Some people are pregnant as soon as they touch, and some people can’t conceive. These 3 points are the key to this difference.

I saw a report before, saying that a post -90s couple lived in the mountains for 10 years, gave birth to 9 children, and the tenth one was born in a few months.At that time, I saw this news. I really clapped their hands for human reproduction.

The comments in that report, most of the passers -by as shocked as me, lamented how it was so easy for them to get pregnant and give birth to children, and some questioned."

Sometimes pregnancy is very magical. Some people want to be pregnant and live, but some people do not want to be pregnant one after another. They are still eating milk. This one is already pregnant.This kind of thing is really helpless.

I have a friend. She has been married for five years. She has been pregnant with 3 births in these five years and gave birth to 3 children.Every time her pregnancy is a magical trip.

Because friends and families are relatively traditional families, they are ready to work for children after marriage, and their fever is very lucky. After 3 months, the friend had a pregnancy reaction.very happy.

But it is not so happy for friends and husbands. In order to make the baby grow up healthy, friends refused to get close to her husband until they gave birth to their eldest daughter.

It didn’t take long for the birth of the child. As soon as the confinement was out of the confinement, the friend and husband had a monkey in the same room. She thought that she should be acquiesced when she should not get pregnant as soon as she gave birth.

Unexpectedly, she won the "bid" two months later. Originally, friends did not intend to ask for this child, but the family strongly convinced her to leave the child after knowing it.In the end, she gave birth to the child under the encouragement of her family. This time, she was a son. After giving birth to the child, she vowed to never give birth. Her husband also said that the children and daughters were never wanting anymore.

The world was unpredictable, and she was pregnant again.Originally, they wore contraceptives every time they had the same room, but at that time, they were more anxious, and it was useless. After the incident, she took out the useless contraceptive pills for a long time.

Who knows that two months later, it turned out that the contraceptive pill was expired. This story dog blood, but the fact is that it happened to yourself.

In this way, a friend was high -yielded like sows. She gave birth to 3 children in 5 years. Every time she talked to me, she couldn’t laugh and laugh. It was really "pregnant as soon as she touched".

Contrary to this phenomenon, some couples are very positive for pregnancy, but they can’t conceive their children.Why does these two extremes cause?Let’s take a look today.

1. Living habits

I wonder if everyone finds it?The more richer people are pregnant, the more difficult it is.

This is because the richest people, in order to make money, she has a fast pace of life. She often should deal with various entertainment. Like the company, it is like a home as a hotel. This kind of life is very irregular. Whether it is men and womenIt will be affected in preparing for pregnancy.

Men’s entertainment often drinks sperm killing. Alcohol will reduce the quality of men’s sperm, and the irregularity of women’s schedules will affect the monthly ovulation law, so that the difficulty of successful natural conception will increase.

2. contraceptive measures

Many people do not plan to have children when they are young, but the couple cannot have different rooms, so they will take contraceptives or other means to prevent pregnancy.

It is three -point poison. If you take more contraceptives, you may become poison. When the two people who have a successful business want their children, their bodies have been destroyed by the drug.

Those who are pregnant as soon as they touch are too dependent on contraceptive measures.There are many manufacturers who produce contraceptives and condoms in the market. If they are not careful, they will buy fakes, and naturally they will get pregnant as soon as they touch.

In addition, young people are angry and energy, and it is easy to wipe the guns and get angry. If the sloppy memorizes the ovulation period or does not have a chance to do contraception, it will also increase the probability of pregnancy.

3. Blood type

If you are fortunate to see here, you must think I am nonsense!How do you think the blood type can be linked to pregnancy?In fact, the reason why I say so is scientific basis.

Joint medical research from a medical school in the United States showed:

Among the people in Type A, B, AB, and 0 types, type A blood types have the highest probability of pregnancy and the lowest probability of pregnancy.

Later, after continuous investigation and evidence from scientists, tens of thousands of experiments were done. Finally, it was found that Women O. Women O will secrete a hormone that suppress ovarian ovulation than type A.

Therefore, if both husbands and wives are blood type A, you must pay attention to protecting measures. If you are not careful, your family will become a super football team, such as Chen Haomin’s husband and wife.

Do you know now?Some people are "high yields", and the reason for "low yield" is here. If you want to have children, do these points!If you don’t want children, avoid these points!

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