Solve and prevent itching of nipples during pregnancy, you must keep in mind these 3 points.

During pregnancy, women’s breasts will have strange itching symptoms, and many people expressed their puzzles.Why are there so many changes in the body after pregnancy?Why do women feel itchy when they are pregnant?

1. Reasons for itchy nipples

1. Pregnancy reaction.After pregnancy, there are many pregnancy reactions, such as pregnancy vomiting, bigger breasts, etc. It is easy to cause burden on the body.Among them, it is easy to cause itching of breasts, which is also caused by pregnancy, which is mostly in the last two months of pregnancy.After the baby is born, this reaction will be relieved.Therefore, it is a normal pregnancy response when it is too worried to encounter itching during pregnancy.

2. Dry skin.If the skin itself is particularly dry, and not special care during pregnancy, it will cause itching of breasts. In severe cases, it will cause itching of the whole body.Because of the special period of pregnancy, itching of breasts will be particularly obvious.Therefore, in the nursing of daily life, it is necessary to keep the skin moist and use more physical milk. Itching situation will be reduced.

3. Nipple eczema.Nipple eczema is an allergic skin disease, but it does not cause infection.Once symptoms of breast itching occur, exclude allergies.See if it is because of contacting the allergens and causes problems with the body’s immune system, itching the nipples.At this time, you need to go to the hospital for professional help and seek medical treatment in time.

2. Solve and prevent nipple itching

1. Drink plenty of water.One of the reasons for itching of breasts is caused by the skin dehydration and dryness of the skin. Therefore, the primary method to prevent skin dryness is to drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of water to make the skin more moist and won’t have breast itching.

2. Loose clothes.After pregnancy, we must wear loose clothes. One is that the clothes are loose because the pregnancy belly becomes larger.The second is that if you wear too tightly, the friction between the skin and clothes will increase, the skin will become more sensitive, and the itching of the breast will increase.

3. Pay attention to bathing.When taking a bath, pregnant women must pay attention to rinse directly with hot water.Maybe everyone has a certain misunderstanding of the itching of the skin to relieve the itching of the skin before, but this is only a temporary effect. The cure is not cured, and it should be noted that you should not bathe with alkaline soap.

In short, pregnancy will make women a lot of change. In addition to itching of breasts, they will also gain weight and long stretch marks, and these are to better give birth to babies.Don’t worry about it. After giving birth to a baby, with a certain amount of care, your physical condition will be recovered. Therefore, you don’t have to do special treatment during pregnancy, just wait for the baby to be born.

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