Smoking during pregnancy may increase the risk of gestational diabetes

There is a lot of smoking. It will not only swallow the health and life of pharyngeal stretch, but also pollute the air and endanger others.

38 toxic chemicals were released when cigarette burned, of which the harmful ingredients were tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine and irritating smoke.

Coking oil is damaged in the oral cavity, throat, trachea, and lungs.According to statistics, the proportion of lung diseases after 60 years of smokers is 74%, and the proportion of lung diseases after 60 years old is only 4%. This is a shocking number.

In addition, carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen content in the blood, causing more than 20 diseases such as high blood pressure.Especially for women who are pregnant, they are more harmful.

A joint study by Israel and the United States shows that smoking during pregnancy may increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

The new study published in the magazine of "Industrial Science and Gynecological" in the United States said that the Hindhe University and Ohio University researchers analyzed the "pregnancy risk assessment monitoring system" of the American Disease Control and Prevention Center in 2009.About 220,000 maternal data for delivery in 2015, of which nearly 13,000 were diagnosed with gestational diabetes.Researchers understand the conclusions of the blood sugar situation during pregnancy and their pregnancy smoking during pregnancy.

After considering the age of pregnant women, the physical quality index before pregnancy, and the weight gain during pregnancy, they found that the daily smoking volume is the same or more pregnant as before pregnancy, and the risk of gestational diabetes has increased by nearly 50%.Compared with those pregnant women who have never smoked or quit smoking before pregnancy, even if the amount of smoking is reduced during pregnancy, the risk of smoking pregnant women with gestational diabetes will still be as high as about 22%.

Researchers said that pregnant women may increase the risk of gestational diabetes in direct smoking or exposed to second -hand smoke environment.Gestational diabetes can make pregnant women face higher risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications, such as huge childbirth.Researchers say women should quit smoking before planning to be pregnant.In order to minimize the risk of pregnancy, smoking pregnant women should adopt a smoking cessation plan for pregnancy.

Smoking during pregnancy is one of the important risk factors that lead to adverse pregnancy results.According to reports, in the United States, about 10.7%of women smoke or expose in the environment of second -hand smoke during pregnancy. Compared with pregnant women without smoking, in addition to increasing the risk of gestational diabetes, smoking pregnant women also face higher risks, such asThe baby’s premature birth, low birth weight or delay in development.

Ya’an Daily/ reporter Zhou Daiqing organized

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