Story: In order to test the male god, I would like to get pregnant.

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Xu promised staring at the phone for a moment. As soon as I turned on, I came in, and stopped.It was lively around, and a group of people came around, and most of them were complaining that the plane was later.

The corner of the promised mouth pulled the arc together and put the phone in the bag.The call number of the call seems to have known each other, but she has already changed the phone number, how could it be that person.

She lifted her sleeve and took off her luggage from the turntable, and helped the two younger sisters who looked like she had no chicken.

The airport lobby is sparse and sparse, basically, the passengers who just came down with her.

As promised to walk with the passengers who took the suitcase, she waited for a few to pick up the plane. Suddenly she saw the most outermost rear head. When she immediately raised the peaked cap, that person had disappeared at the station.

Xu promised to stride out of the airport. The northern night was cool through the night. She had no time to tremble, and a flavor of perfumes came. The next second greeting her was a enthusiastic hug.

"I don’t have to worry about when I rush out to see me. I know you are too late, and I just arrived."

Xu promised to bury the chest in Zhou Mei’s arms, then stunned, and sighed a long breath. "I saw a person, so I hurriedly followed it. I recognized the wrong person."

Zhou Meilai stepped on a fifteen centimeter of high heels, which was comparable to half a head. She touched her fluffy head, "Ex -boyfriend?"

Xu promised to shake his head, more terrible than his ex -boyfriend.

"Occupy enough, let’s go quickly. My boss is waiting for us on the street opposite." Zhou Meilai took the promised backpack, and was quite grounded on the right shoulder.

M promised to push the suitcase and follow the back, "I thought you came to pick me up, but I didn’t expect that I was just a light -light light bulb."

"Today the company worked overtime. The boss heard that I called you, and I was not assured that the two girls took a taxi in the evening." Zhou Da Mei took a few steps with a bulky travel, and turned back to the long hair and promised to talk: "How can your fiance rest assured that you can come to Beijing alone to travel for a business trip. Besides, this time is to go deep into the tiger’s hole. "

Xu promised that the fiance in Zhou Meilai did not respond, but stared at her gray backpack grin.The rustic travel in the soil is really matched with the temperament of the big beauty last week, and it is inexplicably mixed.

Zhou Meilai kept urging her: "Go fast, the big brother who smokes opposite is my boss."

The night lights of the city were full of fire, and the half -bright street lights paved layer filters to the scenes of the eyes.

Through a road, he promised to see the man leaning on the door at a glance.

"How about, my boss doesn’t need to wear a coat, just stand there for a broken leg when you stand there?" Zhou Meilai shook his hand in front of his promise, and then said in an exaggerated tone: "The mouth -watering, the long legs wrapped in the suit pants, which woman can hold it? "

This is the first time that I watched Xu Linghua’s suits and leather shoes, and whispered: "The legs are indeed straight, and I have experienced it in person that year."

"What do you say?" Zhou Meilai didn’t hear clearly.

Xu Nuo said, "Nothing, just drive a car vaguely."

The traffic continued from them, and the man’s fingers were cigarette.M promptment to try to confirm whether he had seen her, but smoke lingering on his face, she didn’t know where his eyes floated.

Zhou Meilai told Xu to promise: "He likes to be clean, don’t talk about it on the car later."

She had been armed from behind Zhou Meilai, and Zhou Meilai glared: "How do you know my boss is Xu Linghua?"


Xu promised to get into the car without saying a word, Zhou Meilai and Xu Linghua explained: "My friend is a bit uncomfortable, maybe a cold."

Xu Linghua bowed his head to watch the car that armed herself tightly, and the corner of his mouth hung suspicious arc.

Zhou Meilai felt panicked, hurriedly placed the suitcase in the back row, put the bulky backpack on the promised seat, and closed the door two steps to open the door of the co -pilot.

"Sit back." Xu Linghua spoke towards Zhou Mei, then opened the door of the main driving car, and got on the car with a long leg.

The sound of the shutdown door trembled in her heart, and she scratched the corners of the clothes in the back row.

The boss said, and Zhou Meilai did not explain the luggage later, and could only squeeze her feet in the back row.

M should be sent to Zhou Meilai: Ask you.

Zhou Mei has a look of white -eyed emoji: What nerves do you send sunglasses in the evening?Why don’t I remember that I told you the name of my boss?What news does such a close distance send?

Xu promised to ignore her three consecutive questions, and opened the door in the dialog box to see: When you told me that you went to the interview, your boss took your resume and interviewed you for two hours. This person was Xu Linghua, or the company had another other.A boss?Help the leader get rid of his ex -wife, I pretend to be his fiancee, and the male god learned that he would come to the company to block me.

