Speechless!Neymar made a mistake again: After girlfriend is pregnant+after loyalty, hook up the 28 -year -old top supermodel

Brazilian star Neymar has just announced the gender of his second child. He and Broona-Bi Akadi’s children are girls.Although Neymar has become the father of two children, he still does not take care of it.According to "Global Sports", a US supermodel showed a video of chatting with Neymar on social networking sites. Brazilian stars tried to hook up with each other, but were refuted by this supermodel.Under the circumstances, it is completely disrespectful.

Neymar is a famous Playboy. He is a superstar on the football field, but he does not know the characteristics of converging his heart. He always likes to recruit bees and butterflies.Not long ago, a model named Campos revealed that he had a relationship with Neymar, and during Valentine’s Day, Neymar had a fixed girlfriend Brona Bi Akadi, so Brazilian stars did indeed indeed beDerailed.Afterwards, Neymar did not justify, generously acknowledged that he made mistakes, and sent a long text to apologize to his girlfriend.

However, a U.S. supermodel Sellaste Blatt stood out. She revealed that Neymar contacted her on social networking sites, tried to contact her, and had some stories.It should be pointed out that Neymar apologized to his girlfriend on June 21, but hooking up with Salester Blatt was on June 22, that is, Neymar still does not know how to repent, or in the emotional world, it is still in the emotional world.I don’t know the star who restrained itself.

For Neymar’s move, the U.S. supermodel is very disdainful. She knows Neymar is a celebrity and a girlfriend, so Celester responded to Neymar, "If you have a girlfriend or wife, don’t hook up with other girls. This is a mistake.This is also a great disrespect for your partner. "

It can be seen that Neymar ate closed doors on this supermodel and did not succeed.I have to say that Neymar’s loyalty to his girlfriend is almost zero. Although he just expressed his loyalty, he forgot to do it in a blink of an eye, and then he was so speechless.

Neymar’s taste is really good. You know, the face value and figure of Celester Blatt are top-level. At present, it is 28 years old. It is a new star in the fashion industry.

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