Someone at home finds positive, what should I do if I am old and young?A positive infected person should start taking medicine from one day?Expert interpretation

Recently, the Comprehensive Group of the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism issued the“ Notice on Further Optimizing and Implementing the Prevention and Control Measures of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic ”to further optimize and adjust the isolation method —“ Anymaneous infection with home isolation conditions and light cases generally adopt home isolation.You can also voluntarily choose to concentrate isolation and treatment. "

How should home therapists manage themselves?"News 1+1" broadcast on the 9th line, Li Yan, chief physician of the Infectious Infectious Department of Beijing You’an Hospital, to see the expert interpretation together ↓↓↓

A positive infected person should start taking medicine from one day?

Li Yan once said that taking medicine is mainly to relieve symptoms.Generally, from the next day, patients can take medicine when they are most uncomfortable, or when patients feel that symptoms affect rest and sleep, they can take some medicines that relieve symptoms.Too early medicine can not be used to relieve symptoms.

Is it necessary to hoard a large amount of medicines?

Li Yan once said that patients rarely had a fever for more than 3 days. Even if there were symptoms of fever on the fourth day and 5th day, they were generally low fever or medium -level fever.It is enough to prepare medicines according to 3 to 5 days.

Can a variety of antipyretics be taken repeatedly?

Li Yan once said that do not take a variety of antipyretic medicines repeatedly, just choose one, and take it according to the dose.If you take antipyretics, do not use compound cold medicine again; use compound cold medicine, do not use antipyretics alone.There are some antipyretic components in the medicine, which will cause damage to the body once too much.

Someone in the family is infected. What should I do if I am old and young?

Li Yan once introduced that if there are elderly people, children, or people with heavier diseases, they should pay attention to protection.Patients can go to the square cabin or find other residences, followed by trying to isolate the elderly and children in other places.

If they can only be isolated at home, patients need to find a separate, ventilated room to minimize contact with family members.If you have to contact, try to keep more than two meters away, and both sides wear masks.The home needs to ventilate and disinfect properly, especially where the air discharge is contaminated. Wipe it with 84 disinfectant or alcohol in time to avoid others from getting in contact.

What symptoms do you need to go to the hospital during your home period?

Li Yan once said that the high fever in the high fever generally does not exceed 3 days, and it will improve significantly by the 4th and 5th day.For example, on the fourth day and 5th day, it still has a high fever and there is no tendency to relieve it. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.In addition, after the onset of the disease, patients with chest tightness, suffering, blurred consciousness, etc. must be visited in time.

Patients from 60 to 80 mainly depends on whether the basic disease is stable. If it is stable, you can observe at home first.If the basic disease is unstable, or there are obvious hearts, lungs, liver and kidney abnormalities, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.Elderly people over 80 years old, especially the elderly with unstable basic diseases, are best to go to the hospital for evaluation after infection.

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How do pregnant women prevent new crowns?If you are infected, you need to seek medical treatment under what circumstances?Will it affect the fetus?In response to hot issues concerned by netizens, the reporter interviewed Zhao Yangyu, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Third Hospital of Peking University, and answered questions for everyone. ↓

Question: Will pregnant women infection "Omikon" affect the fetus?

Answer: Judging from the large amount of domestic and foreign data at present, the vertical spread rate of maternal fetuses is very low, only a case report.

Question: Will pregnant women infect "Omikon" seriously?

Answer: At present, clinical data shows that the clinical manifestations and severity of pregnant women are basically similar to the new crowns infected with ordinary people, and they are basically similar, and they are very rarely intensive.

Q: Under what circumstances do women need to come to the hospital?

Answer: First of all, pregnant women need to obey the doctor’s advice and go to the hospital to complete the examination according to the prescribed period.If pregnant women are infected with new coronary viruses, don’t be nervous. If there is no fever and other uncomfortable symptoms, you can closely monitor at home, but pay attention to protection.If the symptoms of fever occur, do not worry. Simple fever can take a bit of antipyretic medicine (pregnant women can take antipyretics under the condition of medical treatment). Do not carry it hard, but if you use the antipyretic medicine, you cannot completely disappear, and seek medical treatment in time.

If chest pain, heart chest dullness, or some headaches are accompanied by abnormal blood pressure, such as increased blood pressure, or abnormal fetal movement, such as decreased fetal movement or vaginal bleeding, you need to seek medical examination in time.

Question: How do pregnant women prevent new crowns and what do they need to pay attention to?

Answer: Maternal women are a special group that must be protected strictly.When you come to the hospital for a period of delivery, you must wear the N95 mask.Throughout the inspection process, because the hands will touch the door and other places, do not touch your eyes, nose, nose, etc., you must wash your hands after checking.

Question: Can you feed your breastfeeding period?

Answer: There is no evidence that the new coronal virus is spread through breast milk, but we must be alert to the risk of droplet transmission, hand and breast contact transmission.

The maternal infected with the new coronal virus, it is recommended to squeeze out the breast milk.You need to wear a mask before squeezing the breast milk, wash your hands strictly, and do a good job of breast hygiene. After the milk suction, the breast pump should be standardized and disinfected.If you breastfeed directly, you should wear a mask when you contact your baby, and pay attention to your hands and breast hygiene.

*Reminder that there are any problems or any abnormalities in the maternal maternal, you must seek medical treatment in time and obey the doctor’s opinion.

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