Zhou Meilai: There are indeed two partners of our company, but Xu Linghua is interviewed.

"Why don’t your friends speak," the partner Xu Linghua turned his hands around the steering wheel, glanced at the promise of the ostrich in the back mirror, "If you feel uncomfortable, go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine."

Zhou Meilai wanted to relieve the atmosphere, sat down with her body, and said with a smile, "It’s okay. She saw her ex -boyfriend today, and I guess a bad mood."

As soon as the words fell, the car that had been driving steadily suddenly suddenly braked, and promised to hit the seat of the driver’s seat.

Xu Linghua stared at the reversing mirror, and Yun Danfeng said gently: "Sorry, the red light."

The promise to hide under the full martial arts has been unhappy, and I really want to experience the feeling of ascending the sky in place.

She can’t pretend.

After that, no one looked for the topic again and reached the destination quietly all the way.

Xu promised that the car pulled up the luggage’s pole turned his head and walked away. Seeing that he was about to enter the community, there was a voice behind him.


Xu Nuo’s leg was a bit soft, and he wanted to get up with the courage to turn back. Zhou Mei came to answer: "What’s wrong with the boss?"

Xu Linghua glanced at the entrance of the community, and his eyes stopped on the shadow of being dragged on the ground. He exhaled for a long time, "Go back and take a good rest."

She promised that she hadn’t moved in place until Zhou Meilai put on her shoulder before she turned back.

There are no traces of a car stopped at the empty intersection.

In the elevator, Zhou Meilai hesitated again and again, but still couldn’t hold back his mouth and asked: "Explanate, what kind of love and hatred between you and my boss?"

Xu promised not to ask, "When did Xu Linghua start smoking?"

The elevator door opened, Zhou Meilai pulled out the key from the bag and led the road to the corridor on the right. "Early, when I entered the company, he smoked fiercely, and he was smoking almost empty work."

"He said before he would never smoke." Xu promised that he lowered his head and followed Zhou Meilai. "There is a favorite girl in high school. When he graduated, he drank some wine. I touched his tent.He thought it was that girl. "

Zhou Meilai’s key fell to the ground.


Promised to never forget the morning she woke up from Xu Linghua’s tent.

On the mountain, there was a thick mist on the mountain, and she looked for a long time.Later, she found Xu Linghua behind the big stone and Zhou Jinshu, who was pulled by Xu Linghua.

Zhou Jinshu was crying with his chest covering his chest, and Xu Linghua had been soothing.

Never heard nothing behind the tree, but after he saw her approaching, he gritted his teeth and said, "You can roll me!"

It was the first time they had become angry with Xu Linghua in the past eighteen years.

The two grew up in the same courtyard and said that a bamboo horse was not too much.

Xu Linghua’s parents are all scientific researchers. Because of their work, his parents are often not at home, so most of the time Xu Linghua is eating and writing homework at Xu promise.

When I was a kid, I did not move a small bench to observe the ants in the yard, or climbed to the tree to move the bird’s nest, and often issued a order to Xiao Linghua: "You quickly do the question, and help me copy it after finishing."

One day Xu Linghua looked up from the application question: "You write it yourself."

Xu promised fists: "I beat you."

In the evening, when Mother Xu came to pick up Xu Linghua, she found that the son -in -law’s nose was swollen, and asked him what was going on.

Xu Linghua didn’t say a word, staring at the promise of sitting on the ground and holding her little thigh.

Although every time she promised to cause trouble, she temporarily lived in her key middle school Zheng Yan, but from that time, Xu Linghua had dare not provoke promise.

It didn’t take long for him to throw promise to the Taekwondo class, and he completely raised the promise to boys.


The alarm clock shocked the table table, and the quilt stretched out one hand to bring the alarm into the bed.

For a long while, promised to open the quilt and sat up, "Dreaming is really tired."

Zhou Meilai was scalded in front of the mirror and whispered, and then asked, "What dreams can toss you can’t afford to bed?"

"Old dreams." Xu promised to turn over from the bed, then put on the luggage that was put on the wall to the ground, and took out a casual suit to put it on his body.

After her simply washing, Zhou Meilai had put sandwich and milk on the table, and told her: "You must be careful in the factory today. You can’t think of it for so many years.How can you rest assured? "

M promising squeezed the sandwich, "I took the initiative to ask for a good job to come to Beijing. The small workshop in Guangzhou was found to find out that there were problems. The real dark box operation was in Beijing’s chief factory. I must disclose the truth in person."

After having breakfast, she promised to take the luggage box empty, packed up the big bag, and packed a packet of baggage, and was anxious to find a job girl who went to the factory.

