Spinach’s astringent mouth is not delicious?"Yuanye" and "sharp leaves" are particular!Are you right?

Spinach is the most common green leafy vegetable in spring. What is the first fresh in spring? It must be spinach!Spinach is rich in iron, cellulose, and various nutrients.

In the early spring seasons, eating more spinach has many benefits.I wonder if you have found such a problem?

Sometimes the spinach bought from the market is delicious, but sometimes it is easy to eat even after the spinach that is bought, and it is difficult to eat. The key reason is that it will not choose spinach.

Auntie soldiers know that in fact, spinach on the market is divided into two types, one is round leaf spinach, and the other is sharp leaf spinach.

So the same is the difference between these two spinach?Friends who can’t choose spinach, hurry up and learn!


The specific difference between round leaf spinach and sharp leaf spinach

NO.1: Different appearance

Round spinach is like its name, the leaves are round.The whole body is green, and the leaves of round leaf spinach are thicker. The most common spinach in the north is this round leaf spinach.

The leaves of sharp leaf spinach are pointed, and the leaves of this spinach are slightly thinner.Selling is relatively good -looking. Many spinachs planted in the southern regions are sharp leaf spinach.From the appearance, everyone can distinguish it carefully, what is the primary spinach and what is sharp leaf spinach.

NO.2: different taste

The water content of round leaf spinach is relatively small, and there are more oxalic acid content.Therefore, you must simmer in water when you eat round leaf spinach.Even after the water, if this spinach is eaten too much, it will still appear astringent.The taste is relatively rough, obviously not as good as sharp leaf spinach.

Skin spinach has a large water content and less oxalic acid content.If you eat less, you can ignore the wave of simmered water.If you want to cook, you must put it in a boiling water cooker again.After all, cooking spinach is relatively large.From this comparison, the taste of round leaf spinach is relatively astringent, and the taste of pointed spinach is sweet.

NO.3: Different cooking methods

Spinach can be soup and can be fried, because their characteristics are different.So when we make spinach egg soup, it is best to choose round leaf spinach.The cooking time of round leaf spinach is relatively long, so that it can be greatly removed to remove the oxalic acid inside.When making spinach fried eggs or spinach fried tofu, we can choose sharp leaf spinach.

Whether it is round leaf spinach or sharp leaf spinach, we must choose fresh vegetables.Fresh vegetables contain more nutrients, and there are more chlorophyll content.Such vegetables are more nutritious.

The nutritional value of spinach in the early spring season is higher, if it is late spring.Most spinach is blossoming!Such spinach taste is not very good.So if you want to eat spinach, it is best to choose to eat more in February and March.

The above is the specific sharing of spinach. Do you know what knowledge of spinach?Welcome to share with us.

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