Smoking causes child deformity when pregnant. Do you have to quit smoking when you are pregnant?

I am a father who has just been born a child. It should have been the joy of the father of everyone, but after the child was born, the atmosphere of our family has always been heavy. After the child is born, it turned out to be deformity.

A few days after the child was born, the wife almost collapsed, and the meal didn’t take a few sips, let alone feed the child.Looking at the small body with two arms on one side, my heart really intersects. For the child’s arrival, we originally greeted them with joy. After all, this was my first child.

Our family is not very wealthy. I have worked hard for many years because of some savings because the child has spent little left.The children handed over to the relevant experts to study the operation, and our family did not give up the child, but the heart was still very sad.

Later, in a conversation with the doctor, I finally knew the reason why my child was abnormal. It turned out that my wife sucked in my smoke when she was pregnant. This second -hand smoke was the culprit that caused my child to malformation.

After I heard the reason, I almost couldn’t stand. It turned out that I hurt my own child.

I did n’t sleep for several days, and the whole person was exhausted. The children ’s surgery was underway. I hardly dared to see my child.

It is taken for granted that my family also quickly knew my behavior of smoking during my wife’s pregnancy, which caused her to suck second -hand smoke. In the end, my child was a deformity.

I regret my smoking behavior, and I also regret smoking when my wife was pregnant, which eventually led to this tragedy.A long time ago, I knew about the various hazards of smoking. Among them, there were many tragedy examples of second -hand smoke and three -hand smoke.

Obviously, I did n’t pay attention to these, because smoke is almost an essential thing that I have lived for so many years. I smoke every day. It ’s almost two packs of cigarettes a day. If you are idle, a TV is a TV.As the ashtray, the ashtray may be full.

Now because of my child, I swear that I will not smoke in the future. When I have been addicted to the addiction in the past few days, I have always endured discomfort. Later, my mother could n’t see it.This seems to reduce a lot of pain.

The child’s surgery was finally completed and the child recovered very well. I hope that his life will not be too affected in the future, so that my remaining half of my life may be spent in guilt.

Looking at the scars under the axillary of the child, I was particularly uncomfortable, and my wife kept comforting me. Gradually, I still slowed down when I looked at the child’s daily smile, but I never touched smoke again.

Those wives who are pregnant like me, for the sake of their children, take the smoke, the various hazards of cigarettes are not alarmist.

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