There were more than a dozen cigarette butts on the garbage under the unit. Zhou Meilai threw a paper towel and said, "It seems that there are male residents carrying his wife downstairs and smoking the smoke for one night."

Xu promised: "It’s not smoking at night, it’s lonely."

Zhou Meilai greets the uncle of the security room as usual, but did not receive a response as in the past.


The factory is on an extremely remote suburbs. In addition to a large circle of taxi, it promises that entering the factory is unexpectedly smooth.

She followed the supervisor to work roughly, and then went to the dormitory to put luggage.

A messy dormitory lived in eight people, and he had almost left.

After a week of night shift, promised to finally line up until the day. At night, she slipped out of the factory and just ran off the slope. She saw a black Maybach stopped next to the narrow canal, and the tires were all mud.

Xu promised to get on the car in his hand, "Why are you here?"

"Because you are here." Xu Linghua opened the window to disperse the smell of smoke and turned his head gently, "Where is Arnold, where will I be."

If Xu Linghua’s bad words are opposite, it is not surprising, but now he has a affectionate face, and she has no heart. "Can you want to be a third party now?"

Xu Linghua converged with a smile, put his hands on the steering wheel and clenched it hard. "No matter where you come up with a fiance, it is best to break him as soon as possible. Only by letting you come to Beijing alone to come to Beijing’s black factory to make insurance,It’s enough to show that he doesn’t love you. "

"This is my business." Xu promised to hand over a USB flash drive to Xu Linghua: "I came out because I wanted to send an email. There were too many people in the factory, but the signals outside were not good.The data of the data is a sneak shot from the test department. You save it for me. "

Xu Linghua silently said until he promised to grab his hand and stuffed the U disk into his palm, and he looked at her with the moonlight.

Xu promised to open the door at an attempt to get out of the car, but Xu Linghua leaned over to overwhelm her on the co -pilot. The U disk fell from the gap between the door. "I stay here every night, not for this."

"Arnold, can help me quit smoking?" Xu Linghua just touched the promise’s lips, and he heard Xu Nao gritted his teeth and said, "In addition to my fiance, there is a life.","

Xu Linghua, who was in promise, heard that his pupils were loud and his voice was slightly dumb: "Are you pregnant?"

The word of pregnancy made Xu Naqi not fight, and reached out to push Xu Linghua: "I’m talking about Zhou Jinshu."

Xu Linghua sighed and left from promise, "Zhou Jinshu died of a heart disease."

M promised: "Why don’t I know she has a heart disease?"

At the same table in high school for two years, Xu promised that Zhou Jinshu had a heart disease. She kept flashing in her mind, looking for the details she ignored in a frame frame:

"Jin Shu Jinshu, you accompany me to sit in a roller coaster, Xiao Linghua is not accompanied by me, Xu Linghua is afraid of high, how boring is it boring to go to the amusement park alone."

"Okay, I’ll accompany you."

"Jinshu, when will we go? Don’t you always perfunctory me."

"Don’t worry, I will accompany you if you have a chance."

"Zhou Jinshu, you give a quasible, when can you accompany me to Happy Valley, my tickets are optimistic."

"I will accompany you."

"No wonder she has always been unwilling to take a roller coaster with me. There are always various reasons for the physical education class to ask for leave. The schoolbags are always put on a candy box, but they are unwilling to eat it. It turns out that she has congenital heart disease." Xu promised to cover her face with a bitter smile.Essence

"But in any case, you like her so much. The fact is that you two have been yellow by me. Now she is gone. Whether it is a heart disease or not, I have something wrong."

Xu Linghua got out of the car and lit a cigarette at her back. "Arnold, in the past, the people in my heart are not Zhou Jinshu, and the person Zhou Jinshu likes me."

Xu promised to wipe the corner of his eyes, and then got out of the car and ran to Xu Linghua, holding his collar to the car. "You conceal me more than once secretly met, and after I hit me, I met with a ghost. YouTell me, can it be me that she looks like me? "

Xu Linghua spit out the cigarette ring, "Indeed because of you."


The next day, he promised that he had always been restless and made a few mistakes in his work. He was scolded by the team leader.

At noon, she received a call from Zhou Mei: "My boss has a car accident …"

"Where is it?" The ears were buzzing, and she did not hear the words of Zhou Mei.

The microphone came from the sound of high heels, stepped on the promise step by step, "When he turned from the mountain road, he was flashed by the flash, and then hit a truck."

Xu promised to be patient: "What am I asked where is he now?"

The gallery of the hospital was full of disinfection water, and promised to go all the way to the door of the ward, hearing a scolding inside: "Go out!"

