Spring and summer alternate, there are many benefits for taking bitter gourd appropriately. Several good things may "embrace you" with you "

How to eat bitter gourd?Teach you a detailed method. Bitter gourd is crispy and tastes bad.

"How hard is time for summer", this is an old saying, "hard work is food supplement."Therefore, eating more painful ingredients in summer is very good for the body.The most representative hot and sour ingredients are bitter gourd.Bitter gourd belongs to green vegetables and seasonal vegetables, so don’t forget to eat more bitter gourd in summer.

Although bitter gourd has high nutritional value, it tastes too painful.Therefore, many people don’t like to eat this kind of food, but after choosing a delicious method, its taste is still very delicious.There is a well -known bitter gourd method is honey bitter gourd. With bitter gourd and honey, it can reduce the bitterness of bitter gourd, so that it can eat it naturally and comfortably.

The delicious honey bitter gourd at noon today, the taste is very fresh and crispy, and slightly sweet.There is no pain at all.Speaking of detailed production steps, you can try something you like!

1. First clean the bitter gourd surface, remove the head and tail, and then cut it from the middle, cut the two knives from the middle into two.Exposing the seeds of melon.

2. Dig out the bitter gourd stems with a spoon and throw it away.There are only some melon meat parts, and then cut into small segments of 0.3 cm for later use.

3. If you want to quickly reduce the pain of bitter gourd, you must first put it in the pot.After pouring into the water, first turn on the high heat and boil the water, then put the melon in the water for 3 minutes to cool and add a spoonful of salt to eliminate the smell of half of the bitter gourd, then use the leakage soup to remove the dry water, and thenAdd in a bowl for later use.

4. Add a spoonful of white sugar to the bitter gourd and stir well with chopsticks.Each bitter gourd was marinated for five minutes of white sugar.

5. At this time, mix the prepared honey into the bitter gourd.Such a very delicious honey cinemel is very good.The taste is very sweet and cool, and it is not painful at all.If you like it, try it!

(1). If the bitter gourd becomes crisp and does not pain, it is not enough to put only honey.It must be boiled with water, so the spicy taste of bitter gourd will disappear quickly.

(2). If you don’t want to enter the water, you can also cut the bitter gourd into thin slices.Then sprinkle with salt and sugar for ten minutes, the marinating process can effectively eliminate the pain of the melon, but after marinating, you must pour the water in the marinade, and then put it in the honey to eat it coolly.The taste is delicious.

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