawyer is the most suitable?The lawyer replied: I think, it is best to send it to the blind home!

去 13. I went to a hotel yesterday to see customers. Seeing the lobby, there is a new machine in the hall, which reads: disinfection mobile phone.I didn’t think about it, I took out the phone and washed it -washed really clean.Then, the mobile phone cannot be called.Watching TV at night, the news said that a hotel was washed the phone with a wash mobile phone, so the hotel side changed the "disinfection mobile phone" and called "hand washing and disinfection machine".Fourteen, Huang Ying saw the weasel who was looking for food, said: You thief secretly touched all day, and the old Huang’s face was lost by you.As soon as the words fell, the yellow warbler was shot down, and the weasel scolded: Stupid X, you don’t know now!

Fifteenth, quarreling with his wife, I regret not to do it with her afterwards. I want to send her a necklace to coax her, but I don’t know how long I should buy.So when her wife was asleep at night, she secretly took the rope to her neck.As a result … she suddenly woke up …

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