Promised to push the door and entered: "Xu Linghua, you will make me again!"

After many years, Xu Linghua heard Xu Naolian tearfully spoke to him, red red eyes, "My leg hurts."

The little assistant ran to the promise, and he was wronged: "The leg pain is still discharged.

Although Xu Linghua looked a little bit miserable now, the white gauze was wrapped in his forehead, and his left leg knee was plaster, but his body was not hindered, and Xu Nuo’s heart was put down.

"You go out first." Xu promised to pick up the lunch box held by the little assistant and turned to ask the disobedient illness on the bed: "Boss Xu, should you let me get out?"

Xu Linghua’s long arms stretched out, consciously lifted the folding table onto the bed, and put it consciously, and then he looked up and looked at the bed.

"…" Xu promised a little bit. When he was a child, he looked so well in front of her, but as he grew up, he gradually matured and courageous. She really didn’t see him like this for a long time.

Xu promised sitting on the edge of the bed, opening the lunch box, and pushing to Xu Linghua’s hand. "I should really let your employees look at you like this."

"You are different from them." Xu Linghua picked up a spoon and took a sip of porridge and sent it into his mouth. The throat was rolled.

I promised that I didn’t eat for a day, and I watched the steaming red dates porridge pouting.

When Xu Linghua saw her eyes, she took another spoonful to send it to Xu promise, and then opened her mouth to signal: "Ah-"

Xu promised ghosts to open her mouth, and until the lunch box was bottomed out, she realized that she was confused and eaten half of the porridge.

"I’m full." Xu Linghua seemed to see through her thoughts.

The doctor came to the room, and followed Zhou Meilai.After a series of conventional examinations, she promised to send the doctor out, then took the door to the door, and sat on the chair outside the ward. "When did you come?"

Zhou Meilai laughed: "I went to the door when you drank the porridge from you. It was strange that it looked like a kindergarten child, but I felt sad, but I felt happy."

Xu promised to ask: "Do you think Xu Linghua likes me very much?"

"You know that my undergraduate is a architectural design that is only learned from a professional. When I go to this company, I have a chance to interview." Zhou Meilai did not answer her question directly, but patted her promising shoulders.

"I recently wanted to understand that the boss was actually looking at the graduation college in my resume. I was still wondering at the time that we did not talk about professional topics for two hours of the interview. He asked me the most is my college life."

After a while, Zhou Meilai added: "My college life has you."


Xu Linghua did not want to promise to go to the factory to involve the danger, but promised to find evidence that they had purchased a large number of trench oil at a low price for secondary processing.

Not only that, Xu promised the factories that colluded with many well -known manufacturers, and the signs of well -known manufacturers after the processing of poor -quality edible oils were sold.

In order not to lose money, she returned to the factory in the night. In the next few days, she has been collecting evidence. After some time ago, she was explored and the search was relatively smooth.

But I never expected that promised to upload the key evidence of the final shot, and a flash of a flashlight hit her face.

The moon hangs on the sky, reflecting the water of the river, promised to be tied to the shore, and she looked at the two men around her through the moonlight.

The shirtless supervisor said, "Boss, I’m right, I have a ghost."

The man with a scar face dumped his face, and then got up and said, "This woman can’t stay, deal with it."

The supervisor took out a knife from his pants waist and hesitated: "Boss, it is a pity to deal with the strangers directly. I hit her on the first day when I hit this girl, or pay attention to her, or …"

"You knocked your head hard and think about it, this woman dares to come alone, will she be a fuel -saving lamp? We have to finish it again!"

The supervisor listened to the scar face.

M promptment to wait for the opportunity, his feet tightly began to accumulate, waiting for the supervisor to approach, and stumbled towards his calf fiercely.

The supervisor fell to the ground, promised to unlock the rope of his hand, and picked up the knife in the past, but did not think of the back of his head.

"Arnold!" Xu promised herself, but she saw Xu Linghua, who came to her a second before falling to the ground.


When Xu promised to wake up, he was standing in the ward and Zheng Yan.

The first sentence she said was to Zheng Yan: "Xiao Yan, do you remember Zhou Jinshu?"

Dad sighed: "Nuo Nuo, you still know."

Everyone around him knew, but he thought he was hiding her.

But I try to protect these people, I am afraid that she did not expect that she became a reporter later, and she must make the truth be public.

Xu promised just a slight brain shock, but Xu Linghua’s legs were not optimistic, and a new knife mouth was added to the old injury. Now he can only lie on the ward and not move.

"Arnold, I might really be lame, can you be responsible for me?"

Xu Nuo couldn’t cry.

After the doctor checked the room for the last time in the evening, she went to his bed, lying beside him, and his neck: "Today, my mother stewed chicken soup, let me drink three bowls, and see me in the past three months.My belly, I can’t sleep. "

Xu Linghua heard the point wrong, pushed the glasses frame on the bridge of the nose, and had a serious face: "Broken this child, and then break it clean with that man, I will be nice to you."

"……What the hell?"

"Forget it, let’s give birth, as long as you promise and the man to stop meeting again, I promise this child as if he is out." Xu Linghua bowed his head and kissed the promise to compromise.In order to test the male god, I said that I was pregnant.

"Xu Linghua, you are sick!" Xu promised to bite his neck, dared to make a rumor, and died.

"What do you say?" Xu Linghua made the focus, "Anyway, I will not let you give you the unknown fiance."

"… You listen to me explanation." She really forgot the fiance’s stubble.

After ten minutes, Xu Linghua talked lightly, "I am addicted to the addiction."

"I understand, you bow your head." Xu promised to pull him down and kissed his mouth wet.


The girl in the photo had long hair shawls, and the black and white background couldn’t cover her sense of gusts. She promised to stand in front of the tombstone and wet her eyes: "Jin Shu, I have come to see you, let you wait for a long time."

Xu Linghua put the flowers on the platform, and then grabbed the promise’s shoulder, and listened to her quietly.

"Because I worshiped Zheng Yan from an early age, he would always start with him in front of you, and said how he was good. It was that I built a magnificent male image for you at that time.When your fingers are in your fingers, give your hand to the opponent. "

She ignored Zhou Jinshu’s red cheeks every time she mentioned Zheng Yan. She didn’t even think about it. Zheng Yan taught them to add Zhou Jinshu QQ after finishing their homework.

Xu Linghua gave his mobile phone to promise, and he was playing a news above: "Recently, the national first -level athlete Zheng Yan was permanently banned because of the bad line. It is reported that Zheng Yan once seduced high school students to get pregnant. This incident caused social topics."

"Everyone has to pay the price for what they have done. Zheng Yan’s wife is divorcing his lawsuit with him, asking him to go out of the house. He is now in a cracking and his wife is separated." Xu promised to squat down and touched the epitaph."Jin Shu, have you seen it?"

"She waited for you under the roller coaster of Happy Valley for a day." Xu Linghua suddenly said behind her.

"The time when the graduation trip was over, I actually went, but I saw the two of you standing together, I …" Xu promised suddenly thinking about something, turned to Xu Linghua, and asked trembling, "She has no heart in the heartSick, why is it in Happy Valley? "

"She said she was going to take a roller coaster with you. At that time, I didn’t know her physical condition. I only learned about her funeral later." Xu Linghua couldn’t bear it here. He sighed and spread his hand.Let Xu Nao stand up: "A large part of her heart attack is that she wants to give birth to the child, but her body is not allowed."

Xu promised that she did not hand over her hand to Xu Linghua. She didn’t even have time to frown, but her tears burst into tears.

"That day we decided to give you up with you and Pan. At first she was embarrassed to tell you that after all, Zheng Yan was your little sister -in -law. Later, a lot of bad things happened. She couldn’t bear to let you know, and didn’t want you to suffer."

Xu Linghua helped her up in her chest and touched her head. "She might want to give you to me and let me take you up to the roller coaster. She couldn’t know if she looked at you below."

Xu Linghua glanced at the black and white photos on the tombstone side by side. He had a fear of height. Zhou Jinshu knew.

That day they did not wait for the promise of Happy Valley that day. He gave Zhou Jinshu a taxi. Before leaving, Zhou Jinshu said tiredly: "I want to accompany her to do anything, regardless of the price, because she is the most precious I am my most precious.friend."

The dark ink in the evening is white, and the past cloud smoke has dispersed.Xu Linghua took the steps with promising, "What to eat tonight?"

Xu promised to say, "I suddenly wanted to eat a duck neck. I remember that when your pocket money was bought for me when I was in junior high school, I had no money to buy math exercises.Stand two lessons. "

Xu Linghua coughed uncomfortably: "I will do all the questions in the practice book."

Xu promised not to be relieved: "I listen to the aunt at home, saying that in the past few years, you asked her to buy her duck neck every day and put it in the refrigerator. You never eat it, throw it away the next day, and continue to buy it.Did you buy it for me? "

"I have been waiting for you to come back."

Yu Hui was pairing, a breeze brushed from them, and the sound of the cricket came from the tomb, and the flowers on the altar were extremely brilliant.(Work name: "Did he sleep wrong", author: Ci’er. From: Read the story app every day, prohibit reprinting)

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